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Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème is a nourishing foot cream infused with coconut oil, lanolin and vegetable glycerin to soothe, revive and hydrate dry and neglected feet.


Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème


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I love the smell of this product- it smells like a rich coconut with a bit of peppermint-but it works together. The cream itself is a very thick consistency more like a balm. I apply it at night and put socks on and in the morning I wake up with soft smooth feet. I've been using it for a couple of months in combination with Burt's foot pumice stone and it has eliminated all my dry scaly skin, and made all the calluses decrease. When I first used it, I put it on every night as my feet were in bad shape (from summer shoes and winter dryness) and within a day my feet felt and looked so much better. Now my feet are in better condition I only need to use it a couple of times a week as an overnight treatment. It really works and coats your feet.
I often experience dry skin on my heels, so a good foot cream is a must for me, which is why I love Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream. As with other Burt's Bees products it is full of natural goodness such as coconut oil, peppermint and rosemary. It has a gorgeous scent which is fresh and sweet all at once. The cream comes in a tube making it very easy and convenient to disperse. The cream itself is pretty thick in consistency and is a honey colour. In fact it reminds me a lot of honey with how hydrating it is. Once I've massaged it into the skin of my feet, it does take a bit of time to fully absorb, so I tend to use it at night time. My skin feels immediately softer and well hydrated after I use it and with continued use the skin of my feet looks and feels silky smooth and healthy. I absolutely love it! Pros: - great scent - affordable - all natural - good packaging - soft and smooth skin Cons: - takes a while to absorb into the skin when applied
Why is it that I take great care in pampering my hands and face with creams and potions of all descriptions and yet I totally neglect to look after my feet until they start crying out for some attention.  The funny thing is I just love pedicures, especially ones done in a salon, so I just don’t know howI can be so neglectful.  I discovered a tube of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème in my stash of products one night while I was looking for a foot product to help my tired, dry looking feet.  The first thing I noticed when squeezing out the crème was the delightful, summery smell of coconuts – something which I love because it smells so fresh.  Even after I applied the crème to my feet I could still smell the coconut oil.  For me, this product is more like an oily balm rather than a crème. It soaks well into the skin and dries fairly quickly.  After massaging the foot crème into my skin, my feet don’t feel at all oily or greasy but rather well nourished.  I could imagine in the colder months I could apply more crème and then cover my feet with a pair of socks for an overnight foot mask.  I’ve been using the foot crème regularly and seeing some great results. My feet are much softer and actually feel more refreshed after soaking up the Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème.   I would totally recommend this product to anyone who has rough, dry and calloused skin on their feet for a refreshingly softening experience.  
The one part of my body I always seem to neglect is my feet. I just somehow always forget, and as a result they can get quite dehydrated, scaly and just looking unhealthy. I suppose we can get away with this neglect in Winter, but now that Summer is approaching I've really tried to make a conscious effort to take more care of my feet. Every time I do have a little scrub or foot pamper I am always amazed by how refreshed and revitalised it leaves me feeling, not to mention I can walk around in sandals with more confidence. The Burt's Bees coconut foot cream was the first foot product I ever picked up and I was left feeling really positive about my experiences using it. First off, can we talk about the scent? I really love that Burt's Bees has featured coconut oil in their foot cream. I'm not one for minty scents and found that generally all foot treatments seemed to be scented with mint which is probably another reason I was never really into taking care of my feet. But this foot cream smells beautifully of coconut oil, and has a really comforting scent to me. Despite this being labelled a foot cream, for me it works best when I use it as a foot mask or overnight treatment. It has a thick consistency, and is more like an oily gel than a cream. And I promise you, you'll have one of the best foot massages with this product! I find it can get slippery if I want to wear shoes right after, so I make sure I use this at night and put on a pair of comfortable cotton socks to sleep in to ensure the product gets right into my skin to work it's magic. When I wake the next morning, my feet feel deeply moisturised, protected and extremely soft. Frequent use of this will for sure treat those with chronic flaky skin on their feet. I find it is also a versatile product, as I get great results when I also rub a little of into my knees and elbows where my dry patches are the worst. Another tip for use, is to use it as a cuticle treatment, it's honestly so good for my nails! You won't look back after using this foot treatment!
I'm obsessed with this food cream. The smell reminds me of relaxing on a tropical island. I love coconut smells.  It is such a rich, thick gel/cream and it sinks into the skin. I use this cream most nights and then put a pair of socks on and go to bed. I wake up the next morning with super soft and gorgeous smelling feet.  Its a very easy to squeeze tube and the product does last me some time as you don't need allot of product.  This also makes the perfect gift when you don't know what to buy the workmate or the tricky mother inlaw. I have received so many complements gifting this with the Burts Bees hand cream. 
This is a gorgeous foor cream for hydrating feet. I love burts bees products as they are so effective. This foot creme for a start smells divine, a delicious coconut scent that smells like I am on holiday. The squeeze tube is easy to use and the cream itself is quite thick but spreads so easy and sinks in immediately. My feet were quite dry from winter and I wanted a nice look for summer sandals. This foot creme fixes cracked heels and dry tough, flakey skin. I apply it morning and night for beautiful feet. The coconut oil with vitamin E soothes and hydrates feet, this is a great product that I highly recommend
This product definitely does what it promises to do. It really moisturises my dry and cracked heels. It smells amazing and I love the feeling of it when I apply it to my feet. My one wish is that it would dry or set. It tends to stay sticky which makes it impossible to walk around the house without leaving footprints and it tends to collect any dust that is on the floor. I have overcome this by applying it on just before getting into bed..! I will say that my feed can get really deep cracks and this can get rather painful. This creme definitely gets into the deep cracks and soothes them, speeding up recovery/healing in the process.
I received this as part of a gift set with a few other Burts Bee's products. I was so excited to try as I love all the other Burts products I've used. Quality,chemical free products at an incredible price. Whats not to love? The Burts foot balm comes packaged in a slim plastic tube with a twist off lid. The scent was the first thing I noticed. Rich creamy coconut. Divine! The cream itself is a very thick , rich and oily texture. Quite unlike any foot cream I have ever used before. It felt weird to apply and never seemed to fully absorb so I only applied before bed under socks so the oily residue wouldn't get all over my sheets and blankets. Unfortunately, even in the cold I wind up kicking socks off in my sleep. I just can't sleep with socks on!  The oily cream doesnt really make my feet feel very soft and smooth at all in the morning.  Just greasy! I couldn't continue using it unfortunately.  Gave it a few trys but it just didn't do anything for me but leave my feet feeling greasy and uncomfortable. 
I love Burt's Bees' products. They are really amazing and great. I love the smell of this coconut foot creme, it smells like I am in coconut heaven. The texture of this foot creme makes me think there's definitely a lot of natural coconut oil. It's really thick and it's really moisturising. It comes in a tube and it's really easy to squeeze the product out. I find it's also good for dry patches of skin on the body so I use it on my elbows and knees. It's really nourishing and I love how it keeps the dry patches moisturised and over time, the dry patches of skin becomes smooth and normal again.
This is a lovely foot creme from Burt's Bees. It is a really thick and oily cream that leaves your feet feeling really moisturised and soft. It comes in a squeezable plastic tube and it has a lovely coconut scent that I really like. My feet were really dry and rough and I decided to try this product. First impressions was that the cream itself is really thick and after rubbing it onto my feet, it left a bit of a greasy residue on my skin. So the best time for me to use this cream was at night just before bed. Rub on a generous amount on my feet and then put on some socks and hop into bed and let the cream works its magic. In the morning, my feet felt really smooth and moisturised and the rougher and more calloused areas, especially my heel felt softer. After using this foot cream for a week, my feet looked and felt so much better and much more nicer than before. The dryness and roughness had disappeared, my calloused area has definitely improved a lot and my feet felt wonderfully hydrated and silky soft. I loved pampering and treating my feet with this foot cream at the end of each day. Overall this is another great quality product from Burt's Bees that contains Vitamin E and coconut oil. I would recommend it for anyone who has dry and calloused skin on their feet and want an effective product that really works well.
I love the smell of this product.  It works really well, leaving your feet lovely and soft. However it's the application of this product that I have difficulties with.  It is too thick for me.  There is no way I could use this during the day, and when I put it on at night, I am very reluctant to put my feet back in my slippers to go into the bathroom to wash my hands.  I ended up trying to apply it without getting any on my hands by applying some from the tube directly to one foot, then rubbing my feet together to distribute it. I also don't like sleeping in socks, so my sheets did have slight greasy marks on them (luckily the marks came out in the wash).  Great for the feet, but I'm not buying it again.
When I first tried this product I instantly liked many things about it. I liked that it has Vitamin E (great for skin health) and a cool design. It is also a good sized bottle which is practical as it lasts a while.  The product comes out a bit thick but melts on the skin and spreads quite far. It soaks in fast, leaving a layer of silky hydration on your skin. I have sensitive and dry skin and this product felt really nourishing and calming on my dry heels. I like the mild coconut scent (smells like coconut oil!) and the hint of peppermint too. The only con would be that the packaging makes it a bit too easy to dispense (you get a bit more than you bargain for) but that's not a big issue. I put the extra on my legs! A really cool thing about this cream is that its really natural- vegetable glycerin, plant oils, extracts and vitamin E. I like that this product has no preservatives. I also like that its not tested on bunnies (or any other animals). I would recommend this product to anyone who loves soft feet and natural skin products.  I like this product and I will definitely be "borrowing" it from my Mum's stash again!
This product from Burts Bees is a foot saver, sandal weather is almost upon us and after being enclosed in boots all winter my feet are a sorry mess. Dry and cracked heels, split cuticles and patchy flakey skin does not look good in strappy open sandals. This cream is in a squeeze tube which is easy to manage and is instantly recognisable as a Burts Bees product with the simple and easy to read instructions. I love the scent a gentle coconut natural scent not overpowering or irritating. The cream itself is more of a super rich gel, nourishing and so hydrating. My poor feet sucked the cream in and immediately looked better, the product felt like a moisture boost mask. A real treat for your feet with obvious results. A little pricey compared to other foot balms but worth the investment. Bring on Summer Sandals !
I really enjoyed using this product. My entire life if it can be dong in no shoes or thongs sign me up. Unfortunately this means dry and occasionally cracked heals. Perfect on the bottom of feet before bed(just remember to put socks on), holds in the moisture better. Or mix with a light weight body moisturiser. Also great after a shower. I loved the way it made me feet feel, soft!!  Helping to put your best foot forward