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Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème is a buttery cuticle cream scented with lemon. The formula is infused with sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter to moisturise and soften cuticles, while vitamin E and sunflower oil nourish brittle nails.


Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème


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My cuticles are constantly dry due to nail polish and nail polish remover. Luckily I discovered Burt’s bee lemon better cuticles creme which fixed my problems with dry, flaky cuticles. The creme is super moisturing and nourishing. I use it every day at work and every night before bed and the results are amazing.
I give this 5 stars for moisturizing the nail beds. My nails were dry and brittle from polish remover and this balm whipped them back into shape when I applied it before bed. It has a pleasant lemony scent and a little goes along way. The only negative is its quite oily.  I would recommend this to anyone with dry nails or cuticles. It's especially good when applied last thing before going to sleep as you will wake up with nails in great condition.
Burts bees cuticle cream is the best product for nails ever!! As soon as you open the tin you are hit with a strong glorious lemon scent. The cream is more like a balm in which you apply a small amount to the cuticles. The cream is thick but easy to rub in and spread, soaking in immediately. Just after one use- overnight my cuticles are almost heeled & dry flaky bits are gone. The cuticles are left soft and smooth. This really helps my dry flaky thin nails get stronger too. They grow quicker. The best bit is that you can use this on the feet too and it will get rid of the dry bits too. The tin is small & compact and fits into handbags as well. It lasts forever although small. This product is a must have & I will continue to use. How to use? Apply overnight as can be a bit oily For- Thin brittle nails  Damaged cuticles
I am a religious user of Burt's Bee's and have accumulated quite a few of these pots of gold in post christmas sales, where they are often included in giftpacks. It's really quite inexpensive, especially so in the gift packs. I only just recently started using the Cuticle Balm as I was more a fan of the lip balms than anything else. I'm so grateful I chucked one of these little pots in my bedside table as using it has now become a nightly ritual. I apply the cuticle balm before I apply my handcream, getting a dab and spreading it across all of my cuticles before massaging it in. It has quite a strong lemony scent, and comes in a little metal pot, which at times can be a little fiddly but not annoying enough to completely write off this product. Since using the balm, my nails look much nicer, more moisturised and I rarely get hang nails anymore. I also think that using it has strengthened my nails. Once I run out of my small stockpile, I would definitely repurchase this product!
I love this product. I have pretty dry hands and cuticles and this has been al life save especially in winter. Great size  to keep in your bag as well. The tin can be a little stiff to open sometimes but the product itself is really good and very moisturising.
This is a handy little miracle worker if you have dry and damaged cuticles! It comes in a small tin that actually lasts ages, even though the size of the tin/packaging is pretty small. The formula is quite  concentrated so you only need to apply few dabs to your nails and cuticles.  I constantly have very damaged and dry cuticles as I work in healthcare and have to frequently wash my hands. I have noticed a great improvement in the condition of my cuticles and nails after trying this cuticle cream! It has a lovely rich buttery, cream texture that instantly melts into the dry skin and cuticles. I don’t find it feels greasy, heavy or sticky at all. My favourite thing about this product is the fresh and uplifting citrus lemon scent, which makes this product even more lovely to use throughout the day. I especially recommend using this product at night, by gently massaging a small amount to your nails and cuticles.  This makes it easier for me to gently  push my cuticles back as I don’t like removing or trimming them. I have used this cream for a few years now and have found that my nails have also improved and there is less flaking, splitting and breakage. I always suffer from dry hands and this also effects my nails and cuticles, so this product is really a must have for me. Overall I am very pleased with this cuticle cream and really like the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients too. One tin lasts a long time as the product is very concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot for it work well. So this product is actually pretty good value for money as you don’t need to repurchase it too often either. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to treat their cuticles and nails to a DIY treatment, that works really effectively and quickly. Repurchase: yes Overall rating: 5 stars!
Love everything about this product.  The fresh lemony scent,  my skin absorbs it well and the packaging.  It's a great handbag size and  I can whip it out anytime I'm waiting around for something or someone.  My hands always seem to be in water and I hate using gloves.
I keep this tin in my drawer at work so that I am forced to use it everyday. The smell is divine, as the name suggests of real lemons. Its quite a thick waxy balm so its fair to say that a little goes a long way.  Although the tin is super cut, it can be a difficult to open.
This has been my go-to balm for a very long time.  I've hit pan in over half a dozen tins!  The balm is smooth, smells amazing and leaves nails and fingertips feeling wonderfully soft and cared for.  The tin design is a bit annoying to open if you've got greasy hand (like if you need a little more...), but other than that it's a beautiful product.
I love the packaging of this cuticle cream, it comes in a flat and small tin so I can carry it anywhere with me. It smells like lemon - like real lemon. It's really lovely and refreshing. I use the cuticle cream but scrapping some of it with my fingernail and a little goes a long way and quite often after I apply it over my cuticles on both hands, I still have some left for my hands. It's really moisturising and it doesn't irritate any of the cracks and splits in my cuticles which is really great! And it repairs them so back to Norma they look.
I often have sore cuticles and this little tin is full of miracles! I use this creme one every week and find that my cuticles are forever smooth, shiny and very soft. I feel that this product works really well on irritated cuticles and smells really nice! A slight citrus scent that is so irresistible! The packaging is a bit inconvenient. It's a bit hard to get off and it's a huge effort to open such a small tin that ends in me damaging my nails. A real bummer.
This little tin of buttery goodness is one of my beauty hacks! I highly recommend for anyone who suffers those pesky little dry skin patches around their nail beds. It is really affordable and to put the volume of the product in perspective; i have been using my tin for more than 6 months and apply about 2-3 times each week and it's still about half full!  Pro: a little product goes a long way. It is fast acting and smells naturally like lemon *yum* Con: ensure you rub the product all over your nail beds BEFORE you plan to sit still for at least half an hour!! You do not want the product being wiped off (wasted) on your favourite silk nightie/bed sheets! (don't say i didn't warn you!!) TIP: the balm actually can be used on other dry spots .. think naturally curing those itchy elbows or the heels of your feet (put socks on after application) or even flakey skin around your lips/nose 
I bought this cuticle creme as part of a Burt's Bees set, and I'm forever grateful it was part of the pack! The creme has a beautiful but subtle lemon scent that is noticeable but not too 'in your face'. The container is sized really well as it contains a lot of the product but isn't bulky or large so it can be taken anywhere. The sticker on the lid makes the product seem like it's vintage which with the scent, compliments the product well. The product itself is amazing; I've always had quite weak cuticles but this creme makes them look and feel really healthy. I will definitely buy this product again!
An absolutely fantastic cuticle butter. This super windy dry weather has left my nails looking terrible. It comes in a sweet little pot, I find it easy to get out just the right amount. The scent is lovey and light and really subtle. It absorbs quickly and after using for a few weeks, there is a remarkable difference. I would absolutely recommend this BB product.
This cuticle cream is an absolute delight!  It comes in a small, flat tin and is very easy to apply. It has the texture of a solid lip balm and smells delicious - just like lemon curd. I usually apply it to my cuticles after I file and buff my nails for a nourishing finish. It softens, smooths and moisturises both cuticles and nails. I love that it contains simple, natural ingredients like sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter and sweet almond oil. I really recommend this product to anyone who enjoys home manicures or anyone with brittle nails or very dry hands. The tin is very small but lasts quite a long time because you only need to apply a small amount. You can sometimes purchase this as part of a gift pack that also contains a Burt's Bees lip balm and I would recommend this as it is sometimes cheaper than buying the cuticle cream alone.
My favorite cuticle butter, it is always in my makeup bag. It feels so nourishing when you rub it in you cuticles and nails. I even use it for my dry heels at winter, works perfectly and smells amazing. So fresh, like real lemon. One of my musthaves, will always buy it. 
I am one of those lucky people who have very respectable cuticles without much upkeep, but I still enjoy the ritual of applying cuticle oil or creme, especially to break up the work day. I couldn't resist the adorable vintage inspired packaging of the Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme, and I find myself reaching for it during the 3pm slump (I am not a coffee drinker!).  My reason for removing one star is the practicality of the packaging. The lid of the tin doesn't screw and off, it just slides off and on, which means that if you don't get it off at exactly the right angle it gets stuck. If you had just applied hand cream you would really struggle to get into the tin. This creme is more of a butter, with a very solid texture that you have to scrape out of the tin. I use the back of my thumbnail so it's no trouble, but if you have very short nails, or try to get it out with the tip of your finger, it could end up quite messy. The creme doesn't melt into an oil either, it just absorbs into the skin from a thick butter. I am not usually a fan of lemon scents, but this isn't too strong and is just nice enough to give me a bit of a pick me up and then disappear. I probably use it for it's fresh scent more than anything else. As I have tidy cuticles anyway, I haven't really noticed any improvement, but it certainly feels very nourishing. It absorbs quickly and I often follow up with a hand cream to takeaway any residue that might get on my keyboard. If you put this on before bed, I don't think you would need to worry as it doesn't leave your hands sticky.  Finally, the amount in the tin is very generous and one pot will last for ages.  I do like this product a lot, even if I only use it for the glamour of applying a cuticle creme at my desk. It's easy to throw in your handbag, keep on your night table or store in your drawer at work. 
This is my second favourite cuticle product (besides pure lanolin, which is sometimes too sticky and can smell!). Creamy yet with a slight tacky feeling, smooths onto the nails well but can be messy if you accidentally get too much. But the results are great, lovely looking nails with a gorgeous scent.
There are a plethora of Cuticle Treatments on the market and I have tried just about all of them. But there is one I keeping returning to and consider to be the best of them all - this Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme from Burt's Bees. It comes in a cute little metal tin that is handbag friendly and leak proof, meaning I have one with me and remember to apply a few times daily.  Which in turn means my cuticles are in much better condition, and my nail beds are stronger and healthier. I can really notice the difference it makes and improvements when I have this in my handbag.  The butter is very easy to apply, and I find a little goes a long way. As far as Cuticle Treatments go, this offers excellent value for money, as one of these tins lasts me for months. The Butter does have a potent aroma, but it is lemon/citrus based and is very pleasant to the senses. I also enjoy the texture of the Butter, it applies easily and isn't too sticky or greasy. I hope Burt's Bees continues making this indefinitely, as I plan to remain a very satisfied, long-term customer.  Try it, you won't be disappointed.
I really loved this product, Burts bees products usually work really well and at a great price. I was looking for something to nourish my hands and nails after winter so thought I would try this cuticle creme. This was easy to use and I loved the little pot, the tin is quite cute and easy to pop in a handbag as it wont spill. The creme was luxurious and buttery and soaked in really well leaving my hands soft and nails nourished, it felt really nice on and was not greasy. The scent is divine a soft lemony scent that is so fresh, my nails were great after using this for a while and I would buy this product again and would recommend it