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Burt’s Bees Strawberry Moisturising Lip Balm is a strawberry-scented lip balm that nourishes lips while delivering a tint-free matte finish. Infused with powerful fruit extracts and beeswax to richly moisturise and soften, the formula is 100 per cent natural and free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. 


Burt’s Bees Strawberry Moisturising Lip Balm


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This is your traditional twist-up stick of lip balm with a gorgeous strawberry scent. The berry scent is fresh and perfect for the summertime when I like using this lip balm. I prefer something richer/more hydrating for the wintertime. The lip balm hydrates, softens and smooths my lips overnight and all day long with very few applications in between. It keeps my lips feeling comfortable and chap-free and can be worn under lipstick to prevent dry lips. A tube of this lip balm lasts me the entire spring and summer season.
I really love this lip balm from Burt Bee's. It has a really nice strawberry scent that isn't sickly, and it feels and looks really nice on your lips. It also lasts really long on your lips and looks great with a natural make-up look, and also works well putting it on before putting on your lipstick so your lips don't dry out with your lipstick on. I highly recommend this product!
This is a fun lip balm to use. I love the amazing natural strawberry scent, so sweet and fruity. It goes on clear so you can use it under your favourite lipstick. The lip balm has a nice waxy feel to it instead of the unpleasant stickiness that some lip balms can have and feels nice on your lips. Burt's Bees strawberry lip balm has been a lifesaver for my poor dry and cracked lips. It glides on smoothly and easily and it is incredibly gentle, doesn't irritant or makes your lips tingle like the peppermint version does (which can cause your lips discomfort if your lips are cracked and peeling). The moment I apply the lip balm to my lips I can feel it working instantly, providing blissful relief for and soothing my sore, cracked and dry lips. I love how it moisturises and heals my lips, giving me soft, smooth and well hydrated lips. I especially love applying it at night just before bedtime and let it nourish my lips as I sleep because the next morning, my lips feel and look amazing. So soft and kissable. This lip balm would last for hours after applying  and I usually only need to re-apply after eating. I always keep one in my handbag for when I'm out and about to keep my lips well hydrated all day and it's small enough that you can pop one in your pocket when you need to. I love the all natural ingredients that Burt's Bees uses in their products, especially the beeswax in this lip balm because of all the beneficial and amazing qualities of beeswax. And it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients that might make my lips dryer or is bad for the environment. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants nice and soft lips because Burt's Bees strawberry lip balm is the perfect  choice to keep your lips moisturised and protected year round, especially in Winter when your lips may need some extra pampering.
To begin, the idea behind this product is amazing. Natural is the way to go when putting anything on your skin to avoid any nastys. The scent is amazing along with the non tinting colour to coincide.Personally i am not a fan of the other Burts Bees lip balm flavours however the Strawberry flavour does stand up above the rest. On a negative side unfortunately i feel as though the product does not apply easily. I feel that it is quite hard, especially in the cooler months making it difficult to smoothly apply on the lips. However if applied well the product lasts well on the lips without leaving the gross oily residue that most lipbalms do leave behind. Through regular use i definitely noticed a positive chnage in my lips texture, leaving them supple without any cracking or flaking. I think as this is a natural product the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Would definitely recommend.
Goes on smooth, smells lovely, no nasty aftertaste, but I find that it flakes fairly quickly and needs frequent re-application.  It also tends to collect in the corners of the lips which leads to a bit of a gummy feeling.  Lastly, those with strawberry allergies should avoid as it's a natural colour and flavour!
I've been using this lip balm since forever. It doesn't have a strong smell and it's not too glossy on the lips. This lip balm hydrates my lips very well and works very well o. My dry cracked lips. And it's strawberry which I love. Great lip balm that does the job.
I try to stick to natural as much as possible with the products I use and especially so when it comes to products I use on my lips. In general, I just use coconut oil or pawpaw to soothe my lips when they are dry or cracked as so many balms I have tried are too waxy,dry my lips out or simply taste horrible when applied. I decided to give the Burts Bees Strawberry balm a try as I am quite the fan of strawberry scents and also because I know Burts Bees uses quality chemical free ingredients. The balm comes packaged in a twist up slim plastic tube which is orange in color and has a red lid. It glides on smoothly and feels quite nice and hydrating when applied. The scent is quite subtle and smells very sweet and fruity. I was surprised there was no tint once applied as being strawberry and with the red lid,I sort of just assumed it would give a pop of natural color. Nope,it is a clear balm. It felt pleasant and comfortable to wear and smoothed away the roughness from my dry lips. It isn't a glossy or sticky balm (thankfully!) so no need to worry about hair sticking to your lips in minor wind.  I do not like many lip balms but this ones a winner!  Just soft and moisturised lips,naturally with a nice matte finish. I would recommend this to anyone prone to dry lips or in need of some hydration. 
This lip balm is really nice and I adore the strawberry scent that is just so irresistibly incredible! But it's a natural scent, nothing artificial so it gives the satisfaction of knowing it is super good for you! The only minus is that it feels a bit waxy to me. I was kind of hoping for a more natural feeling lip balm. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved it and I'm glad it's not oily but I would have preferred a lip balm in the middle.
If you are like me and suffer from chapped lips all throughout winter, then get yourself one of these chap sticks. Last year I spent winter in the UK and the change in weather destroyed my lips and they peeled all over. A friend turned me on to Burt's Bees chapsticks, and after using it for 2 days my lips were soft and back to nromal. Moisturises without feeling sticky and  stays on for ages. Love the various different flavours. I never go out without one of these in my handbag.
I am forever misplacing lip balms, but I have to say losing this one was one of the greatest tragedies my lips have ever endured. Forget Romeo and Juliet, Josie and Burt's Bees is far more depressing. When my lips are chapped, this is usually the first lip balm I reach for. It goes on smoothly, and has a nourishing effect that leaves the lips feeling hydrated for hours. The range has a diverse selection of flavours to suit anyone's needs.  Pros: -All natural -long lasting hydration -nice scent -perfect for on-the-go Cons: -there are none! Seriously, these are worth your money!
After coming back from a skiing trip in New Zealand, my lips were so chapped and dry. I put on one coat of Burt's Bees and instantly my lips felt better. After about 20 minutes, they had almost completely healed. This is such an awesome every-day lip balm that I honestly don't leave home without.
I love this lip balm from Burt’s Bees who take good care of your lips. I also have a secret: sometimes I use it even for cuticle;-) Moisturizes well and makes the lips very soft, protects from cold. Smells great! Look beautifully on the lips. I love natural products from Burt’s Bees.
This smells so delicious..I could almost eat it!! My lips feel so hydrated and protected, and it's all natural..and not too badly priced in comparison to other lip balms. I can't live without this anymore, I need to have it everywhere I go! I also tried the pomegranate one and that's just as delicious smelling!
This chapstick has saved my lips this winter! The slight tint to the product is an added bonus! :) It wears for a few hours so you are not having to constantly reapply.  Its affordable, high quality and a necessity in my beauty bag! I would buy this 10 times over.
I love this lip balm because it goes on so smooth and is so moisturizing and it doesn't dry my lips out either! It keeps my lips hydrated for hours and I love that it looks so natural when applied. Definelty one of my favourite lip balms, the strawberry flavor smells great too!!
I love the Burt's Bees Lip Balms. This Moisturising Strawberry Lip Balm is so hydrating for my lips, I always ensure I have one in my bag during the colder months as the icy temperatures and the stronger winds wreak havoc on my lips, leaving then dry, chapped and sometimes, when they're at their worst, they crack, it can be really painful. But when I apply Burt's Bees, my lips stay lovely, soft, healthy, protected and moisturised. I love that it's an affordable beauty buy too.
I am obsessed over this, such an amazing product. Even better, its all natural!! It is very moisturing on the lips and I have noticed how softer my lips are after using it. I love how it is strawberry as well, it does not have a gross taste if it gets in your mouth and no one wants that. Burt's Bee has the best lip balms that are natural and does what its supposed to do. So worth the money, please try it if you haven't yet. This is a need for on the go kits. 100%
Burt..you had me at Strawberry and Beeswax...This convenient, tasty, little wonder is a must carry.  It's 'free from nasties' and glides on 'Berry Silky Smooth'.  No sticky factor here. Infact, it makes me want to try out the whole range of delicious flavours. This balm is just like a healthy retreat for your lips with Insurance Against Chapping included!! I  usually wear it alone or over lipstick.
I bought this product recently after my lips started to become very dry and peeling. but after a day of using this product, it has worked miracles. My lips are also very dull, so when I applied this lip balm, it not only helped my dry lips but gave my lips an amazing tint to them. while the lip balm tasted amazing with the strawberry sent. would recommend it to anyone and really cheap for a miracle worker.
One of the better lip balms available. The strawberry scent is subtle yet recognisable and it goes on perfectly smooth and hydrating. This version has a slight red stain to it which blends great with the natural lip colour. I'm a fan and at this price everyone can afford to buy a couple of different flavours.