BYS Glitter Eyeliner Pencil

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BYS Glitter Eyeliner Pencil is an eyeliner pencil with a hint of glitter for creating a glamorous evening eye makeup look. The pencil tip allows for a precise application and can be used along the lash line or all over the lid.

Available in two shades.


BYS Glitter Eyeliner Pencil


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This is a very cute product, but only very average as an eyeliner.  I don't think it's the easiest to apply- it isn't 100% smooth to spread, and can stick to / pull your skin sometimes. The pencil isn't great quality and smudges and breaks easily. The colours are nice, and look good on, but don't have staying power. Very cheap though!
I kept finding my Jade and Silver BYS Glitter Eyeliner in my daughter's bedroom and being such a wonderful product and beauty bargin I just ended up  buying her one too. I am completely in love with the colour "Jade and silver glitter" as gives an natural sparkling shape and structure the top of my eyelids with a long-lasting colour and touch of glitter. This pencil colours,defines and produces a hint of sparkle to create a desirable look. In a stroke straight across the hoods it offers my eyes a new vision, not plain in anyway.   I would recommend to enhance all areas of the eye just because the colour and sparkles are better than I expected never irritating the eyes. These are stunning for the upper eyelids. It very easy to apply and holds very well without flaking off. Easy to control the pencil, I like to experiment with these eyeliners to achieve a more dramatic look with a little sparkle. It goes on smoothly without damaging my eye skin. I don't find this product expensive at all. Highly recommended it to all my girlfriends and family.   A fantastic priced product with lasting quality I can recommend for all eyes. 
I have this in 'Black With Silver Glitter'.  The packaging is very pretty with lots of little glitter specks on it.  The white writing is easy to read on the black background.  I gave it a star for this. When I did create a line with this, there was not much glitter appearing - I could only see one speck of glitter and I did expect more specks because the packaging shows a lot.    I used a magifying glass to try to find them but couldn't see them.   I don't think this is for me because it was very smudgey when it was on my eyes.  It wears of very quickly and you cannot rub your eyes at all while wearing it or it  smudges.  I found that when I first opened it, the pencil nib fell off - it was quite crumbly.  When I tried to sharpen it the nib kept crumbling off so I was quite disappointed with this product.   This would be okay for little girls playing around with make-up - maybe tweens would appreciate this product so they can experiment with it a little as it's easy to wipe off.