BYS Lip Colour Balm

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BYS Lip Colour Balm is a pigmented lip balm with a moisturising formula. The creamy texture glides on effortlessly to leave lips smooth, hydrated and tinted. The crayon-like pencil features a wind-up mechanism for a precise application without the need for sharpening.

Available in six shades.


BYS Lip Colour Balm


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Pros - creamy formula - smelt nice - came in a cute and portable packaging - was not expensive  - can be found at most pharmacies and kmarts Cons - did not last long at all - would not stay on my lips - the packaging promised that the shade would be a medium nude but when I actually opened the lipstick and put it on it was a very pale nude that did not suit me at all
I love that this little lip coloured balm need no sharpening so is convenient and easy to use with its wind up mechanism, I loved the price point of this which is why I bought it, however after wearing it for a while loved how hydrated and smooth my lips felt, it protect lips from drying and deposits just a light colour, I loved the shimmer of this and for the money cant complain, although it does wear off quite quickly, I usually have to reapply balm anyway so I would buy this again simply for the price
I decided to give this product a star for it's wind-up mechanism - you don't need a sharpener to sharpen this - it just winds up by turning the silver base.  It can go up and go down again.  I gave it another star for it's nice moisturising feel on the lips - though it doesn't last very long on me as my lips get quite dry. There is an extremely light minty scent as I apply it which is nice - this scent dispels quickly after application.  It can be applied lightly or re-applied for more colour intensity.  It does not have much pigment.    I have this in the colour 'Daring' which is orange.  It's not the colour I would normally buy so if it was in a colour I loved I would give this product a three star instead of the two star rating.  I don't wear orange on my lips!  I think this product would suit a very young teen who is just having fun and experimenting with the idea of make-up colours.   I didn't buy this and in all honesty I wouldn't buy this again now that I've tried it  ( it was given to me).