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Reduce the appearance of cellulite, scars and skin imperfections with the C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub. Made from roasted and ground coffee with citrus and almond oils, the scrub is 100 per cent natural and leaves skin feeling moisturised.

Price above is for 100g. Also available in 330g.


C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub


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This is a lovely scrub to add to your shower routine. For $10 your get a product very comparable to some more expensive brands on the market and it works beautifully! The packaging is perfect for the shower, the pouch is resealable which keeps the moisture out and also keeps from unwanted spilled product all over the shower floor. The scrub is a ground coffee which smells amazing! Coffee is my go to scrub as the caffeine is supposed to be good for cellulite etc. It applies beautifully to the skin with the oils infused in the formula, these oils also leave my skin so silky and smooth long after getting out of the shower. This is a great budget friendly product and I would recommend it to anyone who loves coffee!
I’ve used many body scrubs in the past and this is one of the few that I’ve purchased multiple times as it’s that lovely! I buy the tub version as I find it’s easier to handle in the shower over the pouch and, as the tub is huge, it’s a lot more cost effective. The coffee granules in this scrub are quite large and provide a good amount of ‘scrubbiness’ which feels great and works well to keep your skin lovely and smooth. It’s quite a dry consistency but the oils are definitely present, infused evenly into the coffee granules. I take small amounts at a time to minimise the amount that falls off and down the drain as I don’t want to waste any if I can help it! It does make a bit of a mess in the shower but is easy enough to rinse off the tiles. I also find that this doesn’t leave too much of a slippery feel on the shower floor compared to some scrubs which makes it less of a fall hazard. I love the rich coffee aroma of this scrub and that the scent lingers on my skin (and in the bathroom)! This scrub is so richly moisturising that I don’t feel the need to apply body lotion after showering as my skin has a lovely soft sheen of moisture on the surface that’s not overly oily. I highly recommend this scrub for anyone that wants that little bit of spa luxury at home.
This was the first coffee scrub I tried, I’m used to using the Trilogy exfoliating balm and I have to say I really liked the C-Lab Coffee scrub. I absolutely loved the coffee aroma, I’m a coffee addict and this was the most enjoyable way to exfoliate.  The scrub itself was very granular and gave a really good exfoliation and surprisingly it hydrated my skin as well. I found I didn’t need to press as firmly into my skin as I do with other exfoliators. The only negative I have is the mess, it is extremely messy and I had to spend ages rinsing out the shower. I worry that long term use could also stain my grout.
This scrub leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the smell is absolutely divine! Freshly brewed coffee is one of my favorite scents ever!! You can feel the product working and removing all of the dead skin cells as you scrub. In my opinion this is one of the best smelling ever!
I have never tried coffee bean scrubs before until my friend introduced to me and now I'm addicted to it. I love my coffee so the strong coffee bean scent made me want to use it right away. The particles exfoliate very well but at the same time gentle on skin. Most importantly it doesn't dry out my skin after use which is a plus.
I’d never tried a coffee scrub prior to this one. I came about he product quite serendipitously when trying to find a good exfoliant to remove tan (a often hellish experience). The product left me skin feeling so full of life and soft to the touch! I was truly impressed! Made me think... if this is good I can only imagine what Frank Body Scrub must feel like (knowing that Frank was often considered the holy grail of coffee scrubs and a hit on instagram). I tried Frank... and honestly, there was NO comparison. Frank didn’t leave my skin feeling as full of moisture and as gorgeous as what this scrub did. I’ve never written a product review EVER before nor had I ever really come across a procure I’ve felt really actually ‘does’ what it says on the packet / tub! This is something I swear by! Beautiful stuff. Couldn’t recommend more!
I've never really got into the habit of using body scrubs but I received this in a beauty box a while ago and really liked it. The coffee scent is great for waking you up in the morning, and the inclusion of coconut oil in the scrub means that your skin feels clean, reinvigorated and hydrated. I didn't get to use the product enough to see any improvement in my cellulite as after leaving it in the shower, water leaked into the pouch and made iced coffee so I didn't get to use the whole package.
I'm a big fan of coffee scrubs and, prior to trying this one, Frank's wasl my fav. I do love that C Lab & Co has coconut oil in their scrub and you can REALLY tell because once you've scrubbed and sloughed away all the dead skin you never knew you had, you can really feel the moisture left behind.   It has that amazing strong coffee scent that will have you pinging off the walls and moisture that will see you shimmying into your jim jams like a goddess. Well worth it - maybe give some as an Christmas gift if you're stuck on ideas :)
I received a sample of this lab and co coffee scrub and really loved it. For a start it smells divine, like strong coffee, great in the shower in the morning, very invigourating and delicious. The scrub itself is quite gentle but the coffee bean particles are strong enough to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells, it firms skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite, a massive bonus. enriched with citrus and almond oils it leaves skin feeling super soft, silky and really moisturised and nourished. Its easy to use, just rub into skin concentrating on dry areas, it mixes well with water and then rinses off with ease leaving a moisturising film for protection that in non greasy, I love that the ingredients are all 100% natural, so no nasties, this is a great scrub, especially for the delicious smell and I would recommend it
Beauty begins from your head down to your toes, and a favourite way to pamper myself starts in the shower and continues from there. I love my shower pampering time and I usually stick to a moisturising and divine smelling body wash and body moisturiser, but when I saw this C Lab and co coffee scrub, and being such a caffeine addict already, I was sold hook, line and coffee scented sinker. After lathering up with my body wash, I slowly worked this scrub over my damp skin, working from my feet all the way up to my neck and then back down, and rinsed thoroughly, with my skin already feeling so soft and smooth, and the smell of coffee, well it was heady and intoxicating and had me almost drooling in anticipation of my first cup of the day. I applied moisturiser to my still damp skin and dressed and did my morning facial routine. For the rest of that day, my skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated, it radiated in a way it never usually does, and the coffee scent lingered all day and night until my next shower, and I almost didn't need perfume, I smelled so delicious. The product itself was beautiful, creamy and the grains itself weren't too big or grainy or scratchy, so perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. It's easy and quick to use and pretty much mess free and fuss free. I use it now maybe once or twice a week, and the skin on my body has really improved in smoothness, softness, radiance and hydration, and I just can't get enough of the smell. I got it at Priceline for under $20, and the generous size of the package means that even though I use it regularly twice a week, It's not even half empty yet as a little goes a long way. Beauty is truly from head to toe, and with beautiful products such as this, that pamper and indulge your every sense, you will feel the power, confidence and happiness that only real beauty and beauty products can give you. It's as easy as one, two, scrub.
Coffee scrubs are used to target reducing the signs of cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections. Although there is actually little evidence of the effectiveness of coffee scrubs of achieving any of those results, this scrub, in particular, is very efficient at delivering moisture via the inclusion of coconut oil, which is the main reason why I love it. This is my go-to when I feel like my whole body needs a wholesome dose of moisture.   This scrub is gentle and will not scratch your skin.The contents are actually just like the wet grounds of coffee you find leftover in your filter. The coffee aroma is very strong and will linger. The coconut oil in particular in this combination not only leaves my body entirely moisturised but it delivers moisture to my whole body in the most efficient way. Every time I wash off the scrub, my body is left soft, smooth and incredibly moisturised.
Scrub-a-dub-dub exfoliating in the tub (or shower)...that's what you will be doing when you buy this fantastic product. I was first introduced to this when I got it in my Marie Claire Parcel subscription box and have been hooked ever since. Let me just say...a little goes a long way with this stuff, so the value on this product is AMAZING. Packaging is sleek and simple, and when you open the 'sachet' you are met with a lovely yet not overpowering aroma of coffee beans. After I'm done "scrubbing", my skin is left feeling exfoliated and all that dead skin is gently buffed away. The added bonus is that the almond oil is really effective and leaves my skin perfectly moisturised. The ONLY thing I don't love about this product is that it can be pretty messy, which is the case with all coffee scrubs. I use it in the shower and no matter how well I rinse out the entire shower, there is always heaps of ground coffee residue in the corners and all around the shower. It's not a deal breaker though,  perfect excuse to squeeze in an extra 5 minutes of exercise by giving the shower an extra clean :)
For all the java lovers out there that want a product that smells delicious and works well at the same time then I'd suggest trying out this coffee scrub.  I suffer from cellulite and scars and had heard a lot about using a body scrub to help increase lymphatic drainage and help decrease the appearance of cellulite.  Scrubs for me have always been a hit or miss.  Some are too rough and abrasive, leaving my skin feeling raw and sensitive.  Others are just too gentle and barely even feels like it's working.  This coffee scrub is the perfect wake me up for not only your senses but your skin.  It comes in a 100g bag and contains actual grounds of coffee with hydrating oils including citrus and almond.  The texture of the scrub is quite gritty which I prefer.  It has chunks of the coffee that are perfectly sized mixed with the nourishing oils that balances out the ingredients.  I would start off with a small amount of the scrub as too much and you'll end up with a lot of it down the drain before it even touches your skin.  I placed a small amount on my legs, focusing on my upper thighs and around my buttocks.  That is where I have the most amount of cellulite.  I rubbed the scrub in a circular motion to help massage the skin which is supposed to help with reducing the appearance of cellulite.  I also used it on my stomach, arms and legs for a good exfoliation. It was the perfect consistency as the coffee grounds weren't too fine and had texture so it felt like it was working without being too harsh or too gentle. The scent of the scrub was definitely strong, making it perfect for my morning shower before heading off to work! It would wake me up and really invigorate my senses.  Once I washed off the scrub I could feel the oils all over my skin.  It was so hydrating and helped soften my skin, there was no need to moisturise after.  My skin felt really smooth and I could still smell the lingering scent of coffee on my skin.  One thing I will state that most people won't realise if you have never used a coffee scrub is that it can get messy!  Make sure to rinse everything off from not only yourself but your shower as it can splatter and get everywhere.  I have used it for several months and although I haven't notice any differences to my scars, it has softened the appearance of my cellulite.  The caffeine from the coffee helps stimulate the skin while the scrub helps massage the skin which increases blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins through lymphatic drainage.  My overall skin tone has improved and any dry patches/areas on my body have gone away thanks to the scrub.  It's 100% natural, the packaging makes it easy to travel with and it's very affordable!  Tip: Use the scrub on your legs before shaving.  It helps soften the skin, removes ingrown hairs while adding moisture which helps for a closer shave without any irritation.  
I was very excited to try this product as it is not the type of scrub I would usually buy for myself as I'm not a huge coffee fan! The packaging is sleek, modern and eye-popping. It looks great on display wherever you put it!  Upon first opening the packet I noticed a nice coconut coffee scent which wasn't overpowering on the coffee side which was a plus! I turned off the shower and gave myself a lovely head to toe scrubbing. The texture is like wet sand so you can end up losing a bit of product sliding down or dropping onto the floor so small amounts at a time are recommended. I found it time consuming to apply it in such small amounts and even though the scent was pleasant I found the scrub felt a little too oily on my skin for a summer month.  After rinsing it off and the mess it made my skin definitely felt nourished and slightly oily but I felt it was a bit too much effort on my part for an average result. As this was only a sample I couldn't trial it long enough to comment on cellulite appearance etc. PROS -affordable  -pleasant scent -great packaging CONS -texture limits usability -a little too oily for me -made an unnecessary mess in my shower I would recommend this product for someone with dry skin needing a little nourishment and to be used with an exfoliating MIT to prevent wasted product. 
If you're looking for an aromatic and invigorating body scrub that actually works to improve your skin condition, then you can't go past the C LAB & CO Coffee Scrub. I am addicted to the C LAB & CO coffee scrubs; I have both the regular coffee and the coconut and coffee scrubs. The scrubs come in a travel size (100g) pouch and a large 330g tub. I usually buy the larger size as I like to use the product most mornings, and I am already on my 4th jar! The travel size is of course handy if you want to take it with you on holidays, as it has comes in a resealable pack. I prefer buying the tub version as it obviously lasts longer and is better value for money. It is also a bit less messy to use in the bathroom and it's handy to be able to dip your hands into the jar to grab a large handful of the scrub which is usually all I need for my entire body. As soon as you open the product packing the scent of freshly ground coffee and uplifting citrus aromas are released. You can tell that the scrub is made from natural ingredients as it really does smell exactly like what is says; fresh coffee and sweet orange oil.  The texture is like wet sand so I recommend applying a small amount of the scrub at a time on slightly damp skin, or you will end up with more of the product on the bathroom floor if you try to apply it to dry skin! I am not a morning person, so I love to use this scrub first thing in the morning as the coffee aroma and citrus scent really help to awaken your senses and leave you feeling energised and ready for the day. I like to gently apply the scrub in small circular motions, focusing on my thighs, stomach and buttocks as these are the areas where I unfortunately have stretch marks and some cellulite. The scrub rinses off well and leaves the skin feeling soooo soft and silky! My skin does still feel a little greasy even after I rinse the scrub off, because of the almond and orange oils in the product. However I find that it gets absorbed into the skin by the time I get dressed and the benefit is that you don't need to apply as much body lotion as your skin is already well moisturised thanks to the natural oils. I am very pleased with this product as it has helped lighten some of the stretch marks I had on my stomach and hips, over the last few months. But you need to apply the scrub on a daily basis in order to see any reduction in scars and stretch marks. I am so impressed with this product and pleasantly surprised that a product with simple , natural ingredients can help improve my skin concerns and make me feel more confident about my body.  I recommend this product to anyone who wants an inexpensive, yet effective body scrub that leaves your skin feeling and looking better. If you have visible dark stretch marks and cellulite then I recommend you try this product on a regular basis as you won't be disappointed!
This is my holy grail product, and I could not live without it. It smells like heaven - fresh coffee and citrus. It's a great little at-home aromatherapy session and certainly helps to wake me up on the mornings I use it. It's a total mess to use, and if I didn't have a shower hose I think I'd be rating this less, but it feels so great on the skin. It's satisfying as a scrub, but the oils sink in so well that your skin seems like someone else's by the time you're done using it. The double-duty exfoliation and moisturisation makes it a great product to use before others to ensure your skin is top shape to absorb any other other products. Used regularly, I've got the best skin I've had in years, and less ingrown hairs. I havn't noticed any difference to my stretch marks as promised, but I'm prepared to keep trying - even if they never go away, the other benefits more outweigh that con. I've been recommending this to everyone I know, and buying it as an affordable luxury gift for all my friends.
I normally find coffee scrubs messy and smelly, so when I received this in the last box of The Parcel, I really didn't have high hopes for it. But after using it, I feel in love with it instantly.  While the scent is still quite heavy, the added mix of coconut helps to stop it from being overwhelming.  The scrub has enough grit that it feels exfoliating but it doesn't feel rough or hurt my skin. It also doesn't create too much mess in my shower, but I would suggest applying it in the shower or put down a towel if you're applying it outside of the shower. I also found that a little bit goes a long way and I was able to get 3 uses from the deluxe sachet.  While originally I didn't expect to like it, I'm now going to buy some next time I go to Priceline!! 
Want a totally delicious and healthy way to exfoliate your body all over?  C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub is the answer.  When you first open the pack, the smell will invite your nose into the bag and you will be thinking how divine is this.  It smells of roasted coffee, and also coconut and citrus oils.  It looks like coffee from a plunger, except drier. Now first thing you need to do is hop in the shower and wet your body.  Then turn off the shower and get ready to have fun and yes make a mess!!    Take a handful and start massaging the scrub over your skin, starting from arms, then working your way right down to your feet.  Really massage it in well, you don't need to apply too much pressure, the scrub is fine but granular so it will give your skin a fabulous exfoliation.  leave it on a few minutes, then get back under the shower and rinse it all off.  The smell will be wonderful.  If you want to shave your legs, now is the perfect time!  Shaving will be a complete breeze and your skin will be soft and smooth.    After using the product, my skin felt wonderful!  It was soft, smooth and just luscious.  Body lotion soaked in so well and you will feel great.  If you want to apply some fake tan, skip the body lotion and apply, blending in well.  Your application will be very even and streak free. After a few weeks, I was totally loving this product.  It exfoliates so well, is a lovely, natural product that smells great and is fun to use. PRO's Fantastic price Love the smell of coffee, coconut and citrus, then this is the product for you Totally natural product Makes your skin super soft and smooth Great for use when shaving or using a fake tan Skin feels moisturised afterwards, not dry CON's I must admit it is messy, and in a big way.   the coffee goes everywhere, so you will need to clean your bathroom as you might notice a slight staining on your bath or shower recess, but this comes off with cleaning. Be gentle using the product on your neck and chest, I found my skin here went very red, so apply with ease and apply heaps of neck cream,  All the redness was gone by the morning. I recommend this scrub to anyone who loves exfoliators, those who love coffee and anyone who just wants super soft and smooth skin!
Not all scrubs are effective, but this one is quite amazing.  I actually stand in an empty bath and apply to legs first, then buttocks, stomach and upper arms. Rub in circular motion and go over each area thoroughly, then rinse off with a wet flannel using warm water.  It does take me about ten minutes but is totally worth it if you have to bare your body to the masses. I don't know what is in this product that is different from others, but my skin is so smooth and soft with a beautiful fresh scent left behind. Use before fake tan application to ensure streak free even coverage.  I have put this in my "top of the class" beauty products.  A must for summer.
This scrub is my favourite product out of all the Parcel's I've received!  I recently went to a Day Spa and paid a lot of money for a wrap which smelt and felt very similar to this scrub.  It smells like chocolate and it smells so good you wish you could eat it.  I now include it in my Sunday morning beauty ritual - the one hour a week when it's all about me!  It is a bit messy to use but it's also great fun and it easily washes off and down the plughole without leaving any cleaning so it doesn't bother me. The salt in it acts as a pumice and removes your dead skin.  It feels scratchy but in a nice way.  The oil leaves my skin feeling silky and soft.  It remains so all day or until I have my next shower so the oil really does rejuvenate and I find weekly application is making my skin looking and feeling more youthful.  This result is exactly the same as the expensive wrap I had at the Day Spa!