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Calvin Klein CK2 EDT is a fresh and warm unisex fragrance. The scent features top notes of wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf absolute; and base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and incense.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


Calvin Klein CK2 EDT


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With fresh and summery scent, this is a great EDT to have in your bathroom cabinet. The bottle is a unique design and I particularly love the fact that it is a unisex fragrance. It is not too masculine which is perfect as I’ve tried other unisex fragrances that suit men better. Worth the purchase!
A clean smelling, fresh summery fragrance. Not overpowering in a masculine or feminine way. It’s light fragrance has a warm familiarity to it and it does remind you subtly of its predecessor. It is a different perfume though, and despite it’s past, is still a new perfume in its right. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a fresh, youthful scent, especially if you were fond of CKone.
Picture yourself next to an inviting fire at the seaside just as the sun farewells accompanied by a slight sea breeze in the air. This is exactly how I describe Calvin Klein's CK2. I am so stuck on this fragrance. This is a cool and composed perfume I  to wear anywhere and everywhere. It's one of my favourite optimistic unisex perfumes to date. I am fond of the sweet fresh, light, and slightly sharp woody fragrances it holds all together to create a persuasive scent I love. Not overpowering and not too subtle, the balance provides a confident scent that protects and defeats any other body odour I may have.  Surprisingly it contains a little sea fresh with a warm sense about it. Definitely not annoying to anyone else around you, but instead pleasing the senses and compliments tend to follow you. It appears to have soft feminine opening and yet over time it executes into quite a masculine depth.   The Calvin Klein's CK2 comes in a cool and classic looking bottle which seems to last forever until it's time to re-purchase as it is a staple among my perfume collection now. It has an extremely unique formula combination of truly appealing ingredients which makes this perfume one of the "stand outs" from the overall range of exceeding CK perfume's. Perfect for home, social outings/activities and the office as it is not offensive and puts me in a great mood when wearing it.  Acts as brilliant base for those who like to layer their perfumes as is is mild enough to build up or down on the scent. It lasts for hours and is suitable for everybody to wear.  I recommend you to try this and experience the luxurious freshness of  Calvin Klein's CK2 throughout the day or night for yourself. You won't be disappointed. 
The style and design of this cologne bottle is so elegant, classy, unique and sleek. This fragrance is for those who want a long lasting fragrance that will help build up their confidence and self esteem. Great gift ideas for the loved ones. Can be used everyday or on special occassions. After using this cologne the guys will feel much more confident and manly. I have bought this product for my guys friends & they absolutely love this product. This cent is strong and manly so therefore anyone who uses this product will build up their confidence Suitable for: All guys (aged 18+) Any guys who are into Calvin Klein colognes Any guys who want a strong & seductive fragrance
I love CKOne so I had to try this new release too. I find unisex fragrances very interesting. The bottle standing on its head is also something new and fresh but might be too over the top. However, the scent brings a breeze of freshness and originality. CK2 is a mix of woody, smoky, metallic, but foremost it is an airy and watery fragrance. CK2 seems green and very watery - in my opinion there are some similarities to L’eau par Kenzo. The fragrance is salty, I smell a bit of a citrus breeze too. The new CK fragrance is different to the mainstream gourmand trend, it’s original. To some it might smell controversial, but I enjoy it very much. I am also sure it smells totally different on men than it smells on women.  On me it is pretty long- lasting, but you can’t expect much from a light watery ozone like fragrance, it ‘s one of those close-to-the-skin scents. Well executed. Great for summer. If you want something different, not obvious.
Absolutely love this fragrance ! The design of the bottle is so gorgeous and I love how it's completely clear. The scent is really clean and fresh and is unisex which is really cool. I wear it almost everyday and always get compliments on it. Try it out, you won't be disappointed !
From the moment I laid eyes on this fragrance I just had to have it there and then! I have never been into the super sweet and girly fragrances, often wearing male scents or women's fragrances with warmer musky undertones. With its stunning unisex scent and bottle, hubby and I can enjoy wearing this his + hers fragrance and each receive compliments. Although CK2 is an EDT, I find the fragrance is a lot lighter and tends to wear off really quickly like a cologne tends to so I am hoping and praying that Calvin Klein introduce this in an EDP version to help the fresh scent stick around for longer. Apart from that I am chuffed with CK2 and wish I could bathe in it!
I love the design of this bottle, it's so sleek and classy. I wasn't a huge fan of this perfume when I first started using it as it isn't a sweet or floral scent, it is a lot more fresh. In saying that, it's grown on me and I now quite like it. It lasts all day and is soo strong, I can always still smell it when I get home after work, which is awesome. My boyfriend also likes to wear it from time to time and I find it fascinating that it smells different on him to on me!
I have been using this for a few months now and love that it is unisex and my hubby can also enjoy it! The clear glass bottle is so simplistic and minimal and matches any space I store it. The scent is very gender neutral, appealing to both men and women. I usually go for the sweet, floral and girlie scents, however this isn't any of those things yet doesn't smell at all masculine either. This is a really fresh and clean scent that doesn't over power your nose. I have found the fragrance to last throughout the day and can smell it lingering on my skin if I smell my arm. :) This would make a great gift for those who have everything or are difficult to buy for as it would suit just about everyone!