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Calvin Klein One Shock for Her EDT

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Calvin Klein One Shock for Her EDT is a juicy floriental fragrance that opens with a fierce bouquet of passionflower, intensifies with a drizzle of liquid chocolate accord, and warms into a second skin musk for an addictive signature scent.


Calvin Klein One Shock for Her EDT


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I love calvin klein fragrances and have many from this range, I really love the shock for her fragrance, its a really summery scent. I am a total perfume junkie, all my friends know to buy me perfume as gifts, I tend to collect them and this is one I would recommend. The bottle is cool, trendy and funky and the scent is floral with exotic spicey undertones. I love the passionflower and musk, blackberry and  vanilla, chocolate, delicious. The scent lasts really well, I can still smell it at the end of the day and at under $90.00 its great value. This is a really fun youthful scent that I love, well done CK.
OK,i admit...i am a massive perfume addict.If there were a therapy group to help me,i would have to be the first one to stand and say "Hi.My name is J,and i am a perfume addict".It would ,of course,stand to reason that i have dozens of fragrances...from the really inexpensive types you will find at a pharmaceutical warehouse,to scents that i buy online from OS sites..after debating if i really need to eat that week. I have had this for years....i tend to wear CK scents very on and off,and only recently found a bottle of this when looking for something else. To start with,the bottle is very familiar...if you have seen any other CK fragrance,you will recognise the flacon style bottle,with a basic / non descript twist top,and a separate spray  nozzle that needs to be inserted to apply...but this bottle is more of a "ceramic" feeling one,that is white with fluro pink lettering on it.I am not a huge fan of the reminds me of something my teenage self would LOVE,but as a grown woman,i'm not feeling it.Also,forget trying to travel with either leave it as the spray top (risking it inadvertently spraying everywhere),OR leave it with just the twist top (leaks anyone ? ).But what of the scent itself ? It is a very youthful,fruity / floral mix that has top notes of passionflower, pink peony, and poppy flower; mid notes of liquid chocolate accord, blackberry, narcisse, and jasmine; and base notes of vanillin, patchouli, ambers, and musk. It's very much a summer feeling scent,but also a little "dated" was launched circa 1994,and it is evident in it's (almost) scent sister "Angel".The scent itself would maybe appeal to one who is looking to wander down memory lane,or as a first scent for a teen just starting out with perfume,but only for a short time...this lasts on the skin for only a couple of hours,and is very soft to begin lucky this stuff comes in a bottle huge enough and cheap enough to douse yourself in.All in all,this is a fun fragrance from CK,but the name is truly a misnomer...Shock by CK One is NOT shocking by any means,and really,you must have an incredibly sheltered scent palette to be "shocked" by this fragrance if that's what you are going for. I will use this up now,but there are so many other scents out there,i won't be getting again. TIP:Use this juice liberally....i mean everywhere, to get a real dose of the scent.Maybe also save a little for winter,when summer is a memory,and you yearn for a summer flashback.
This is my favourite perfume of all time, and the one I wear on a daily basis. It smells sweet and florally but not too much that it burns your nostrils or is TOO overpowering and perceptible to anyone standing near you. It's just a lovely light, but sweet scent that as the product itself claims - is super addictive. The only downside is that the fragrance doesn't last on the skin very well over time so I always take a little travel bottle with me wherever I go to re-spritz it.
The CK one shock for her is different from the other CK fragrances for women. It's young, sweet, fresh and absolutely delicious! One of my favourite notes in this perfume is chocolate which is sweet but not over the top.  The bottle is white in colour with shock written in hot pink which is quite unique and bold.  I can't say that I'm a fan of the bottle but I'm definitely a fan of the scent.  It's exactly what I want in a fragrance.  It has a bit of sweetness, some freshness to balance it out along with some floral notes.  I think it's a fragrance that would appeal to almost anyone.  The longevity of the fragrance isn't that long as it's an EDT which is a downside but I still love to wear it!
This fragrance is great. I just finished my bottle a few days ago, and will definitely pick it up again when it is on sale. It's a feminine floral scent, that has light musk undertones. It does smell similar to the male version but is definitely a more floral scent.  It lasts quite a while on the skin, with a few sprays lasting all day. The bottle lasted me a very long time as I always alternate perfumes.  It's quite an expensive perfume if not on sale, but it is definitely worth the price. 
Perfect for young vibrant women; we can't give off the musky strong floral scents that older women or those in suits are better suited for. The peony, berry and vanilla mixture is perfect and pleasant on the skin. Not too expensive either, and one can't smell it unless they hug the person literally, so if you want to walk into a room and give off fragrance, this won't be the right choice. However if you are a more subtle person, and want to seduce someone after they've gotten a chance to hug you, then this works ;)
If a bouquet of flowers and a lolly shop mixed together and created a perfume, this would be it! It's a sweet treat in a bottle for those who love gourmand scents as much as they love to eat it.  In a classic white bottle with black and magenta writing, it's a blissfully fruity and creamy perfume that just perks up the senses. It has notes of blackberry, vanilla, chocolate, passion flower and peonies. A warm, summery scent that brings back memories of baking with my grandma. You're never too young or old for a sweet scent! Calvin Klein always hits the right notes (pun intended) with his perfumes and he really delivered with CK shock.