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CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is a moisturising cleansing lotion for normal to dry skin and sensitive skin. The cleanser is enriched with three essential ceramides that work to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while hyaluronic acid provides lasting hydration. The formula is free of fragrance and parabens and is allergy-tested and non-comedogenic.

Price listed is for 474mL. Also available in 236mL & 1L sizes.


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser


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Flaky skin no more

This cleanser is so gentle on my skin but so effective in hydrating my dry sun damaged skin. It is light in texture, removes my makeup easily and has no fragrance. It is really good value and I will continue to purchase it especially through the winter when my skin needs to be extra hydrated when cleansing.

My fave daily gentle cleanser

I use this day and night on my normal skin which can be dry at times. I find that the gel non foaming cleanser is super gentle yet effective at cleansing and the hyaluronic acid aids hydration. I've had the large bottle for ages and will likely keep re-purchasing!
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Very gentle, great for sensitive skin

Nice gentle cleanser that removes make up without stripping the skin. My skin is sensitive and quite dry so I am always cautious of using cleansers that make it feel tight after using - no tightness or dryness with this one!
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I like it

Good value for money product. Makes your skin feel soft, clean and hydrated, but not stripped. Great for everyday use
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A soft but efficient Cleanser!

This cleanser has been great for me as I've only just started using it, but it's soft on my skin and I have noticed that it doesn't make my face feel tight and dry. It has been really effective in removing my make-up off my face too.
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Would recommend this cleanser. Takes off the day with minimal effort and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.
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Super hydrating

Surprisingly hydrating! Love the larger bottle as perfect for the shower.
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A super deep cleanser that’s gentle on skin

Love love love this product! I have tried dozens of cleansers in my life and this is the only one I’ve found that actually breaks down the dirt and residue on the skin with just one application. It’s super gentle on skin which I liked as I have dry skin in some patches, and was easy to remove, leaving my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and firmer. The packaging is very clinical looking and there is no sweet smelling fragrance to it but for a product that actually works I don’t mind!
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Gentle and Flawless

This product is gentle and feels flawless on my skin. I love that I can use this as a makeup remover and it will get rid of the days' build-up of dirt and grime. It has kept my skin feeling hydrated and full throughout the day and I am noticing consistently less dry spots. Definitely is a product to recommend.
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A good backup to have in the cupboard.

I have sensitive skin so am very cautious when trying new products. I found this cleanser to be very nourishing and I wasn't left with that tight, dry feeling you often get after cleansing. I did however find I needed to cleanse three times to get my skin completely clean after wearing make-up - and I don't wear heavy make-up, just a tinted moisturiser, blush and mascara. The product also left a filmy feeling on my skin - it wasn't unpleasant but not something I've noticed with other cleansers before.
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Cerave Cleanser

I really like this product. As a cleanser it is extremely good at removing makeup without feeling as if it has dried out my skin. After using this product my face doesn't feel hard and tight as some other cleansers do. I feel the mosituring component really does help in keeping my skin soft
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New Must Have

I have used this product for about a month and it is a great second cleanser at night, and morning cleanser. The was not what I was expecting, but unlike most cleansers I have tried it did not strip my skin or make it feel tight. This has definitely become part of my must haves.
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Great for sensitive skin!

I’m a big fan of the Cerave brand but had only used the body cream previously, so was really excited to trial some of Cerave’s new products. I love that all the products from the brand have active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides, and always fragrance free which is so important for someone who has sensitive skin! The texture of this is like a runny lotion, it feels really gentle on the skin and hydrating. It’s not a cleanser I would use personally to rely on to take off my days make up, but it works beautifully as my second cleanser in my double cleanse routine. Or alone on days where I only wore sunscreen. I like that this is something you can use on your body as well, not just your face. I used this on my body when it’s feeling dry, and also on my 5 and 3 year olds face and body who have have sensitive and eczema prone skin. Over all, I love that it multitasks and can be used on my kids, face and body. I would buy this when I have finished this bottle. :)
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Great for a basic cleanse

This product is great for people who require very basic and minimal skin care routines. I found it to be a little too basic for my skin. I would probably only use this product in the morning in the shower, to cleanse an already bare face. At night, I would need something a little more "powerful".
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Fantastic cleanser for the morning!

This is one of the first cerave products I have used after hearing fantastic things about the brand and boy, this cleanser definitely lives up to the brand name. Before I begin, I have normal / dry skin. The texture is quite interesting (think Cetaphil) and doesn't foam or feel soapy with use. I like to use this for my morning cleanse as I find it refreshing, balancing and hydrated. It also comes in quite a generous bottle at an affordable price so it won't burn a major hole in your wallet if used daily. On days I am not wearing makeup I would also use this at night however with makeup application this cleanser will not remove your makeup entirely. Overall, I rate this a 4/5. I went to a cerave workshop and it was very insightful to learn about the development and ingredients of their product. This one contains hydrulauric acid and ceremides which is a win although I would also add this in my skincare!
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Gentle on the skin

Gentle on my skin, I felt that my skin was adequately cleansed without stripping it from moisture or essential oils. I did need to cleanse twice if wearing make up.
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Glowing Skin

This cleanser is amazing! Over the years I've tried so many cleansers that won't irritate my sensitive skin and won't make my skin oily. This product is extremely gentle and works wonders. I usually clens right before bed and use this product alongside CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion PM and the next day my skin is glowing. I can't recommend this enough!
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Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

I've been using CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for about a month and am happy that it hasn't irritated my skin. A little goes a long way...it cleans, moisturises and washes the skin easily. It’s very smooth and gentle that it helps hydrate and repair rather than dry out the skin. I'd recommend this to those with sensitive skin or those looking for a gentle cleanser that leaves skin feeling moisturised.
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Easy to use and gentle on the skin

I found this product to be easy to use (packaging wise with the convenient pump) and gentle on the skin. It was effective in removing makeup and would leave my face feeling hydrated after rinsing it off with water. I would recommend this product for people with skin that is lacking hydration, or just for general maintenance of hydrated skin.
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Great product

Excellent product that I’ve noticed a change in my skin. Strange texture personally but it is awesome on my face and I’ve noticed a lot of my scars healing. I love how the bottle also opens and closes to make it easier to travel with and have no spills.