CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser

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CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser is formulated to be ultra-mild, yet effective in cleansing the skin of dirt, oil and pollution whilst moisturising the skin. This foaming formula is developed with dermatologists and is suitable for delicate skin and skin prone to mild eczema. It contains 3 essential Ceramides to help strengthen and maintain the skin barrier, and triglycerides and squalane oil to help replenish natural skin’s lipids, suitable for normal to dry skin on the face and body. 

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CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser


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Super hydrating

I bought the 236ml bottle of this CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser, as I had never tried it and didnt want it in the cupboard for ages if it was no good for my skin, as I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to some products. I was really suprised with this cleanser. My skin was super hydrated after using it. It washed my makeup off really easily and did not leave my skint irritated, dry or itchy at all. This is my new go to cleanser. This cleanser was unscented which I really liked. Very happy with this cleanser.
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Good makeup remover

I liked this product but it’s not a product I will be raving to people about because I feel like there are other products on the market just like it. Fantastic for my dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin, but after using at night time and waking up in the morning I felt that I had more ‘slick’ to my skin than usual and I looked a bit greasy. It’s nice it has little smell to it and is good at removing mascara and foundation. The size of the bottle is good for the price and the pump is nice and sanitary. It is however too big to take travelling though.
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CeraVe - Saved Me & My Dry Skin

I am obsessed with ALL THINGS CeraVe. They can do no wrong in my mind. Every product I have tried, from the Hydrating cleanser to the hydrating foaming cleanser and now the Hydrating Foaming Oil cleanser. I love that this product is catered towards my dry skin, it really does the job in terms of cleansing my face and helps take the day away. It does require you to have already damp/wet skin which is fine for AFTER you have taken your makeup off. The signature pump pack is as always amazing, it delivers product easily and an appropriate amount, I like to use about half a pump, it's definitely enough to lather up. It's great for in the shower use as well. The texture/consistency is perfect and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and plump after cleansing. The bottle is a great size and would be great value for money like all CeraVe products. I hope they do a bigger size as well. I was hoping this might be a wonder product that helps take off my makeup - but alas it's more a take the day off when I am having a makeup-free day or after an oil cleanser first -- but that is fine. I hope that CeraVe one day bring out a line of an oil cleanser to remove makeup because I would pledge my allegiance and they would be the ultimate holy grail products!! I can't recommend this brand enough. They have something for everyone and this product really could be for everyone.
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Hydrating on dry skin

I've always been a big fan of Cerave. I trust the brand for its simplicity and quality but not drying out your pocket :) Also, it is my first time trying out any kind of oil cleaner. Like other Cerave products, this one is unscented, very hydrating to my dry skin and not foaming. It has a slightly similar consistency to Cerave Hydrating Cleaner only this one is transparent. I usually use micellar water to clean SPF and any other makeup products before cleaning it with my cleanser. Surprise surprise, the product does the same job as my micellar water! Very clean yet hydrating, it didn't dry out my skin at all and my face doesn't feel tight after wash. Though, you might want to rinse it properly or avoid the eye area as it stings. Very happy with my result. Ever since my initial use, I started using it daily in the evening to wash off SPF and other dirt on my face. Usually, I pair it with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, Cerave Hyaluronic Serum and moisturiser for a hydrating, dewy look. But in some cases, I also use Cerave SA Cleanser twice a week when my skin need some deep cleaning from all the sebums, does the job too!
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I liked it but…

I normally avoid using oil based products because they have made me break out in the past but I had a pleasant experience with this product. Usually my skin is quite sensitive but this products didn’t cause any irritation at all. The cleanser made my face feel both rejuvenated and hydrated and I had a nice experience using it. The cleanser has quite thick in consistency and I didn’t have to use a lot of product. I do have to say I was not a fan of the scent as it was a touch over powering and I felt too much of the product was dispersed in one pump.
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CeraVe oil cleanser

This product by CeraVe was absolutely amazing on my skin I have their cream foaming cleanser as well as this oil cleanser I found the oil one to be really hydrating on my face it made my skin feel so soft afterwards followed by their moisturiser I highly recommend this cleanser if you want soft glowing skin after using it. It took my make up off so easily and didn't leave my face feeling oily after it I highly recommend any product by CeraVe everything feels amazing and leaves my skin so hydrated and soft for a product like this the price is absolutely great its not expensive for something that works so amazing
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this was great! I think it definitely helped my skin it didn't feel oily and gross, it foamed up a lot so you only need a small amount to wash with. my skin really felt cleaner and it didn't dry out my winter skin as much as some other cleansers. I really liked it and enjoyed using it, It did not have a smell or at least not a very strong one which was good. my skin is a bit sensitive but it didn't irritate it at all which was great. I would definitely buy it and have it in my skincare routine.
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Great for dry skin!

I was a bit hesitant to change up my skin care routine, however once I had been using this cleanser for a week I was obsessed! I have very dry, sensitive skin and often react to new products. I didn’t react to this at all. It left my skin feeling hydrated and clean. Some of my favourite points about this product: - one pump goes a long way! - The texture of the cleanser is gel-like and it’s very hydrating. - it is perfect for an every day cleanser, however is also great for taking off makeup ( I did double cleanse when I wore makeup) - The size of the product for the price and quality of it is great. Overall I really liked this cleanser and have added it to my skin care routine! I was lucky enough to be part of the beauty crew review, but I will definitely be purchasing when I run out as well as trying out some of their other products.
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Gentle cleaner that works well

Another fantastic product from CeraVe! It was my first time using an oil-based foam cleanser, and at first, I didn’t know how it would actually work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the difference even after the first wash. The way in which the oil turns into foam when rubbed onto my skin allows for a gentle cleaning, without drying my skin or making it feel like I’m using harsh chemicals that would otherwise irritate my sensitive, dry and pimple-prone skin. I’ve been using this in the morning for the last 2 weeks now and I’ve found that throughout the day, my face has felt soft and supple, which is great for those colder days where my skin tends to dry out. This will be my go-to cleanser for months to come, love it!
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Gentle Everyday Cleanser

The CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser contains 3 essential Ceramides, and is suitable for delicate skin and skin prone to mild eczema. The cleanser is easily dispensed from the pump bottle, with a gel like consistency and foams up reasonably well. Half to one pump is sufficient to cleanse the face and neck. The cleanser is light and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated, especially on my dry and sensitive skin. This is a nice gentle everyday cleanser, without any irritation. It is also fragrance free, a huge plus. The CeraVe cleansers are a staple in my daily routine, and is something I would 100% recommend.
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Great for dry skin

Cerave products are a staple for anyone looking for affordable and reliable skincare - and this cleanser was no different! I was a big fan of this oil cleanser for not drying out my sensitive, dry skin type (very much welcome during the current temperamental trans-seasonal weather) and giving it long-lasting hydration when followed up with a serum and moisturiser afterwards. The only thing I would note is that you'll still have to use a separate makeup remover, as this isn't that effective at dissolving makeup and definitely won't help you take off that waterproof mascara.
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Velvet foam for a thorough cleanse

As an avid double cleanser, I am always looking for a wide variety of different cleanser types that can suit my skins needs on any particular day. The CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser is a gentle but effective cleanser which has become a staple in my skin routine. I reach for this cleanser when I feel like my skin needs a thorough clean, whether that be because I applied makeup, high SPF, or have just generally had an active day out in the elements and need to thoroughly clean my skin. I more commonly use this as my first cleansing product. The formulation has a velvet foam texture once lathered and I found it does not strip my skin of natural oils to make it feel tight and dry. I was also thankful that my sensitive skin was not irritated by this formula - knowing CeraVe I felt comfortable with using this on my sensitive skin, however there is always a chance with a new product that it might not be quite right. Thankfully this was not the case and I will continue to use as part of my skin care routine throughout the seasons!
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Fantastic cleanser!

I love CeraVe and i love this cleanser! It does exactly what it needs to do! I find most oil cleansers are way too thick and luckily this one was the right balance. It doesn't leave a residue on your face but still feels as luxurious as any oil cleanser. Its great for removing waterproof makeup as well! Personally i didn't love the smell of it BUT this is because it has no nasty fragrances in it which is such a plus!! I have dry flaky acne prone skin which can be tricky but this cleanser made my face feel super soft and cleansed. I did however do a double cleanse and used CeraVe’s foaming hydrating gel cleanser afterwards. My only issue with this as i like to cleanse in the shower is that if your face is wet it basically just washes away and doesn't do much. You have to use this cleanser with a dry face first to break down all the makeup then follow up with water to get the foaming action! In conclusion i think this is a fantastic cleanser and for the price it is, it should be a staple in anyones routine!
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A great first cleanse!

A great first cleanse for sensitive and dehydrated skin! This cleanser is non -stripping, hydrating and gentle; that works well in removing make up and the days sunscreen and dirt. I have dry and red patches next to my nose and this product did not aggravate or harm my skin. My face felt clean and hydrated after use and did not feel overly drying like some foaming style cleansers can do. I think the size of product, the quality of formula and the price make this a really great addition to any skin care routine. I would recommend this to friends and family.
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Great for Super Dry Skin

This is a great cleanser for dry skin. It definitely nourishes and hydrates. It doesn’t smell, has a gel like consistency and foams well enough. I have really dry (almost flaky) skin and I have to say with this cleanser I didn’t really see any of that which is why I loved it! However, I did expect it to also be a great makeup remover because of the oil in it. So if you’re thinking that too, then this is probably not for you. This cleanser is simply a gentle and mild, everyday cleanser - if you have really dry skin or are just looking for a gentle face wash then I would recommend this. Overall a great cleanser that does what it claims.
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Great effective cleanser

Things I liked about it - a pump goes along way, and was plenty to wash my wash, neck and décolletage. It was easy to control how much to use, personally half a pump was enough. Especially if you are only doing 1 wet cleanse. - I love that Cerave products are fragrance free. However this doesn’t mean their products don’t have a smell, however I appreciate no added fragrance to mask the smell of the ingredients. It was very mild, and did not stay on the skin after washing it off. - My skin felt clean but not too tight and dry after using it. However I wouldn’t describe my skin as feeling hydrated afterwards, I definitely still needed to moisturise my skin not long after shower or it would begin to feel dry. - Packaging is nice and simple and the product is a great price. However for me, it lost a star, as I was a bit confused about the product being marketed as an “oil cleanser”. As someone who has double cleansed for years, on days when I wear make up, and have tried multiple balm/oil cleansers as a first step to remove makeup, this product was not marketed as a makeup remover. I tried it at first like instructed then decided to use it like my usual oil cleanser (DHC) but found it less effective at removing makeup, and stung my eyes. It does foam up quite a bit when using with water and doesn’t leave any oily feeling to the skin (great!). As another reviewer said, it seemed more like a “gel” like foam cleanser rather than a traditional oil cleanser you would use during a double cleanse. However I still enjoyed using it. It was effective at removing my sunscreen and easy to use during the shower on most days, since I don’t wear make up often. However it won’t be replacing my DHC oil cleanser on days where I wear make up and need a double cleanse!
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It’s ok

It was a love hate for me! At first it made me feel really fresh and glowing but after a few uses it made me have the worst breakouts where I never usually have them! It’s not horrible just wasn’t for me :( I wanted to love it but my skin didn’t. I have pretty normal skin so wasn’t expecting anything to happen when using it but I was definitely devo when the pimples came out!! In saying that it definitely cleans the skin it just must be something to do with an oil base on my skin, if oil based works for you I would definitely recommend!
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Nourishing & Light

I was sceptical about this cleanser but I really loved CeraVe's smoothing cleanser so I was keen to give this one a whirl. It definitely lived up to my expectations. I really enjoyed the foaming formula, a little went a long way and it foamed up fast without having to rub too much into the skin. It was super light and soft on the skin, making it easy to swap into my shower skincare routine. I used this as my first and only cleanse early in the morning and then part of my double cleanse in the evening. i was happy to do a single cleanse with this product in the morning as it left my skin feeling nourished and replenished first thing in the morning. Added bonus, I also love that it is fragrance free, which is a big win in my books as I have sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product for all my fellow sensitive and eczema guys and gals!
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Great everyday oil cleanser from pharmacy!

This has been the first Cerave product I’ve tried after seeing quite a bit of hype on tik tok around it and I got to say, I’m quite impressed! I’m glad I was able to try this one out with the trial team. I do usually opt for an oil cleanser or cream cleanser due to my dry and sensitive skin and I got to say this one is great and not too expensive for the huge bottle that it is! I like that it has nice cleansing and soothing ingredients such as squalene, while still foams up a little and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or an oily residual after washing. I haven’t tried using it as a make up remover as I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately however would be interested to test this once the time comes. It does have a very mild natural scent that smelt quite fresh to me which I liked as well!
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Gentle and economical cleanser

I'm a big fan of CeraVe products. They're always gentle, effective, and economical and the hydrating foaming oil cleanser did not disappoint. I have fairly balanced, normal skin but over winter my skin becomes quite dry, so I don't like using a strong cleanser. This cleanser was really gentle but did a great job cleansing away the day. It didn't cause any breakouts and cleaned my skin whilst moisturising it. My skin felt really soft and smooth after use. There's a good amount of product for the price point and you don't need to use much so I can see this lasting a long time. I'll definitely be repurchasing!