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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a face wash that features a soap-free formula, is pH balanced, and is lanolin and fragrance free. Used with or without water, the cleanser can also remove light makeup, and is suitable for all skin-types.

Price above is for 500mL. Also available in 125mL, 250mL and 1L.

A gentle, caring cleanser that won't steer you wrong.
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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


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Do not understand this "cleanser". I have used soap bars, body washes in gel form, oil form...from 5-50 dollars price range. And always had same results: washed skin. With this cleanser my skin was never clean. I shower daily and got this cleanser thinking it would be great to keep my skin not stripped and dried out, but just clean. And after shower usually would be a few hours before I would need deo or another shower. With this cleanser, ....well I need deo immediately. Plus, does not get my skin clean. And my skin was better off with washing only with plain water. The cleanser after day 6 or 7 started to dry my skin out. It was flaking on lower leg areas and my knees were dry.  Ingredients are a bit odd too. Formula contains SLS surfectant that does nothing to wash the skin, just to foam the soap (not that well either in this case). Other ing: Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate, Propyl Hydroxybenzoate, Butyl Hydroxybenzoate.
This is a very gentle non foaming cleanser. It has no irritating fragrance and it doesn't sting your eyes. I would not recommend it for cleansing the face of makeup as it takes numerous attempts and a long time. This is why I gave it 3 stars, as I can never remove my makeup successfully when using this cleanser.  I think it would be beneficial for someone that just wants to cleanse their skin but does not wear makeup as the skin feels clean and soft after using it. It doesn't strip the skin of moisture or irritate the skin in any way. 
I don’t have any skin issues but hubby does so our shower contains bottles of soap free body washes.  We tried the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser whilst on holidays when we couldn’t get our normal wash.    This cleanser has a number of positives:  soap free; fragrance free (which really isn’t a selling point for us); can be used on both the face and body; is suitable for all types of skin conditions; and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.    The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser served a purpose in that it provided a soap free wash but we were happy to return to our favourite brand.  There wasn’t anything really negative about the product but hubby felt his usual soap free wash was more moisturising and just left his skin feeling more hydrated.   
I received a deluxe sample of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This cleanser can be used for face or body, however I used it as a body cleanser. I don't have any special skin needs apart from dry skin which is not sensitive. This is recommended by dermatologists and paediatricians however frankly I'm not sure why. Yes it has a short ingredients list however it also contains SLS and three types of parabens. All ingredients we tend to avoid nowadays! I chose to use this on my body and it did a proper job of it however there isn't really anything to tempt me to buy this. I think there's much better products on the market for sensitive skin without the nasty ingredients.
The whole family uses this so gentle on the skin and being soap free is a bonus especially with some members of the family having eczema  the pump bottle is such a great idea and is reasonably priced nearly always on special at my local chemist great product also doesn’t dry your skin out
Pros - smells nice - does not contain harsh chemicals - also available in a travel size - works well for sensitive skin - did not dry my skin out - good for acne prone skin Cons - does not lather when used in the shower - can be slippery Final Thoughts: The product comes in various sizes which are good for travelling. The consistency, colouring and smell are soft on sensitive skin and I would definitely recommend the product to be used as a soap.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a wonderful cleanser that is both gentle and effective. As someone with oily skin who wears a full face of makeup everyday, I find this is perfect for me as it removes my make up without stripping my skin. It is also super gentle and doesn't create any irritation.
When I’m having a reaction to something or my skin is feeling dry and sensitive, this is what I use as an all over body wash. It is light, smooth and has a great texture with almost no scent. It is easily accessible and at a really reasonable price point. I have used better cleansers for sensitive skin, however the affordability of this makes it an excellent option.
I have been using Cetaphil skin cleanser for over 10 years! It is soap free so there is no drying effect. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I use this with my Clarisonic Mia cleaner and it really does the trick. My teenagers all use this cleanser and have amazing skin!
I used Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser for many years. I love it because it's so gentle and doesnt have any irritants. The only problem I had with it was that it wasn't strong enough to remove all my makeup at the end of the day. So, it's great for using in the morning after you wake up and don't have any makeup to remove, but I use a more heavy-duty one for the night time.
I have used Cetaphil previously when I was younger. I bought it then because I was recommended but I hated it at the time - I had combination/oily skin and didn't feel that it did any cleansing to my skin. I got this from a Priceline Goodies bag and thought I would give it another go. Now that I am older, and my skin is more a "normal " (dryer than before) skin type I can finally understand why Cetapbil is popular. It is dirt cheap (125mL for $7 and often on sale - sometimes 40% off which makes it $4), and it does work on normal/dry skin type especially in the morning as a non-foaming cleanser. It removes oil that built up overnight without stripping the skin (notr it can't remove makeup). It feels very gentle on skin and it does not lather. There is pretty much no smell at all. It is very simple - contains nothing more than a few cleansing agents. I am not sure why it contains SLS as it does not lather. There's really nothing in there to irritate sensitive skin. However, it's not something that I would repurchase as I enjoy something a bit more "lux" in my skincare regimen.
This is a wonderful, mild cleanser that I like to use everyday.  If I'm wearing makeup then it helps take everything off without leaving any residue behind leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed.  On the days when I'm just wearing SPF and lip balm it gently cleanses my skin without making it feel tight or dry.  I like that it's soap free yet still has a bit of lather to it.  It works well for all skin types and it's one of those cult classics!
I know this cleanser has a cult following but sadly it wasn't right for my skin. I disliked the texture and found I had to use quite a bit of it to feel like it was actually cleaning my skin. I also found my skin felt dehydrated and a little tight after using it. My skin type is combination with a tendency for dryness in some areas so perhaps people with oily skin would have better results from this cleanser.
Definitely the best cleanser around! It cleanses, moisturises and removes makeup, without feeling harsh on the skin. The scent is pleasant, but not overpowering, which I really like. The formula isn't greasy, and is perfect for sensitive skin. I also like the different size bottles, which are perfect for different occasions - whether you travel, like to shop, or want to use the product in the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend Cetaphill Gentle Skin Cleanser
So good I bought it thrice! I now have 2 small bottles of this and one 1L pump bottle scattered in my ensuite and main bathroom. I have combination skin that is prone to blemishes and sensitivity and this product works for me. At first pump, the product may seem thin in comsistency but you will definitely get used to this. To use, wet skin massage gently into the skin, focussing on any problem areas. On days with more time, my tip is to leave it on for a minute or two like you might do with a face mask. Gently wipe off with a warm wash cloth.  It doesn't have much of a fragrance but still seems to smell clean. It is a combination moisturiser and cleanser so it both cleanses the pores deeply and moisturises, which is great for those days when you forget to apply a moisturiser.  Overall, a fantastic product. 
This is honestly my all time favourite, gentle cleanser. It is definitely not enough alone to remove make up, but if used after a gentle cleanser, it does a good job at removing the residue of the oil and leaves skin moisturised and does not strip away its natural oil. I always come back to this product when my skin is breaking out or being very sensitive. Love it.
This is very gentle and good for sensitive skin, but it's definitely not a heavy duty cleanser, and isn't my favourite consistency.  It removed my BB cream and bronzer, but not mascara or lip stain. Also I have dry skin, so I prefer creamy cleansers that feel hydrating on my skin and rich, but this is quite thin and doesn't feel very moisturising. I love many Cetaphil products, and this is good value for money while having no fragrance and some gentle ingredients, but I'll be giving this a miss.
During the winter season, my skin is really dry, flaky and itchy so when it comes to my face, I really need products are that are gentle but will still do the job. The Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser looks simple enough in packaging. It comes with an easy to use pump. The texture of the cleanser feels good against the skin. It doesn't quite lather but it still feels like it's removing my day's worth of dirt, oil and grime. After cleansing, my face feels comfortable - it doesn't feel irritated and isn't screaming at me for moisturise and salvation.  So I must say - this is brilliant! A gentle cleanser on my skin that still does the job. I would recommend this for all skin types.
This is a really gentle cleanser that is great for anyone with dry, sensitive skin who wants a cleanser that is non-irritating.  It doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped or dry, however, it is too gentle if you wear any makeup. It is good as a second cleanse but I sometimes do feel like it is too gentle for me. I rather enjoy using it as a body cleanser instead. There is also no fragrance so it is definitely great for people with eczema.
This product is gentle, that it doesn't clean. I wanted to get rid of fishy smell from my hands, but that product is definitely not he one to use. It is perfect for people who have gentle skin and don't like their body wash to have any scent.