CHANEL Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Spray

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CHANEL Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Spray is a green reinterpretation of the original Chance fragrance that has a sparkling floral scent.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


CHANEL Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Spray


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I'm in love with this perfume! It smells very luxury and fresh, really my type of scent. It last all day and on clothes after wash. I honestly could not live withouth this perfume, almost run out on mt 3rd bottle. I can't wait to get a new one. It is expensive but it's worth every dollar spent on Chanel parfumes.   I would recommend this for early 20s - late 30s.
This was my signature scent for years. I still wear it now and then but not as often - I think the chemical reaction between myself and my skin has changed. Perhaps it is age or me going off the pill, but even though I still love the scent, I don't love it on me anymore.  Before when I used to wear it everyday, at least one person a day commented that it smelt great or asked what I was wearing. I had many guys comment also about how good it smelt. The scent is so unique because it is very light and not overpowering. It is a cooler scent, almost adrogynous but with feminine undertones, with a sparkling, fresh vibe. I personlly used to love it for summer and spring.  The scent as long staying power, though be aware that the the top floral notes wear off quickly, leaving behind citrus and some jasmine and a hint of wood that stays until you wash it off. I think maybe that's why I love it so much as the spicier and zestier scents stay put rather than the floral notes. It is certainly very alluring yet fun. I love the cute smaller versions, the 30ml which is great for travel. I also have the 100ml version which I dropped and the metal split at the side and cracked the glass. Both bottles the square plastic cap always fell off in a bag and then leaked everywhere. Not very practical. 
This is a lovely light, fresh daytime scent perfect for casual summer wear.  The bottle is beautiful and classic Chanel style.  I like this on hot days or nights. It has both citrus and floral notes in a blend that is almost unisex.  Another lovely Chanel fragrance suitable for all ages.
This delightful perfume was given to my as a gift by a dear friend who knows how much I adore chanel. Its also her signature scent so it reminds me of her every time I wear it. A beautiful feminine fragrance with a feminine floral scent that is a lovely take on the original chance. Loving the soft green colour and crisp light scent, perfect for day. The eau de toilette is not overpowering so will not give you a perfume headache and it actually lasts really well. I received comments wearing this and the bottle is super classy. There are no cons to this perfume, I adore it, a lovely gift or treat for yourself, I highly recommend it, another chanel winner
I own this scent in the 50mL size and I love it. It's a feminine scent that's great for all ages. I know this because I am in my twenties and love it, my mother-in-law in her late fifties loves it and my friends in between these ages love it. It's a versatile scent perfect for all occasions. The scent is a crisp floral, subtle but enough to notice. It really depends how many sprays you use but I find that three sprays is enough for subtle and up to six if I prefer to have a more distinct scent. But because it is EDT, it won't last all day. I suggest you purchase a 30mL, 50mL or 100mL size to keep at home and use a twist and spray only for touch ups throughout the day. I loved this scent from the moment I picked it up and you will too! Pros -feminine and subtle -great for summer -great for all occasions -fits in all handbags and clutches -beautiful design Cons -doesn't last all day -this particular size won't last you long I recommend this to women of all ages (provided you like flowers)
This is my first Chanel perfume and I love it!  My guy works away, he bought it for me as a gift and every time I wear it, I feel he is with me especially when he is away. It is light and fresh and I can wear it day and night.   Definitely a fragrance to spoil yourself with.
This is a beautiful fresh Chanel fragrance.  I came across it browsing duty free at the airport and instantly fell in love with it. The packaging is simple and I really love the pale green colour of the perfume.   Such a  refreshing change from the usual yellow, white and pink.  After a long flight, one little spray really lifted me.  I was really surprised how the zesty fragrance changed my mood. I liked how the fragrance dispensed.  For me, this is important.  I didn't have perfume dripping down the neck nor was it a big spray staining my clothes.   Just the perfect amount on my skin. This is one amazing perfume and it lasts and lasts.  It's the perfect combination of fresh, feminine and sophistication and I always receive compliments whenever I wear it.  It has become my new signature fragrance! The pros are that you will feel and smell absolutely fabulous and have a pretty bottle on the bathroom shelf!  There are no cons.  None at all.  I recommend this to everyone!