CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre eau de Toilette Spray

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CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre eau de Toilette Spray is a fruity and floral fragrance that combines notes of grapefruit quince, jasmine absolute and white musk to create a rounded, feminine scent.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre eau de Toilette Spray


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This has to be one of my favourite perfumes from Chanel.  I feel like it's not as popular as the other ones but it definitely deservers to be because it smells amazing! It comes in a classic, round Chanel bottle that's simple and understated.  It is still very feminine looking with the beautiful light pink colour that really draws your attention.  My family knew how much I loved this perfume and they bought it for me for my birthday and I'll find any excuse to wear it.  It's a fruity and floral fragrance but it's mature and elegant.  It's a fragrance that would appeal to the younger market but it still works for everyone of all ages.  It's not a scent that's overpowering or in your face.  It's soft and gentle and almost reminds me of a ballerina, very poised, feminine and graceful.  The first notes that I smell when I spray it are quince and grapefruit that really awaken your senses.  It almost energises you in a way and then there are the floral notes such as Hyacinth and Jasmine which add a soft, earthy touch.  I'm not a huge fan of florals but what I like about this perfume is that the florals aren't dominating the fragrance and they play an equal role so you're not getting one note more than another.  As the fragrance develops you get a bit of the amber and musk which adds a bit of the warmth to the scent.  Overall I would describe it as being really uplifting and powdery.  It's a versatile scent meaning you can wear it for casual and formal occasions.
This is such a happy scent! A great introduction to Chanel for young women or a less serious option for more mature ladies. The only family of Chanel fragrances in round bottles, Chance eau Tendre is a lovely fruity floral. The juice is pink and this hue perfectly describes the fragrance : it is pink, happy,  sparkling fresh and airy, yet it does contain that Chanelesque note that creates a magical olfactory aura around the person who wears it. Although it is fruity floral, it does not lack the sophistication. It delivers what every Chanel fragrance should deliver : happiness, confidence and elegance. Chanel Chance eau Tendre has a lovely drydown that lingers on the skin and clothes for hours ( and reminds me a bit of Prada Candy). It is a long lasting scent, but because it is so thoughtfully created it is not invasive at all. A very happy summery scent, but can be worn in winter too It makes a perfect gift too as it is pretty, not out there, just a proper elegant scent that most women will enjoy having in their fragrance wardrobe.
chanel is one of my favourite brands for perfume and being a total perfume junkie friends and family often give me fragrance as gifts. i was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday gift and absolutely love it. So elegant, fruity and floral, a sophisticated fragrance with notes of musk, jasmine and citrus which stops it being overtly floral. The elegant bottle is lovely and understated and the scent lasts a really long time so well worth the spend. I love a fruity floral and this one is perfect for summer as it is not too strong, so a lovely day fragrance. This makes a divine gift and I adore it
I own this scent in the 50mL size and I love it. It's a feminine scent that's great for all ages. I know this because I am in my twenties and love it, my mother-in-law in her late fifties loves it and my friends in between these ages love it. The scent is a fruity floral, subtle but enough to notice. It really depends how many sprays you use but I find that three sprays is enough for subtle and up to six if I prefer to have a more distinct scent. But because it is EDT. I suggest you purchase a 30mL, 50mL or 100mL size to keep at home and use a twist and spray for touch ups throughout the day. I loved this scent from the moment I picked it up and you will too! Pros -feminine and subtle -great for summer -great for all occasions -fits in all handbags and clutches -beautiful design Cons -doesn't last all day -this particular size won't last you long -refills are not available at many retailers
OMG i have to rant about this product ! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! One of my go to favourite perfumes ! After using this product i felt much more alive and excited because i kept getting compliments on the scent as well as enhancing my self esteem. As a girl or a woman you'd want to invest in a high quality perfume & i guarentee you that is will be one of the best perfumes out there from Chanel. Pros:  Comes in all sizes for convenience  - A light fruity scent, but to me it's more of light floral scent - Suitable for everyday use or even on special ocassions - Even better as a gift to someone you love - The bottle is clear with pink coloured fragrance inside which makes it more elegant and classy. -After using up these bottles, they can be used as decorations  - This is an eau de toilette so therfore the scent won't be as strong and people won't be able to smell it on you unless they're close to you like lean in to smell you. Targets:  Girls and woman (preferably from age 18+)