CHANEL Chance Parfum Bottle

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CHANEL Chance Parfum Bottle combines notes of grasse jasmine and vanilla and orris absolutes to create a richer version of the original Chance fragrance.


CHANEL Chance Parfum Bottle


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There is a reason that this is a classic - it's a gorgeous fragrance that I always get compliments on. It is expensive but does last, you do not need to use much. It is definitely worth the investment. I find it is a younger smell than some of Chanel's other perfumes.
This is a truly gorgeous and sweet scent which I get compliments on. The fragrance is strong but delicate, and in particular notes of jasmine come through that remind me of summertime, sunny days and summer dresses! It's a fragrance that you can wear to work, a day outing or out in the evening. The round, glass Chanel bottle is stunning and looks lovely sitting on a dresser or in the bathroom. The 'parfum' provides that stronger, condensed formula, compared to the EDT, providing long-lasting fragrance on the skin (up to 8hrs) with only a little amount required - taking you from work to a dinner date without the need to reapply!
This fragrance is rich, floral and sweet.  It also has light musk scent to it. It is a strong scent which means you don't need to use much. I think it is a gorgeous modern fragrance. I also love the shape of the bottle, it is very elegant. This product is expensive, but so beautiful it is worth the money. 
I was given this gorgeous perfume by my best friend who always wears this. I always comment on how lovely she smells so she bought me the same perfume. Its a very generous gift as its a little expensive but the fragrance lasts and lasts and I only need to use a little as its quite strong. I save this for night as it is quite decadent. I love the notes of vanilla as its my favourite scent. This is feminine exotic and sophisticated. I always receive comments when wearing this