CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Bath Soap

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CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Bath Soap is a soap developed with a plant-based formula that produces a rich lather to soften and cleanse the skin.


CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Bath Soap


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This is one of the best gifts you can present to a fan of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. I am a beauty lover but to be honest, I hardly ever buy a bar of soap that costs $35. However, if I was gifted one I would be very happy. And this is what I got my mum for last Christmas ( among other beauty gifts) as I know she appreciates the perfume. And bingo! She really liked it. The smell in the bathroom when she opened it was divine. And it stays there for a long time. I must say such a luxurious bar of soap is like a toy for a grown up woman. It brings joy. It makes taking  bath or a shower so much more fun and pleasant. The soap does a great job cleaning, but as a soap might overdry some very sensitive skins. It lathers well and shall I mention it one more time.. it smells amazing. The soap is a big size (bigger than the regular cheaper options) and lasts forever, especially when you use it for special occasions. I highly recommend as gifts.
If you think this is just a soap with a bit of perfume - meh... you're wrong. I bought Coco Mademoiselle just to be a bit flash flash and splurge. No one needs to spend such a ridiculous amount on soap, but sometimes it's like, why the hell not? You know how soap is meant to clean? This cleans, and does it well. It seems like such a banal or obvious thing to write about a soap, but my regular heavy duty bar soap will take about 3 washes to remove shea and castor oil residue out of my hands. This soap does it in one go, without drying out the skin. This soap is not just a perfumed soap, it will give you the best clean feeling so I totally will believe there is a good reason for the price tag and must also contain some kinda magic stuff for your skin that they tell you it has. It also has tiny shimmers in the soap to satisfy your aesthetic desires, so pretty  The bar is huge so has so far last me about 6 months (OK,  so I don't use it everyday because I wear a different perfume in the day and they don't go together) but I use it about 3 times a week. Only thing is that it has started to crack as soaps tend to do, which is not a bit deal at all but it just looks less luxe. Not sure if I will splurge on it again since I like to try new products so will probably spend that money on something new. But if you're wondering about this and want to give it a go, don't hesitate! It would also make a really nice gift.
I must admit I bought this myself as a luxury item and a treat to myself, because why not? When I first saw it I couldn't smell the scent of the soap through the packaging and had to assume that it would smell great. Being  Chanel I took the risk and bought two for my friend and i. When applied onto the body it smelt wonderful and not to potent or overpowering. It was just the right amount of fragrance to feel like you're in a spa retreat. I've encountered soaps which would disintegrate and just fall apart after a full uses. This soap bar had better longevity and stayed intact for a long time. It felt great on the skin, in that it was smooth and applied well on the skin. It didn't over foam and wasn't hard to get the soap started as I feel some soaps need a layer removed before it get started. It definitely leaves the skin soft after use and cleans the body well whilst leaving the body scented with a light rose floral perfume. After using the soap for a few weeks the bathroom started to smell of the sweet fragrant scent and was great. Just like the first use after many uses it left a rose subtle scent on the skin.  Pros- Great scent- not to overpowering         - Stayed intact for a long time        - Leaves the body soft and scented        - Does clean the body Cons- Quite expensive for a soap         - Bar was big in the hands and had to make sure not to drop it (could be my small hands) I would recommend buying this product as a treat or a gift for a friend. Though I do like the product I could buy so many more soaps from other brands which could do the same thing. As a luxury item sure I would buy it but for normal use maybe not. My friend also loved it.