CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Créme Hydration Protection Radiance

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CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Créme Hydration Protection Radiance is a complexion brightening moisturising cream packed with camellia petal, blue ginger and antioxidants to intensely hydrate, protect, soften and restore radiance to the skin.


CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Créme Hydration Protection Radiance


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This stuff is the bomb, do you have dehydrated skin? Dull skin? Then this is your new best friend. The CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Créme Hydration Protection Radiance is a stunning cream that boots hydration and leaves your skin looking refreshed, glowing and dewy. Not only will you skin feel more plump all day,  It also lasts ages so is well worth the price.
This créme is keeping my skin fresh, plump and full of youth! I adore the hydration and restoration this product provides to my skin, i love applying a generous scoop to my cleansed/makeup free face every night after a long stressful day. I'm often too lazy to apply it in the morning as well, but i always wake up with my skin feeling the effects of this nourishing créme which lets my skin look youthful all day long!  I've now been using this product for over six months, and i honestly feel like my skins aging process has been in rewind! My wrinkles dont feel so deep and i havent seen any new ones form, i never get any new blemishes and my pores looks less visable and shrunken. I always feel fresh faced even now that its summer and the weather can tip 40 degrees plus! I think all year round wear is vital as this créme will protect your skin from the elements. It's fab for anyone trying to stop their face from aging or just need a bit of extra special care when it comes to moisturising.  Personally i think this product is great for older skin, and also skin that is regular to dry. My sister who has younger, greasier skin told me she felt this product was too heavy on her skin and made her feel oiler, so i wouldnt recommend it to people with oily/combination skin types.  For tips; i honestly recommend using this product before bed, and apply generously, you will wake up feeling fresh and amazing! When using this product under makeup i would recommend using a smaller amount to keep your foundation look natural and thin on your skin. If your skin is a little less dry, then i advise using a smaller dosage to prevent any oiliness. I love everything about this créme, from the fruity, crisp fragrance, to the silky consistency and how it will glide onto your skin and penetrate the surface, leaving your skin glowing and looking radiant.  While the price may seem a little steep, it is a Chanel product so i can gaurentee the superb top shelf quality. I honestly dont think there is any product on this level out there, the most protective, nourishing, hydrating, anti-age créme out there. If you want to really take care of your skin, look no further.  A must buy for everyone with dry skin types who are conscious of their skins ageing, that will last and last, money well spent!