CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

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CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour is a shiny, high-coverage nail polish, which combines ceramides to hydrate and phycocoral to strengthen the nails. For best results, apply two coats to achieve a pigmented shine.

Available in 14 shades.


CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour


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With this nail polish you are paying for the name brand, the good quality brush, and deep colour pigment. However the actual quality of the nail polish itself seems pretty much the same as pharmacy brands.  I really like the packaging and the brush is very good quality, thick and wide for perfect application. The colour is really lovely and highly pigmented. Yet I didn't find this polish lasted any longer than much cheaper brands, it still chipped easily and lightly stained my nails if I didn't put a proper base coat on first.
This is my first chanel present from my husband.Its quiet expensive for the nail polish .But one thing I noticed it chipped pretty quick I don’t know i probably doing it wrong.Because for the price I expect the longevity of it.But still beautiful Chanel is my favourite brand.
This polish has the luxurious quality we have come to expect from chanel. I hesitated over the price with this but I am always enticed by the double ccs of chanel, it always feels like I am spoiling myself with a special treat, and who doesn't love to feel special. The colour pigmentation is beautiful and the soft brush allows the colour to glide on beautifully. This polish has a jelly, glossy like texture and a high shine. I used two coats for a deep intense colour and I got a really professional result. Well worth the price but maybe save it for special ocassions
I was always dreaming about Chanel nail polish but I never could justify spending 41$ on one bottle of nail polish. However, last year when buying a foundation I noticed the most beautiful blue/purple polish ever and since it was close to my birthday I decided it would be my bday gift. I got it in 683 Sunset Trip, a lovely blue/ purple jelly finish shade, a limited edition, as always with Chanel. The square bottle with a Chanel brand mark on top looks gorgeous. I must say I got it a bit out of my vanity, but from time we beauty addicts sin like that. My delight finished as soon as I started applying the polish. The brush is dreadful and I feel ashamed for Chanel that it actually allows selling it. to the public. The brush has no shape whatsoever, it is too soft, it is extremely hard to applying the polish nicely. The formula of the polish actually leaves a lot of to wish for too. It looks great after two coats but hey.... the tiny air bubbles appear on my nails! I haven't seen them since my primary school when I was using the cheapest option on the market! And that is really bad Chanel. It might be just the shade I have, as I checked the reviews and blog posts online and many people noticed the same. However, when applied extra carefully the bubbles can be prevented. The finish is jelly and extremely shiny.  The shade I have got 683 Sunset Trip is a mix of blue/ purple, almost ink like. It looks very classy and modern. The good side of this polish is that it is indeed a very long lasting one. A can get a week of wear easily ( with Essie Good to Go). But even without a top coat this polish longevity is pretty impressive. So all in all, a beautiful shade, an amazing finish, great longevity but terrible application.
Who here hasn't been mesmerised by the double C adorned cap ? Who honestly hasn't waited (with bated breath) for the next installment of the Chanel  Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour...for the creme de la cream of cosmetics family to give birth to the next "must have",collectible shade ? We all have at some point right ?,and with good reason....Chanel comes up with shades so "now",so cutting edge,that to not have at least one bottle on your dresser is to deny your inner beauty addict. I have succumbed,a few times,to this,and have rarely regretted my adoption. CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour adds new shades every season,but i still remain faithful to a couple of old faithful shades...Rouge Noir, and Particulière being my "go to shades" that never,never date (super dark nails remain to this day,despite the movie "Pulp Fiction" having been on years ago,Rouge Noir is still made...and copied by hundreds of others,due to it's sheer wearability. Now,in reality,Chanel is NOT setting any trends as far as formulation goes...rather,she has joined the gel-effect nail trend a few years after the likes of Sally Hansen, Maybelline, OPI etc (and pretty much every other professional and drug store brand did), so in this particular instance, Chanel is not quite setting, but rather following the trend....not quite what you would expect from a fashion house that has dictated the trends as to what we wear for decades,but shades...she certainly rules. This nail colour contains ceramides,(which are lipids that protect the health of the nails),and bioceramics,( which are strengtheners that prevent chips that do work,but not quite as much as another brand i have used).They go on flawlessly,evenly and streak free,and whilst most newer shades are fully opaque in 2-3 coats, the cremes (most of the old faves) are fully opaque in 1 coat....BIG plus to Chanel on that one (the newer shades lose a star or two for having to be applied coat after coat). Chanel polishes can be easily worn without a top coat ,HOWEVEVR,it will affect their longevity (I personally noticed my nails,sans top coat, started wearing out at the tip of the nail on the second day.Please note though,that as a nurse,my hands and nails go through hell,so 2 days isn't too bad).Very long lasting (lasted 7 days with a top coat),although,having said that, any decent nail polish with a decent top coat will last at least a week so there is nothing ground breaking here.....sorry Chanel (and let's face it...if you are forking out $40 + for a nail lacquer,you want it to have that something "superb" about it no ? Not just the same effects you can pick up from anything at Priceline). Now, a little something about the next most important thing....THE BRUSH.....It is a letdown (the same disappointing brush that we have seen of late is in all nail polishes that I’ve tried from this range.....this fluffy textured (no,not in a good way) version,is definitely a big step down from the old luxurious soft Chanel brush that we were treated to back in the "Vamp"" days,so whilst the formual has emerged as pretty great,longer wearing and more modern than those days,that fact alone is something to note and perhaps be relayed to Chanel as a "case in point" for a consideration for change back). Overall Impression:Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour range is a typical gel-like polish.Yes, it’s ultra-glossy and yes, it’s also more long lasting than the old Chanel polishes, but not any more than any of the latest offerings from similar,"like formulated" brands that will set you back half (if not more) than her (i was going to say counterparts,but hey...this is not just polish,THIS is Chanel).If you want to grab a little piece of cosmetic history,then absolutely....grab a new release shade (or an older classic) and wear it with will feel a million bucks . TIP:TOP COAT,TOP COAT,TOP COAT.And wear with attitude.