CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

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CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow is a palette of four soft, highly pigmented and blendable colours that come in a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, iridescent and metallic.

Available in eight shades.


CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow


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I wear my CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow almost every day. I just LOVE IT!! It's like the little black dress compact for every ladies makeup collection!! The four colour pallets is great for easy colour options to blend and match. The pigments are brilliant and they wear really well, and last all day. The compact is so chic and elegant, and the mirror and mini brushes means you can touch up your colour any time, anywhere. It's a must for any makeup collection.
I always have high expectations from Chanel products and this eyeshadow palette did not disappoint me. The formula is so fine, smooth and the powder holds extremely well, does not fall onto my face throughout the day. The pigmentation is just right which allows me to build up layers for a more intense look. Highly recommend to everyone.
Chanel Les 4 Ombres is a surprisingly satisfying re-discovery of mine after a long break. My cute shiny black compact of 232 Tisse Venitien remained unnoticed while I was gasping and wowing over Urban Decay, Too Faced, Smashbox etc..... well, until recently when I decided to incorporate some forgotten items into my daily make up routine, forgotten items that turned to be hidden gems. The first thing we notice is a sleek black packaging that looks and feels luxurious. The compact includes a good quality mirror too. There are two applicators provided and if left without a brush they actually do a decent kind of job. I must say that the choice of shades in each palette is incredible and definitely well considered. The one I have is 232 Tisse Venitien is a uncommon mix of pink, silver and deep foresty green shades with different finishes ranging from satin, matte, iridescent and metallic. It must be pointed out that with the abundance of eye shadow palettes on the market at the moment, Chanel shades still remain unique. The soft buttery formula is a pleasure to work with. The pigmentation is spot on, just great, and the shadows are extremely easy to blend into one another, there are no borders visible. The colour is also buildable. The shades can be applied dry and wet for a more dramatic effect. These shadows are chameleon shadows as they look different depending on the lighting. The shades are so well designed that they interpenetrate one another, complete and make other shades pop out. There are millions of sparlkes, but NO GLITTER visible.The effect is elegant yet trendy. Of course an occasional fall off will happen but I guess it is not a problem for a make up addict. With a decent eye shadow primer they will stay put all day long. My suggestion - invest in the palette that you are sure to use very often. Then the buy pays off. From my experience, 4 shadows are more than enough to create several gorgeous looks. Bravo Chanel!!!
These eyeshadows are simply perfect. So easy to apply, buildable and very blendable. They are the perfect eyeshadows for a delicate yet bold and elegant make up look. They certainly feel the price - they feel elegant and luxurious. Colours in the palette i have are comparable to the Tarte naturals palette, however the Chanel ones are more pigmented and much more creamy thus a lot less fall out. Perfect!! Great present idea for that someone special!
This is a lovely luxe eyeshadow for special ocassions as it is a little pricey. The baked texture is full of vibrant pigmentation and it looks amazing, it blends well and the colour glides on easily. The black packaging is beautiful and feels luxurious, a truly special product. The colour is a great mix, I have the brown palette and it is perfect for olive skin. A lovely luxurious product, perfect for feeling spoilt.
A beautiful luxury product from Chanel, the eyeshadow quads are a joy to use. Everything from the sleek black compact packaging with large mirror and applicators, to the colour payoff of the baked eyeshadows is very luxe. I always travel with mine because it is so convenient to have 4 coordinated shades that work so well together housed in the one compact. The eyeshadows apply like a dream, and go on smoothly with great colour payoff, whether applied with applicators or eyeshadow brushes. They blend very well and you can create a variety of different eye looks with the versatile and well thought-out shade selection, which have a few different finishes including matte, satin, iridescent and metallic. The staying power and longevity of the formula is great, and they last throughout the day with no fall out issues.  I like to use mine with an eyeshadow primer to intensify the colour. All the shades work great together or on their own and I’ve found they also work beautifully when layered with the Chanel illusion d’ombre long wear luminous eyeshadow creams.   PROS - Beautiful versatile shade selection in each compact so you can create a variety of different looks - Pigmented and blendable baked formula which lasts well throughout the day - Luxe compact packaging with applicators and large mirror   CONS - The $$$ is a bit of an investment, however cost per use makes it justifiable, as I use mine on high rotation and always travel with it!!
Beautiful soft velvety classic shades with a great mix of colours in each palette. Indeed pricey but then again it is Chanel and one would not expect anything but perfection. I have the brown palette which I use all the time and it's incredibly versatile for day wear using the lighter colours and then vamping it up with the bolder darker shades at night. Great to throw in your handbag for day to night occasions And if you're anything like me most of my make-up gets done in the car these days and this is very easy to apply even with fingers. Even though I love Chanel the brand not all their makeup is amazing but the eyeshadows and lipsticks are especially phenomenal.
There are times in your life when you really need to "Lux Up" your makeup routine...when you graduate from Uni,when you get married,when you have a milestone birthday OR when you just want to say to yourself "Hey,i'm worth it",and nothing  says lux quite like a shiny black compact with interlocking double Cs. Chanel's Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow palette is beyond any palette you can imagine.... I got the lovely,summery quad #224 Tissé Riviera,with its blue and silver tones and reformulated baked texture (yep,insanely European and lovingly made),and here's why i adore it....The baked style formula...means a creaminess that is hard to describe,but "silk wrapped" is pretty close.That means that you can either apply as a subtle wash over the eyes (with nothing more than your fingers) OR break out the brushes to create  a long lasting,amazing feeling work of art (and this does feel divine on...weightless,but rich).The texture of all 4 eyeshadows is buttery soft,so they blend like a dream (every one of the 4 colors are so easy to wear on day to day basis and stay true to colour all day (the staying power is actually until your remove the colors at the end of the day),and fall out ? NOT HERE there isn't..this texture means cream like staying power,do they crease ? Not even after a 10 hour shift. You can use these eyeshadows both wet or dry....or both for a look that is as bold as you want (and as i do realise this is is not the cheapest palette around,i may be able to sway you by saying that for the price of this palette,you get subtle or serious shades...just add water,plus eyeliner capability (and again,Chanel Darling,Chanel). And about the shades you ask ? a sexy mix of blues (but not in the 80's "That eyeshadow and the Great Wall of China are able to be seen from space" way) silvers (but not over the top...i loathe shimmer on steroids) and greys (without the "just got knocked out" black eyed connotations) and all with a lovely metallic (again,not glitterball,more "glints" ) sheen. If you have ever wanted Chanel anything (yeah,i see you with your hand up) try these is the closet most of us will come to wearing Chanel without selling a kidney. TIP:For a subtle,easy daytime look,apply as a wash with your fingers to create an easy,yet polished look (don't be afraid of trying it with the darker shades too).For evening,ramp up the glam by applying the shadows wet....deep,smouldering,smoky eyes with a hint of sheen (and line your eyes with the darkest shade to give truly stunning definition).