CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

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CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation is a dewy foundation with an aqua-gel texture that delivers a buildable and lightweight coverage. The water-based formula combines mineral pigments and soft-focus powders to even out the skin tone while giving the complexion a fresh and radiant glow.

Available in six shades.


CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation


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I recently owned this product, emotional for the price. It’s worth it because not cakey when i used it. Natural looking on my face, comfortable as well and my husband says look at you you’re glowing . Cons: $91 and really small product
CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation is the most fabulous and easy to apply foundation that I have ever used.    It comes in the most beautiful compact, all black and shiny, so beautifully Chanel, so you will definitely want to bring out this one for touch ups in front of your friends! The compact I bought was in the shade number 20, a light shade and it suited my complexion perfectly.    So after applying your primer,  you can use the gorgeous foundation to apply your most natural and luminously beautiful base ever.    The texture of the product is so soft, silky and light, you can apply one layer for a lovely and light makeup look, or keep applying for a fuller coverage.  Either way, the results are nothing short of spectacular.  My skin looked younger, visibly radiant and more luminous, smoother and naturally flawless.  The product is so easy to apply, just one layer and you totally transform your skin from ordinary to spectacular.  The product  is great for taking with you, so touch ups will be a breeze.   PRO's So easy to use, and quick too, you will be amazed at the transformation Lovely and light but buildable coverage to suit any look for day or night Easy to take with you and fits easily into your bag Keeps skin moisturised and well hydrated all day Evens out skin and covers redness so well Lines are visibly softened, ensuring you look your best always So luxurious to use, you will love applying your makeup CON I know it is a little on the expensive side, however the results are worth it.  Your skin will look naturally flawless all day.  The product will last you a very long time, so it is a valuable investment for your skin. I recommend this beautiful product to everyone!  The product is so easy to apply, and a little does really go a long way, so the product is long lasting.  The results are fabulous and your skin will seriously thankyou for using this product, you will look younger and your skin will be visibly younger and smoother looking, radiant and naturally flawless.
I've only tried Korean cushion/tension before so this was one of the compact mesh type foundation I tried from western brand. I was really excited when it first came because the packaging is so pretty and really up to what I expected from Chanel. This is one of the 'tension' compact foundation where they put a mesh to top so it's easier for user to control the amount. The first thing that I like about this product is the puff. It's so soft and smooth. Plus it doesn't absorb too much of the product and blend out the foundation seamlessly. The coverage of this foundation is very very light, so I think it's more suitable for people who already have good skin or people who don't care too much about coverage. The finish of this foundation is very beautiful. It makes my skin look transparent and very dewy almost like I have no makeup on and my skin just glows from within. The formula is very moisturising so I thought it would be sticky and my hair would stick to my face but luckily it doesn't feel sticky at all. This foundation last on my face for a good 5 -6 hours without setting powder which is actually really good for a moisturising foundation (I have oily- combination skin btw). Pros: -easy application -easy to touch up during the day -luxurious packaging  -moisturising -natural and dewy finish -compact, easy to carry around Cons: -very pricey (it doesn't come with a refill) -light coverage (can't really build up to medium) Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this foundation. I think it will look great during the winter time. I would recommend it to people with dry skin, normal - combination skin and  people who like a natural finish (please keep in mind that this foundation have a very light coverage so if you have a lot of acne or scars it probably can't cover those). It can be a hit or a miss depends on what you're looking for in a foundation. For me, I really like it and think it's a good investment.
Beauty is everything to me, and when I get to release my inner creative makeup artist each day, buffing and swirling and blending and playing with makeup products, nothing gives me greater joy, happiness or confidence. Makeup, and different beautiful looks and styles, really is powerful enough to change my mood, all in the time it takes to paint on a new look. A flawless, even, and radiant base is where every good look should start, and having a wardrobe of different foundations, from different brands, in different finishes and formulations, means that you literally have the power to be anything and anyone you want. I actually do have a wardrobe of foundations, lined up on my bathroom vanity like little glass bottle or compact soldiers, all waiting to be the one who will be chosen by me that day, to begin painting and brushing on my new look, my new game face, if you like. I have liquid, powder, gel, matte, luminous, compact, cushion, from brands that vary greatly in prize and quality, such as Maybelline NY, Loreal Paris, Shu Uemera, YSL, and Chanel, each one with their own special place in my heart and life. This new addition from Chanel, Les Beiges Healthy glow gel touch compact, is so good, and so worth the $91 price tag, probably the most expensive I've bought to date, but worth every penny in value, quality of the product, and because what beauty loving girl can resist owning a bit of French makeup luxury, I couldn't. Cushion compacts are some of the most brilliant and best foundation formulation that I've ever used. The product is easy to use, value for money as you need very little each time, the sponge applicator it comes with are lovely at adding the perfect amount of product each time, and the compact is so sleek and handy to add to your makeup bag or hand bag for touching up on the go, really there are no negatives, just big positives everywhere you look. After prepping the blank canvas that is my face, with double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and primer, I started dabbing away, buffing and tapping to blend this Chanel cushion foundation onto my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, adding extra product where needed, like areas of blemishes or redness or dryness, tap, tap, tapping and buffing at it until it was perfectly blended, taking no time at all until I had my desired coverage that morning. The result was skin that was flawless, airbrushed, buffed and radiantly glowing, just like the name of the foundation funnily enough. My skin just looked like my skin, not a layer or mask of makeup, and it lasted all day and night long, until my evening cleanse. I didn't need many touch ups during the day, but when I did, the product just applied and blended so beautifully without caking. I use it regularly now, and the results speak for themselves, in that my skin continues to look even, smooth, and naturally glowing with each application. The formula is feather light, very fluid in texture yet I never need extra finishing powders or sprays over the top, as the product finish is radiant yet still matte enough to last all day and night long without the need for blotting paper or powder. Makeup is the easiest, quickest, and most creative way there is to change up your mood, day or even life. Release your inner creative makeup artist, like I do, and feel the power, confidence, and happiness that radiates off you in waves of pink, shimmery and glittery pure femininity.
This is truly one of the most divine foundations I have ever used. This was a real splurge but well worth the money. For a start I love the packaging and totally luxe compact in glossy black with chanel logo, it feels like a treat. The gel touch foundation is so super light and soft and the application sponge makes this foundation easy to apply and blend for a lovely light natural finish. This leaves my skin looking radiant and with a luminous quality. The colour is gorgeous and of a quality pigment you would expect from chanel, the powder is super fine. the foundation gives a healthy glow from the mineral pigments and is buildable, it lasts all day without going oily and looks fresh to the end, it covers skin imperfections and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. A truly luxe product that i cannot speak highly enough of and would absolutely recommend