CHANEL NO°5 Parfum Bottle

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CHANEL NO°5  Parfum Bottle is a feminine fragrance that combines a high concentration of aldehydes and floral extracts.

Price above is for 15mL. Also available in 7.5mL and 30mL.


CHANEL NO°5 Parfum Bottle


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my mum has worn this fragrance for as long as I can remember and recently gave me a bottle when I moved away so it reminds me of her. The scent is lovely floral yet sexy, the parfum lasts all day, I can even smell it on my sheets in the morning which is lovely. Its signature bottle is classy and even though its a high end price the fact that it lasts and lasts and feels like an expensive luxe product is worth it. I feel spoilt when I wear it and of course it makes me think of mum which is lovely. A lovely signature scent.
It's signature bottle is classic and chic for all ladies. A deeply strong scent that I prefer to wear to all formal occasions. The parfum is a beautiful blend of florals mixed with sexy and they capture this perfectly in chanel no.5. A fragrance that will be noticed by anyone passing you by or engaging in conversation. A few sprays is all you need to keep this fragrance lasting all day/night. I prefer to spray it straight after a shower for the best results. A classy must have for any woman.