CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Bottle

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CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Bottle is a feminine fragrance that combines a high concentration of aldehydes and floral extracts to create a feminine scent.


CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Bottle


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It is hard to go past this iconic perfume. I love love love chanel fragrances, you could say I am addicted to a chanel scent. This is classic and timeless, a feminine sexy floral spicy scent that turns heads and makes its wearer feel very special indeed. The scent lasts and lasts so its good value as it is a little expensive. The luxe packaging feels special.I have been wearing this for years and cant be without a bottle
Chanel No.5, my absolute favourite perfume. I was given a bottle way back when for my 21st from friends, l was hooked,  Mind you l have had a bottle or two since that birthday.  It is charisma in a bottle, it lasts all day.  I love the aroma as it lingers from my clothes that l had sprayed many hours earlier.  It makes me feel very special and sexy when l wear it.  All ladies MUST experience the Chanel No.5 at least once throughout their lifetime.
An absolute classic. Iconic scent. Could not go wrong. My mum is actually allergic to all perfumes except this one, it must have less preservatives or more natural ingredients in it.