CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray

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CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray is a floral fragrance in a refillable bottle. It combines a high concentration of aldehydes and floral extracts to create an elegant, modern scent.


CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray


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To me,Chanel No.5 is a right of passage...a scent you either receive from a lover when you reach a certain maturity in that relationship,OR,it is one you buy for yourself on a landmark birthday to make the statement "I am a woman now...way beyond some cheap "celeb" labelled scent". A " now and forever",iconic fragrance,THIS is the epitome of elegance and much now as the day Madame Coco created it back in 1921 (proving the historical significance of this scent...nearly 100 years later,this is still a prized fragrance that will never date,unlike the Spears / Lopez / Rihanna or,heaven forbid,Kardashion / Hilton "offerings" ). Now,this most treasured scent comes in a 50ml, lighter,more relaxed fragrance form that is more subtle than her EDP sister (that version is a love of mine as well,BUT she can be a little "No10" in the overtly obvious stakes),and is a subtler,more summer evening friendly way to apply this scent (daytime isn't quite the time to wear this in summer,but in ego boosting must),housed in a timeless black gloss container with the interlinking Double C logo atop it's gold hued atomiser (that is perfect for your bag or workdesk...not to mention your vanity table) Delicately lighter and softly sensual,this powdery aldehyde (which was groundbreaking at the time) with a spicey / woody undertone will last all day and into the evening with ease (therefore, justifying it's Chanel pricepoint...PLUS,as this is the refillable version,you save on buying an entire unit again).But PLEASE note...not all replacements are the same.Trying to fit this newer version into into an older ( maybe 80's / 90's) container,will end in tears...the replacement bottle is not the same size and does not fit. So,to conclude,do i recommend this ? DEAR LORD,YES...whilst this fragrance is everywhere,it remains an icon for a essential to your fragrance wardrobe as another Coco piece of history...the LBD,and it will become as much a part of growing up into womanhood to your grandchildren as it will be for you (and your female generation before). TIP:Perfume is a signature...a memory that lasts much longer than your physical presence,but it is also something that can change how you feel in a instant,so why not do as Marilyn Monroe did and add a touch of luxurious pampering to your bedtime by anointing yourself in this prior to sleep ? It will make you feel glamourous beyond compare AND become a beautiful Pavlovian response to aid serenity every time you wear it.