CHANEL NO°5 Oval Bath Soap

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CHANEL NO°5 Oval Bath Soap gentle cleanses skin and leaves lingering notes of NO°5 to leave skin soft and scented.


CHANEL NO°5 Oval Bath Soap


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Who would have thought I would ever buy a bar of soap for almost $35? Well, no one. Not even me. But it was my birthday and I was browsing in Myer. I had always wanted to love Chanel No 5 fragrance but I suppose I was too young to appreciate it. I bought a Coco Mademoiselle soap for my mum last Christmas and it was a hit! So I thought I could maybe introduct the classic in the form of soap. And I got it, and I do not regret it. Chanel No 5 is an icon for a reason. It is indeed a beautiful scent, so pure and powerful, yet subtle and elegant. The first few days my bathroom smelled amazing. I think I got used to the smell now, but believe me, that little bar of soap has got some power. It screams luxury and sophistication. I have been using it for the last two months almost every day and love the experience. I came to love the scent so much I decided to buy a little bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere. The soap has an oval shape, it feels a bit chunky at first and pretty heavy. It lathers well and kisses my skin with its tickly bubbles and leaves my skin clean and scented for a long time. As a simple fragranced soap it might dry out our skin a little, but if we use it every so often or every second day it should be fine. I would not treat it as an every day soap, it is Chanel after all.  Highly recommend. Will make a beautiful present too.
Chanel No 5 is surely the most recognisable fragrance in the world. What other perfume can claim to be the only thing Marilyn Monroe wore to bed? For that reason alone I coveted this infamous icon for the longest time. The problem, as other migraine sufferers mat attest, I cannot wear Chanel No 5 without it giving me a pounding headache. It's one thing to own a bottle that sits proudly on my dresser, yet is never sprayed, but I still desperately missed the sensuality of the scent that the legend promised. Thankfully the No 5 fragrance is available in a variety of other forms, including this absolutely decadent soap. There is something so French about soap. In today's world of body washes and other fancy cosmetics, going back to a solid bar of soap seems like such a vintage thing to do. To me, there is nothing more luxurious, or Monroe-esque, than slipping into a hot bath and lathering up with this scented soap. The scent is exactly the right amount of subtle, to wrap me in the warm, sensual tones of Chanel No 5, yet not produce the painful effects of the EDT. When I slip between the sheets after such an indulgent affair, I feel like a 50s screen siren, delicately scented and clean as a whistle. I know this is probably the most expensive bar of soap I have ever bought, but I don't use it in the shower every day. I keep it for special bathing occasions, and allow it to dry out and scent the air of the powder room between uses. I expect it will last well this way, and be able to be used until the last sliver. It probably sounds crazy, to be fawning over a bar of soap, but I really, really wanted to be able to have the Chanel No 5 experience. This soap puts me straight into the scene I imagined for so long in my mind. It's silky smooth, lathers beautifully and smells divine without being overpowering. I truly do think it is not just a bar of soap, but a product I genuinely get enjoyment from using.