CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour

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CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour is a soft, matte and highly pigmented lipstick developed with silicone micro beads and a jojoba oil derivative to leave lips smooth and soft.

Available in nine shades.


CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour


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My favourite Chanel lipstick. I know it’s pricey but it is worth it.  For me, the colours are all super rich and pigmented and give such a beautiful colour payoff to the lips. It keeps them super moisturised and I just love the way they look and feel when I am wearing this. It lasts for hours too and is just so perfect. 
One of my first Chanel lipstick was from this allure velvet line. Personally I prefer matte formula when it comes to lipstick and this lipstick has everything I could ever asked for. First the packaging is so simple yet sleek and luxurious. The way to open this lipstick is also very innovative and interesting, you have to click the bottom then the lipstick will pop out. I think it's very smart because you don't need to worry about the cap fall out and get everywhere when you put the lipstick in your bag. However, what I love most about this product is the texture. It's very matte but not drying at all, the texture is super creamy. The lipstick glides on smoothly and very pigmented. It stay put on the lips for 6-7 hours and doesn't crumble or accentuate you lip lines. Even after a meal it still leaves a nice stain which is still presentable or you can have a quick touch up to look more polished. I love everything about this form the packaging to the formula. Totally worth the money. Highly recommended for matte lipstick lovers.
This is one of my favourite lipsticks, the creamy consistency is gorgeous and moisturises lips as well as looking amazing. The colour pigmentation is beautiful and the lipstick lasts and lasts without reapplication. chanel lipsticks are always awesome and the quality is certainly what you would expect for the price. The packaging is lovely and luxe and feels like a special treat. A lovely lipstick that I would absolutely buy again
My favourite lipstick brand of all time - pure decadent luxury in a lipstick. Classic beautiful vibrant colours in a sleek case. Very moisturising and long-lasting product which will not disappoint. It is even better with matching lip liners which you can use for longer lasting effect or mix n' match for an on trend 'ombre look.
This is a lovely product to use. The finish is a lovely matte and it is very smooth and moisturising. For someone that usually has dry lips this product is a must. I did notice however that with eating this product does not last too long but with the colour being so beautiful this fact is forgiven!
This is hands down my favourite lipstick of all time! It ticks each and every box for me and I could never expect more from a lipstick! The packaging screams luxury! That marriage of black and gold is so chic and classy! The click opening screams Chanel and I am sure every girl just waits for touch ups during the day when we have that lipstick. The scent of this lipstick.... pure luxury and indulgence! To be honest for me it is just enough to look and smell, and I am happy. The first shade I got was 46 La Malicieuse, which is a shade between red and pink and it looks incredible on the lips! I have also got it in 43 La Favorite, which is a beautiful summery coral. What made me fell in love with these is their formula! This is the only dark shade of lipstick I can wear without a lip liner! It is just perfect on the lips, stays put for a long time, doesn't travel all around the lips, it doesn't bleed. The colour is strong and even. The lipstick is extremely long lasting. And I can't even count how many times I have been complimented on the lip colour I wear! The finish is matte but it is the classiest matte you can imagine! The lipstick is also extremely comfortable to wear. I can't ask for more! Chanel is my all time favourite!!
I have got lipsticks from Chanel’s every range, and these Rouge Allure Velvets are simply my most favourite. These are the most amazing matte, non-drying, non-crumbly, moisturising, creamy, pigmented, comfortable, long lasting lipsticks I have come across in this brand. And, the packaging… Aaahhh!!! The texture, like all other Allure Velvets, is smooth and glides on lips effortlessly. The finish is matte, but the feel is not the dryish kind… It is slightly satiny to velvet like finish. It feels quite comfortable on the lips. It is not hydrating, but not drying either. In fact, it is moisturising, and quite forgiving on dry lips. It does not sit in lip lines. It is quite easy to apply, despite being a dark shade. It does not feather or bleed at all.It lasts on my lips for 6 + hours with light snacks in between.