CHANEL Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

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CHANEL Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour is a soft and creamy lipstick that combines hydration and pigment to leave lips soft, and coated in pigment.

Available in 25 shades.


CHANEL Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour


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Shade 402 Adrienne

I have shade 402 Adrienne which is a peachy/rosey nude. What I love about this particular Chanel lipstick is the formula. It's really creamy and hydrating. The lipstick is not matte but has a shine to it. Not overly shiny though. I find the lipstick to be long wearing and I only need to re apply after drinking or eating which is normal. This lipstick hasn't dry my lips out or irritate them in any way. I also found that this lipstick is buildable. 1 application and it's sheer but the more layers you apply the more pigmented it becomes. Highly recommend.
This is such a beautiful formula. I love, love, love all my Chanel lipsticks and this is one that I use as a more natural lip. The colours are stunning and perfect for a day at the office, sophisticated, classy and not too over the top. My lips feel great after using it as it is a really moisturising lipstick.
I have Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle and it is my absolute favourite. My ultimate nude as a fair Blonde. I’m completely smitten! I love lipstick and I probably have close to a hundred but this is my number one.  It is smooth, creamy and hydrating. You get a great lip cover. The lipstick itself is art, with the Chanel icon embedded in the lipstick. It’s gorgeous. I love it! 
Owning a Chanel lipstick was on my beauty bucket list for a long time and thanks to a bit of scrimping and saving and the odd gift voucher my dream finally became a reality!  I went along to Chanel Myer and swatched some colours (so many pretty shades) but finally settled on shade 434 Mademoiselle.  This is a pinky nude colour (in my imaginings it was always bright red but I had to face the fact that this colour makes me look like the clown from It).  I also wanted a hydrating lipstick so the Coco lipstick was the perfect choice.  Turns out I chose the most popular colour on the planet because it was out of stock but Chanel quickly got one in for me by the end of the day (that's service!). So about this lipstick - it is gorgeously smooth and hydrating.  It just glides on and feels really lovely on the lips.  The colour is perfect if your after an every day nude shade.  But this is also very luxe - the packaging just screams sophistication with its black casing and Chanel logo.   I LOVE  my Chanel lipstick.  It's everything I look for in a lipstick and worth every dollar.  
This lippy lives up to its brand reputation.  VERY hydrating, glides on easily and stays smooth.  Colours are great, not too intense which i prefer in a moisturising lipstick.  A blot and an extra coat will give more vibrant colour if you want it.  No downside to this product at all.
I have this lipstick in the shade 434 Mademoiselle. The packaging of this lipstick is absolutely stunning, very Chanel. The lipstick itself is beautiful. The shade Mademoiselle is such a gorgeous nude. And the formula is to die for! It is so soothing and hydrating on the lips, it truely feels amazing. The colour lasts well. Paying so much for a lipstick you would expect a top quality product, and that is exactly what you are getting. I would definitely recommend that everyone treats themself to at least one Chanel lipstick!!
Elegant, stunning and yes a splurge but oh it feels a million dollars to have that Chanel lippy on and the unmistakeable just perfect tube in your purse. Chanel knows how to spoil and the quality is never compromised. My lips look fabulous in 402, moist smooth and perfectly coloured.  I do need to reapply after my glass of champagne but who cares!! There are 25 shades and one to suit every age or occasion. My first Chanel lipstick was gifted to me by my impeccably groomed mother and I have never forgotten how special I felt, confident and beautiful.
This lipstick is the answer to your prayers if you have dry lips but want to wear colour.  It is super hydrating!  I have it in Vera, which is a beautiful rose petal pink.  It has a balmy texture that feels so great on.  Due to the hydrating nature of this lipstick, it does seem to disappear faster than a matte or creme, but a good solution is to apply multiple coats - apply once, blot with tissue, apply another coat.  This extends the wear time and enhances the depth of colour.  The packaging is gorgeous and very sturdy.  This is one lipstick you'll want to pull out of your purse for an on-the-go touch up because it's impressive.  One tube is not enough.  I'll be picking up at least one nude and one red as well.
This lipstick is beautifully packaged in a black and sleek container. It lives up to its name, being extremely hydrating for a lipstick. The range of colours is beautiful, very smooth application with minimal scent. The only downside about this product is that i find the colour very sheer. Hence what colour you see on the lipstick may not be the end result after application.
I love this lipstick. The colours are beautiful, the lipstick has great staying power and keeps my lips well hydrated. Because I'm not reapplying all day the lipstick lasts for ages, so the initial cost is well worth it. This is a really luxurious lipstick - a must try.
Buy this lip colour now its amazing, I know its pricey but the colour is divine and it lasts so well worth the spend. Chanel products are always lovely and worth saving for aas they always work, its the only brand I would spend that much money on. This lip colour is creamy and glides on perfectly. I cant live without it
Absolute fav lip colour, literally glides straight on my lips