Chloé Eau de Toilette

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Chloé Eau de Toilette is a light and delicate feminine fragrance that features top notes of bergamot, heart notes of white rose and magnolia, and base notes of cedar and musk.

Price above is for 30mL. Also available in 50mL and 75mL.


Chloé Eau de Toilette


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How can you not like Chloe's fragrances! The Chloé Eau de Toilette is my favourite scent from Chloe because the packaging is so cute and feminine. It has a sweet but elegant scent that can be worn everyday or in any occasions. The scent is light but is super long lasting and you can never spray too much. It is a fragrance scent that will never become obsolete.
This has to be one of the best perfumes out there. Its packaging is gorgeous, classy and feminine. The scent itself is stunning and makes me smile every time I smell it. The fragrance lasts all day and makes anyone smell divine!! My best fragrance tip is to pair it with matching shower gel and body lotion to smell fantastic all day and spray the fragrance on pulse points and let air dry, avoid rubbing into skin. Highly recommended for the sophisticated woman.
I normally dislike anything rose scented or with hints of rose, but this is so different. It has become my signature scent, and I sometimes layer it with same Chloe body lotion (not as often as I'd like, because like the EDP, the lotion is also a tad pricey). I think the lychee compliments the rose very well, and it is such a fresh pretty fragrance, which also lasts a long time.I can still smell this on my clothing when I put it in for a wash
The Chloé Eau de Toilette is the ultimate feminine, floral scent that every girl should have in their perfume collection. With notes of citrus, magnolia, rose and musk scents, this fragrance has a fresh and airy feel to it and is classic, feminine and romantic. The bottle is simple with a signature Chloé bow. I spritz the perfume on my wrists and dap on my neck and the scent lasts 2-3 hours, which I prefer to last a bit longer. The scent isn't overpowering, with a light scent and can be used as daily or as a night time, elegant fragrance. The Chloé Eau de Toilette is perfect if you are looking for a romantic, feminine and classic fragrance.  
The Chloe Eau de Toilette is a lighter version of the original Chloe fragrance. I love the bottle it comes in - it's a rectangular block with parallel rims running vertical on the bottle, finished with a pretty, white ribbon. It has a timeless elegance about it. It makes me feel very elegant and feminine. This lighter version has magnolia and it's perfect for the summer. I feel more confident in my own skin and I'm ready to start my day - whatever it brings. I would recommend this fragrance for women in their 20s - 40s.
This perfume is pretty petite and very feminine. I am able bring it around in my small cross-body bag just to freshen up during the day/night. I would say the scent is very classy and alluring. The first hour after spraying, the scent is rather strong but it mellows down in a few hours. However, the smell still lasts throughout the day. In fact, I've gotten more compliments 3 hours post-spraying than the first few hours of spraying. This is my definite go to whenever I need to impress someone,like my partner's parents or board of directors. I'd say this perfume is suited for any lady really!
chloe is divine, one of my favourite fragrances, i was lucky enough to receive this as a gift. What a gorgeous feminine classy bottle and the fragrance is so classic, classy and feminine. The rose and magnolia shines through as a light lovely fresh floral that lasts well but is not overpowering, The base notes of cedar and musk are exotic and also do not overpower rather give the scent a sexy sophisticated smell. This lasted for hours so well worth the price and it feels really special to wear. A lovely feminine fragrance that i highly recommend
CHLOE perfumes are simply perfect. They have a very soft and delicate scent to them, which is still strong and personally found that it lingers for a few hours. Love this perfume as an every day - I have only tried a sample but I enjoyed it very much and would purchase myself again.
two words: absolutely divine. Since the launch of this fragrance, I fell in love hook, line and sinker. Chloe EDT is a soft, sophisticated floral fragrance which can be worn anytime, anywhere. Originally I started with Chloe EDP fragrance but in the summer time it was a bit strong for every day wear, yet the EDT edition is lightweight and alluring. I almost always receive comments when wearing Chloe EDT. The bottle is beautiful with a feminine bow that compliments the fragrance beautifully. I have loved this timeless fragrance for a decade; this unique offering will surely go down in history
I love this soft and pretty fragrance. It is a beautiful dainty and always present scent. This perfume has a mild light scent which is perfect to wear to make any day a happy day. It's a fragrance for anytime of the year, especially the warmer months. It is a scent that speaks volume without saying a word. It's subtle, and pretty and dainty. It's a fragrance that will suit any woman who wants a scent that will make her feel unique and different while still being alluring and captivating. I love it!
You can't go wrong with "CHLOE". I received a sample of this fragrance and really appealed to me that I just had to purchase it. This is an elegant and a very alluring perfume. Its light and a real classic, I can’t help but adore this particular fragrance. It is perfect for any time of year, day or for any event. The fragrance is subtle yet splendidly charming. A long lasting scent that is fabulous for day and nightwear. I have also received many compliments on wearing this classic and delightful fragrance. The bottle is a truly gorgeous design and looks stylish on my dresser. The perfume lasts for ages after many sprays.