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Chloé Signature Eau de Parfum is a soft, feminine fragrance that features notes of rose, lychee, freesia and pink peony.

Price above is for 30mL. Also available in 50mL and 75mL.


Chloé Signature Eau de Parfum


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This Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum is timeless and feminine! it was my signature scent as a teeneager and I still love it to this day. The bottle is so cute and I love the bow on it. The smell is florally. The fragrance lasts all day and even the next day. You wont get rid of it until you wash it off. It is slightly expensive but well worth it. This fragrance is adored by many and I always get asked "what perfume are you wearing?" when I am wearing it! This is my favourite Chloe perfume. I would buy this perfume again and again.

Sharp floral

Not particularly astounding, but pleasant nonetheless. A sharp floral that is definitely best left for the full heat of summer. Reminds me of Romance by Ralph Lauren. I bought the smallest bottle I could find (20ml) from Chemist Warehouse for $49.99. I have so many perfumes in my collection that I always buy small because I doubt I’ll get through what I have in ten lifetimes, but I do love perfume. Chloe would be perfect to wear on a hot day in January with a summer dress or a white collared sleeveless top and cropped pants. Prim, proper yet playful and pretty.
Like other reviewers have said, this is a beautiful rosy floral fragrance. To be blunt, if you are someone who thinks 'grandma' when they hear 'floral fragrance' - that is absolutely not the case with this! It is classic and elegant but also warm and inviting. For me, it always reminds me of a calm summers day in my grandparents garden. That beautiful smell of flowers in the sun - does anyone understand this or do I sound crazy? Anyway, definitely my summer fragrance of choice!
A beautiful perfume, Chloé Signature Eau de Parfum is wearable day and night, special occasions or everyday for work.  The combination of rose, freesia, lycée and pink peony is a beautiful blend.  It certainly makes you feel special when wearing it.  We occasionally need to spoil ourselves and Chloé Signature Eau de Parfum is one of those perfumes  we can purchase for ourselves or as a gift for someone special. It comes in a fancy looking bottle finished off with a bow trimming. It can be worn by women of all ages.  It price is little expensive but you have three size choices so you can be reserved or really lash out.  Everyone should at least try it once.
such a beautiful fragrance! I really love the Chloe Eau de parfum as it is a lovely luxury item to have. The scent is quite subtle, floral and rosy. The bottle itself is a gorgeous nude-pink colour with a bow tied around the top. The perfume stays on for ages without losing its smell. Definitely, recommend as it is a lovely perfume to add to your collection.
This is a truely lovely perfume. The bottle and labelling is very elegant, I adore the little hand tied bow. The perfume has a distinctive scent that lasts well. It is very light and floral scent, so beautiful. The main note you get is of roses, which I love so much. A very feminine perfume.
This is my all time favourite perfume! So effortlessly feminine and chic. My morning routine isn't complete without it. I'll lightly spritz it on my wrists, neck and hair step out of the house in a elegant cloud of confidence. It has notes of peony, freesia but the top note that I love the most is the deliciously addictive lychee!  It suits all kind of occasions and I love wearing it on nights out because it has incredible longevity and lots of silliage. People are always asking me what I'm wearing - even long after I think the perfume has faded. This fragrance is the epitome of the modern day girl boss. I own both this fragrance (the original) and Roses de Chloé (pink version) and must say I love this one the most! If you love a elegant fruity floral fragrance you'll be sure to love this.
I've only ever had the mini bottle of Chloé EDP but I fell in love with it at first smell! Firstly I love rose perfumes and this one is perfect. It's light and fresh yet seductive and strong at the same time. It's feminine in a rather non-traditional, not all-out-girly way. It's notes are both elegant and daring at the same time. I found this beautiful fragrance very versatile, both for everyday use, nights out or a signature scent. Feminine, clean, floral, classy, timeless, ageless. Amazing longevity and sillage. Perfection in a bottle and I wish I had a full bottle of this! Chloé is just beautiful!!!
This perfume is really flabbergasting. My devotion for this scent is totally  great. This is the kind of perfume everyone must have. It last longer and it feels that you are always fresh all day. It looks like that you always have a bouquet of flowers.I highly recommend this to everyone to try and use all the time.
Chloe is a must have for all ages! It compliments every woman. I first smelt it on a guest walking past the reception desk at a hotel I was working at & I had to stop her and ask her what it was. I immediately went out the next day and purchased it for myself! It's so sweet and perfect for any occasion. I can pick out the scent anywhere! It's delicious!
The very first time I tried Chloe EDP was when I got it for a sample. I fell in love at the first spray! And since has become one of my all time favorite perfumes. The smell is very floral-y, fresh, and just a tiny bit fruity. It's not a very strong smell but not very subtle that you can barely smell it, it's just the perfect scent for me. I mostly use Chloe EDP for a night out, weekends, special occasions, etc where I know that my perfume would last long. It's a very classy, elegant, feminine scent which I'm sure a lot of ladies would love. The bottle packaging also looks elegant and classy, you just can't help but to put it on your display cabinet/makeup vanity. 10/10 would recommend to women at any age.
This perfume is citrisy but on the other hand it also smells like florals. This perfume is for woman who is after fragrances that are suitable for everyday use and not too strong. After using this scent, I feel much more feminine and it does help me boost my self esteem. Because having a fragrance that reflects on your personality & help boost your immune system is a benefit. It helps draw attention to yourself and will have heads turning back to look at you the minute you walk past people. I am so satisfied with this Chloe perfume & the fact that i made the right choice by ourchasing this product. Pros: Suitable for everyday use or even on special occasions Lightweight,  fruity and floral scent Bottle is elegant & classy 1-3 sprays is enough to last the whole day Perfect as a gift for someone you love or cherrish Recommended for: For all woman and girls  For those who love fruity and floral scents For anyone who are into the Chloe range perfumes
I have been a fan of this original perfume for a long time, a sweet floral feminine scent with a touch of luxury, it lasts all day and really gets compliments. I love the classy bottle with ribbon detail it looks beautiful on my bathroom shelf. It feels luxurious with hints of rose and lychee, I would recommend trying this as it will quickly become a firm favourite for perfume addicts like myself
I love the original Chloe fragrance.  The bottle is very classy and has a timeless elegance about it. It's shaped like a rectangular block with many parallel rims running downwards and has a gorgeous ribbon to top it off. The fragrance is lovely. It's very floral but not too floral where women can't wear it. You can smell freesia and roses and delicious lychees. This is what I am wearing everyday to work. It gives me that little bit of confidence to kick-start my day! I feel elegant and feminine when I wear this. I believe this is suitable for women in their late twenties to thirties.
This is currently my favourite perfume.  :)  It's subtle, elegant and long lasting and when I wear it I'm usually asked what it is.  Love Story is also very's my second favourite.
Love this fragrance. It's classy and suits all occasions without being overpowering. Always gets noticed and lasts all day. Highly recommended
This fragrance is beautiful and elegant. Perfect to wear on a day date or even your own wedding. I am not normally one for rosy fragrances but this one is so soft and inviting that it's impossible not to love.  Great as a gift for someone special and to make it from the heart you can even engrave the bottle. What's not to love!! Great for women of all ages. Will sit beautifully atop a dresser. Can't recommend enough
This fragrance means the ultimate elegance to me. I have gone through a few bottles of Chloe in my life and always smile whenever I smell it on someone. The perfume is classy, starting from the bottle finishing at the final result. The fragrance is rosy, very subtle, but has got an enormous silliage. It can be smelt from miles. I find it extremely elegant and suitable for all formal situations. To be honest the first time I smelled it was at the funeral but it didn't leave any bad emotions or connotations in my minds as I was too intrigued by the amazing smell. I would actually call it a wedding fragrance as I know of many women wearing Chloe at their weddings ( me included). I highly recommend.