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Clairol Nice’n Easy is a permanent hair colour with a blend of tones, highlights and grey coverage with a natural looking colour.

Available in 27 shades.

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Clairol Nice'n Easy


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Love it

Good coverage. I used a dark brown dye to cover my grey hair and it worked brilliantly. The instructions were quite clear and easy to follow. The colour lasted for about 6 weeks for me. Overall very hapoy with the price and the coverage. I've been using this for a long time and will continue to do so. I don't have sensitive skin so I kinda didn't do the patch test but it's highly recommended. Easily available, easy to use product that is pocket friendly. Which is a big plus for me. I would recommend anyone wanting to cover
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Covers greys

I found the product easy to use with minimal mess. The box contains an application bottle containing activator to which you add the colour mixture. Shake well and you’re ready to apply. I applied to my roots first following the instructions using the plastic gloves supplied. Near the end of processing, for the last 10 minutes, I extended the product I had in reserve through to my ends. Rinse, shampoo, condition and dry hair. I found the dye took well to greys and the overall colour was rich and glossy. My colour was reddish brown, it has a warm “depth” to it that I liked. I experienced some chemical sensitivity around the nape of my neck, so I would recommend doing a patch test prior to application. Also if you have longer hair you may need two boxes of product.
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Great grey coverage, no unpleasant smell

This permanent hair colour comes with colour and activator, conditioner and a pair of disposable gloves. I appreciated the detailed instructions in the leaflet, including how to section your hair for best coverage. The colour mixture was just right, not too drippy, not too thick, easy to spread, especially using the colouring brush with a pointy end that I own. There was no unpleasant smell. As I have stubborn greys, I left it on for an extra 10 minutes as instructed, and that worked well to cover my greys. When I rinsed off the colour in the shower, my hair felt a little dry but the included conditioner fixed that up, and my hair was soft and smooth after drying. I have near black hair naturally, and I used the shade 'Medium Brown'. The result was a natural looking dark brown. I would recommend two packs if your hair is thick and long like mine, I felt that I couldn't quite saturate my hair with just one. This is the first time I've tried Clairol after using another leading brand for many years, and I very impressed with the quality and price. I'd happily repurchase this.
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Beautiful colour

I normally use semi-permanent hair colours as they’re more gentle on my very fine hair, but when I had the chance to trial this permanent colour, I was pretty excited to see how it’ll go. I have to say, it was very easy to apply and plenty in the box to cover my hair. And the colour is just so beautiful and shiny, I received a few compliments already. Will buy again.
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not for me.

Love the ease of use of this product but sadly the colour I chose looked nothing like it depicted on the box and left my hair with not pleasant orange tones. I had to go back to my usual dye to fix it.
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Lockdown miracle

Being in lockdown, it was a great time to try a DIY hair dying kit. I chose a colour similar to my own so I didn’t have to worry too much on regrowth. I like my hair colour to be close to my own, just to give my hair a glossy even look. Nice’n easy was just like the name suggested. Easy application, easy to read instructions and a colourful brilliant result. It also left my hair feeling smooth and looking glossy. Would recommend.
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Beautiful Fresh Colour while saving $$$. Winning!

I've been paying a couple of hundred dollars every 2-3 months (for as long as I can remember) at the Hairdressers getting blonde foils. I'm now in my forties & am still lucky enough to have relatively light regrowth, but it's certainly visible! Always figured that if I relived my 20's and used a 'box' colour the regrowth would be too noticeable, and the colour 'average' but boy was I wrong! Originally sceptical in trying Clairol's Nice and Easy I was more than surprised with the result. As the name states, the application was SO easy, the colour bright and fresh and amazing longevity. Looking forward to boosting my bank balance with the money I'll be saving!
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Good home dying kit

I was fortunate enough to get to trail this product. Normally I get my hair dyed at a salon as I have grey hair that doesn’t take well with home brought kits. This instructions were easy to follow and easy to do on your own. The dye worked well and even some of my grey hair was able to get dyed those that didn’t were easily able to blend. My only issue is that this dye has a very strong smell so if your sensitive to that sort of thing maybe might not be for you but if you don’t mind then you would be pleasantly surprised as this product works well.
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Great coverage

I’ve been using at home hair colours for the past 5 plus years, the same brand, switching between two colours. I was invited to try Clairol Nice n Easy, light brown. The colour was a great match, easy to use, clear instructions, covers the odd grey hair, the conditioner is better than the brand I’m using at the moment and my hair is soft. I prefer my current colour, but if this was on sale I’d buy it instead.
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Effectively gave a strong colour

My hair colour had long since grown out and I had intended to get it professionally done when boredom and curiosity for the better of me for this trial. In terms of effect, I think this does a good job. I went from natural black hair to a golden auburn hue by using 4G Dark Golden Brown. Colour is as they described just unfortunately not the right tone for me as it's more auburn then expected. Setup and application were as expected as most box colours. The chemical fumes did get to me at times and made my eyes water. The included conditioner made my hair feel nice and silky post-treatment but I have noticed that overall my hair is dryer. I would say this is a good option but if you're used to getting your hair professionally done for expected colour and better conditioning than it's more of an option if you needed to get the job done.
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Rich Colour

I was lucky enough to receive this product just as those pesky fine silver strands were unfortunately peeking through again. The colour that I used was Medium Brown #5 which would be one shade darker than my natural hair color. I have coloured my hair many times over the years so I found the process very simple however I do prefer the brush type nozzle. I really loved the colourseal conditioner, it's a great size and there is enough for another repeat use a week later ( My hair is short) and it left my hair feeling soft and shiny. The colour looks good and those silver strands have once again been hidden. I always love going to the salon as I find it relaxing and it's "me" time however this is a great alternative especially for the price point and during a Covid lockdown. Overall happy with the result.

Great colour.

Easy to apply and was enough for my long hair. Great colour but a bit too much red for me. I will try other colours as it was quite nice. Did stain my skin but it was hard to see where I had missed cleaning up. I would have loved a cape to have been included.
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Make those grey hairs disappear

I tested out the light chestnut brown (6RB) shade. I was keen to see how it would cover my grey hairs. The instructions for use were clear and easy to follow. I was pleased to find that this product doesn’t have a strong, unpleasant smell that some other home hair dye kits have. My hair turned out well, shiny and grey hairs disappeared. The conditioner left my hair feeling lovely and soft. Overall, I was very happy with the result and I would buy this product and recommend it to others.
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Beautiful result and stay long

I really enjoyed this product! Easy to apply and not messy. All the instruction was clear. After using this, my hair looks shiny and the grey/ white hairs are covered nicely. It’s been a few weeks and seems like it’s still looking good. I checked the price is also affordable compared to other brands. I recommend everyone who want a new look, to try this product.
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Great easy application nice shine

I usually don’t use packet colour. However tried this one. I was pleasantly surprised. Easy to apply and plenty in the packet to cover my hair. After washing it out my hair was evenly coloured and a nice shine. Easy to apply and perfect for those in between salon colours.
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Long Lasting Colour

This was really easy to use and the results are really long lasting which will have me coming back again for the covering of greys. I did leave it on a little longer as suggested in the instructions as I was doing a root touch up on my greys which are near my ears and a bit around my hairline on my face. It was easy to mix the two formulas together in the one bottle and all it took was a really good shake. I then used an hair dye applicator brush which I happened to have here (available at priceline for a couple of dollars) and then applied the mixture carefully to my grey strands. Instead of 25 minutes I left it on for 35 minutes as greys can be quite stubborn. After rinsing and drying my hair my appearance was definately more youthful and my daughter mentioned how much younger I looked. Great start! Then, I found that the effects lasted well into the 2-3 week period afterwards and this is the longest I've found a grey covering product to last ever. There was barely any hair dye smell while using it and I liked that too. There are also gloves and an aftercare conditioner included in the box. The conditioner is very rich and will last a long time. I apply it just to the dyed hair while conditioning my hair in the shower a couple of days a week. I don't apply it everytime I wash but maybe I should and the colour will maybe last even longer?! So I will highly recommend this product for root touch ups for grey hair.
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A lovely fresh blonde and NO greys.

This was the first time I had used Clairol Nice n Easy. I often dye my hair at home between trips to the hairdresser. I chose 9A and this was a good choice for my hair. The instructions were easy to understand and I had no trouble mixing the product and applying it to my roots. I left it 5 minutes longer due to being very grey in the front section of my hair. The result was excellent. Roots and particularly greys were covered well and the colour was a lovely fresh blonde. Two weeks later the colour is still good. My hair felt soft and I loved that there was enough conditioner in the packet to last for a few more washes. A good product and I will use again.
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Value for money

Easy enough to use, made my hair a bit of baby duck yellow though.. I had an ash blonde to begin with, and light brown regrowth.. so I did expect the colour to match that on the side of the box, but it was more yellow. Cheaper than a salon, does the job during lockdown !
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Clairol's nice'n easy permanent hair colour

I absolutely loved Clairol's nice'n easy permanent hair colour. Exactly as the name implies, it was nice and easy! I was nervous using a home colour as I usually go to a hairdresser but due to COVID-19 I thought I'd stay at home and give it a try. I have never applied a hair colour to myself but it was super easy. There was plenty of product and it seemed quite gentle. I was super happy with the colour and it completely covered my greys. The conditioner was really mositurising and there was a generous amount. I would definitely use this product again.
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Great product

I tried this to cover my ugly greys and it did a wonderful job. It didn’t dry out my hair and after using this my hair was super soft and it managed to successfully cover all my problem areas. Instructions were clear and was super easy to use.