Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème

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Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème is a permanent hair colour with leading shades, even salon shades for up to 10 minutes. The ergonomically engineered brush delivers salon quality application. No roots, no greys.

Available in 27 shades.


Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème


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Wow.. impressed only 10mins!!!

I have dark brown home coloured hair. I am slowly turning grey around my roots and near the ears. I was really excited that there is a product like Clairol Root Touch-up. The instructions were easy to follow and I was immediately excited when I saw the time is 10mins... ONLY 10mins!!! Sometimes I can't be bothered home colouring my hair especially in winter due to the time it takes. The product was easy to mix together in the little plastic tub created. It was no mess. It had little smell either. The brush was easy to apply to my part and my sides. Having the brush meant I was able to use it in both my left and my right. I left it on for a good 13mins and then washed off. I was so happy with the results it looked exactly like the same hair colour and blended so well. I will definitely be repurchasing this product. So easy quick and effective. I would highly recommend, such a great way to retouch the roots or grey without having the hassle of an over-all dye.
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Extend the tome between colous

Really easy to use quick to mix. This product is easy to use a good way to extend the time between full hair colour. Covers the greys well.
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Good alternative when you can't visit your Salon!

I chose the Medium Brown (5) to cover the regrowth on my thick hair and the outcome was quite pleasing. Unlike products I've tried in the past, this kit was not chemically overpowering, and the application was easy and not messy. The colour blended well with my current hair colour, although I will try a lighter brown shade next time, and my hair felt good afterwards. I’m not sure if the Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème will become a regular alternative to the colour achieved by my hairdresser, I will see how the touch up colour looks in a week or two, but when the kit is about a 10th of the cost of visiting my salon it’s something I’m sure going to consider! It’s fab to know this kit will do the job when I’m unable to visit the hairdresser. Thanks Beauty Crew for the opportunity to try this product.
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Easy to use and gave good coverage

Easy to mix and apply and gave good coverage to my grey roots ( I left on for 5 minutes more than suggested). Medium brown colour blended well with my current shade and would use again and recommend to anyone needing to cover greys regularly between salon visits or home colour. Small criticism, the product "squidges" through to the other side of the brush so you have to keep turning it over to get the product where you want it.
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Easy for at home touch ups

I trialled Clairol Root Touch Up in shade medium blonde. I have been a fan of this product for a while, but find the colours tend to be a little darker than expected on my hair so opted for a lighter shade. It’s so easy to use. The applicator Brush makes it so easy to get the right amount on your roots (or greys) and to fade out into your normal colour. The shades, in my experience, do blend well with most colours, but just be aware that the browns are really brown, so if you are on the lighter side or have a lot of highlights you may be better with a blonde, even if you think it will be too light. This is perfect for extending out the time between whole head colours or when you are stuck at home. The scent is fairly standard hair dye smell, it’s not offensive or strong.
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Wonderful product for just doing your roots

I absolutely love the idea of a hair dye product that is just for touching up your roots. I get grey hairs but don't always want to dye my full head of hair, just those bits at the roots, so this touch up wand is a lifesaver for me. It is really easy to apply with the touch up wand, and you can be really precise with which parts of your hair you want to dye, so this is great! After I applied the touch up and washed and dried my hair, I found it did cover the grey hairs I wanted covered up, so it got a 2 thumbs up from me! I would totally recommend this touch-up to anyone like me, who only wants their roots covered (if you have blonde hair with dark roots, or like me, if you have greys to cover.) It lasts only a few weeks, but if you don't have to dye your whole head of hair every time, that is great for someone like me. I will be purchasing this touch-up from now on as it has been a really good product for me.
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very easy to use, mess free and 100% grey coverage

(Shade 4 Dark Brown). I was sent this to trial and it was my first time using a kit like this. Instructions were easy to follow, just mix the tube and developer cream and apply with the cute little applicator brush. For me personally, with long thick hair, I found that I only just had enough product. I have a narrow strip of 20% grey only through my part line. If you had a thick line of grey, or lots of grey around the face too then you'd need 2 packs. Claims to last three weeks and 100% grey coverage. I can't attest to the longevity as I haven't had it that long but it definitely covered my greys. I found the applicator brush was quite sturdy and made it easy to target the hairs. The reason I deducted a star was I think the kit is a little wasteful. The mixing bowl and brush are decent quality and very sturdy yet designed to be thrown out. I would have much prefered to buy a kit like this initially then just buy the tube and developer at a discount than buying and tossing a kit every 3 weeks and wasting resources.
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Great colour!

I used the root touch up 5R on a pre-existing auburn hair colour. It was very easy and straight forward to use. It blended well and covered my problem area... My greys. The included brush and bowl is great and very handy. I would definitely recommend this for regrowth and grey coverage. My regrowth was 2 inches and there was plenty of dye to cover.
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A Great Product!

I was delighted to receive my first trial product to review with Beautycrew. I had never used a Clairol home hair permanent hair colour previously, so was anxious to try this. As instructed for allergies or reaction by doing a patch test. The scent was quite pleasant, the product blended well and the colour range very good, a great touch was the colour required if the hair was coloured by another brand, such a great idea. (This was printed on the pack). The pack contained everything provided for the hair colouring treatment, full instructions, brush, two colouring products, a dish and spoon for mixing the products and gloves. An easy process and a gererous quantity of product. I was very pleased with the end result and the process was so easy, using the brush provided and the hair sectioned as per the instructions, and so quick, only 10 minutes for me. This can be extended to 15 minutes if required. It's very suitable for any adult with regrowth after hair colouring, it's reliable, blends perfectly and so quick and easy to use.
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Grey roots be gone!

Having dark brunette hair and grey roots has been a problem of mine for the last few years, and I've always had to colour my full head of hair every 4 weeks. So thought I'd give this method a was really simple to use and so quick, my roots were completely done in 10 minutes! Matched my already-coloured hair perfectly as well. I'll definitely use this in between full colours from now on.
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Covered my regrowth in 15mins

I selected shade 8 Medium Blonde to cover my 2 inch regrowth. I found the process very easy and no where near as messy as a hair dye. The pack contains all you need and even has a little mixing container where you mix the colour and developer. The brush supplied was ok but I found my fingers to be just as good at applying the product. I left the product on for an extra 5mins as suggested on the information sheet as I wanted to make sure that all stubborn greys were covered. Once the product had been on my hair for 15mins I rinsed it out and conditioned as suggested. It would be great if there had been a little bottle of conditioner supplied but as there wasnt I used the conditioner I had in the shower. Once I had blow dryed my hair I found that those pesky greys were still showing through but being blonde other people cant see them as easily as I can. Overall I was pleased with this product as it did cover up my regrowth so my hair does look much better but those greys are proving to be a challenge.
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Excellent grey coverage

I have naturally coarse brown-black hair with stubborn greys, and I usually colour it with a medium brown shade which makes it dark brown. This trial came around at the right time as my roots were showing quite badly, and I had been considering using touch-up products instead of doing my whole head of hair (which is thick and long and a hassle especially in winter). I did a 48 hour patch test with my selected shade 'Dark Brown', and I had no reactions. The box comes with a colour tube, an activator, a brush and a plastic tray. You combine the colour and activator creams in the plastic tray and mix it with the brush, then use the brush to apply to areas where the regrowth is obvious - along the part, the crown, and the visible hairline. The application process was very easy with the supplied brush, and the product had a pleasant smell despite containing ammonia. Given my stubborn hair, I left it on for a total of 15 minutes once I finished application, as recommended by the instructions. It was then rinsed off (without shampoo) and conditioned with my usual conditioner (optional, according to instructions). After rinsing off an drying my hair, I was very pleased to find that my greys had been covered and the colour looked very natural. I could've gone a shade lighter to match the rest of my coloured hair perfectly, but it's not a bad match. It has been 8 days since I've applied the product, and I've since washed my hair 4 times. I'm pleased to report that the colour has remained the same. The box says it will last up to 3 weeks, but the trial period is much shorter, so I am not able to say with absolute certainty that it will last that long - so far it looks promising, as I have not noticed any colour fade after 4 washes. Overall I am very happy with the ease of application and the grey coverage. If there is any criticism I have, is that I think Clairol could include a bit more colour and activator product per box. One box is really only enough for the obvious areas of regrowth, and it would be good to be able to go over the roots of most of your scalp . Given that there is quite a bit of packaging and plastic involved (the brush, gloves, tray etc) per box, I personally would not be comfortable buying two boxes and throwing more packaging/tools into landfill.
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Boom Best Touch up

So easy to use. For a busy bee Mother. This is your product. I love the special comb that glides through the roots and the roots only. I highly recommend. The best part is.... 15 mins only... Touch up and do whatever chore and boom... you are done.
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Uncomplicated and easy.

I found this very easy to use, and a ideal solution to get you through while not able to get hairdresser ,my hair feels good and happy with colour blending.