Clarins Joli Rouge Satin

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Clarins Joli Rouge Satin is the new generation of Joli Rouge lipsticks that offers all the benefits of a skin care product, protecting lips while maintaining a radiant finish and long-lasting hold. To put a beautiful smile on your face, Joli Rouge Satin comes in 16 shades and contains a duo of unique plant extracts: cold-pressed organic Camellia Oil, known for its exceptional nutritional qualities, and fair-trade sector organic Shea Butter, famous for its nourishing and comforting benefits. This product has been reformulated as of September 2023.


Clarins Joli Rouge Satin


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Super hydrating lipstick, gorgeous colours

This is a super hydrating lipstick that stays out. I was super impressed with this lipstick, I love clarins products they are always high quality and this lipstick was no exception. It’s a little pricey at just under $60.00 but well worth it for the results. It leaves my lips really hydrated, glides on easily and my lips feel soft and smooth, it’s so comfortable to wear and lasts for ages, even after having a coffee. It comes in 16 gorgeous shades so it’s easy to find a colour to suit everyone, I love the nude shades they are so flattering. It’s packaged beautifully and feels like a luxe treat in its gold canister. Love this lipstick, I would love to try it in a few different colours

757s Nude Brick

I recently purchased this Clarins lipstick in the shade 757s Nude brick. It's a deeper nudey colour which I feel goes with everything that I wear. It's got a really creamy formula and feels so nice on the lips. It's like butter. It stays on for quite a while considering it's a lipstick with a satin finish. I find that's it a very hydrating lipstick and even once the colour has worn off my lips still feel like they have lipbalm on them and they feel very nourished which I was surprised by as it's just a lipstick but it has quite good ingredients.