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Colgate Optic White High Impact White toothpaste contains 2 per cent hydrogen peroxide, a whitening ingredient dentists use to visibly whiten teeth by up to four shades. The formula delivers best results when used twice a day for at least a period of six weeks.


Colgate Optic White High Impact White


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Good Product

Great product. A little strong when I first started using it but now I'm used to it. It is a little abrasive but overall leaves a good clean feel in the mouth and hopefully it's whitening my teeth at the same time.
This product does in fact make your teeth whiter, however, I would not recommend to people with sensitive teeth! The taste is a bit funny and doesn't leaving me feeling as fresh as a traditional toothpaste but does the job. I found it made me sneeze a little bit but that's probably just me!
Colgate has been around for as long as I can remember so if I am going to whiten my teeth it’s a brand that I can trust. I brush my teeth twice a day using an electric toothbrush and have regular dental check ups so my teeth are in pretty good condition but I just wanted to freshen them up. I used Optic White High Impact White toothpaste over a 6-week period and found that my teeth did look brighter and slightly whiter. I happy with the results and it didn’t make my teeth sensitive.
Well, what can you say about a toothpaste other than it works or it doesn’t work.  I’ve used a number of Colgate toothpastes so I naturally switched to the Colgate Optic White High Impact White when I decided my teeth could do with a bit of an extra boost in the whitening department.    I look after my teeth by brushing them twice daily with an electric toothbrush and I have six monthly checks with my dentist.  My downfall is coffee which tends to stain teeth a little so I took up the six week challenge to see if by using the High Impact White toothpaste my teeth would look visibly whiter.    I love the taste of the toothpaste which leaves my mouth feeling super clean and fresh.  When brushing, the toothpaste foams up nicely and stays foamy during the brushing process which I like because it feels like something is happening.    I used the toothpaste morning and night for six weeks noticing small improvements in the whiteness along the way.  I might not have achieved 4 shades visibly whiter teeth but the couple of shades whiter was enough to convince me to keep using the toothpaste.    So, yes, the Colgate Optic White High Impact White toothpaste produces whiter teeth but I suppose it’s up to the individual as to what degree of whiteness they want to achieve and for how long they want to use the toothpaste.   
I like this Colgate product - i'm not 100% sure that i have seen a huge difference, but it definitely leaves my mouth feeling fresh, clean and ready to tackle the day. It has a nice flavour and isn't too strong or burning. I also like the packaging, it just feels nice to use.
I’m usually a Colgate girl but my teeth were getting yellow even when using their whitening products so I decided to give the Oral B a go. After about 3 weeks of use I noticed my teeth were definitely whiter.  The toothpaste has a great minty taste that isn’t overpowering and doesn’t have that horrible artificial taste that a lot have. It gives my teeth a really good clean when used with my electric toothbrush. It doesn’t over lather, it just feels nice.  I really love the large lid, it is perfect for standing in my cupboard out of the way.
This definitely makes the teeth a lot whiter after a few uses.  I love using this before a night out. It doesn’t leave the breath too fresh or give off a strong minty scent but it definitely whitens which is what it describes. It still does a good job in cleaning. 
I have a real love/hate relationship with this product. When it first launched, my husband and I purchased it religiously for about two years. Why, you ask? While it made our teeth look clean and brighter, the taste and bad breath it creates was a massive turn off. We have since purchased a few more tubes after forgetting about he bad breath situation and so we are using a fresh breath toothpaste as well as this one to counteract the problem (& hopefully brighten our teeth again in the process).
I have tried many products like this and took claims with a pinch of salt.  I might add that I have tried most of them and they end up in the recycle. Here's one that really does the job. This one really works - you can see the difference in a couple of days.  With this product Colgate excels.  A pleasant surprise.
wow! what a product! I've struggled in the past with teeth whitening products, but this one is the bomb-diggity! I used it for about 4 weeks, twice a day and noticed amazing results. My teeth were about 3-4 shades visibly whiter. Another benefit I found was that my skin looked much more vibrant! I also found that the toothpaste didn't cause my teeth to become sensitive which is a massive plus! do yourself a favour and go and buy it!
I quite like this toothpaste. The formula is thick but not too grainy or harsh on my teeth and I do notice that the paste has been effective in slowly whitening my teeth with regular use (morning and night). I have sensitive teeth and I find that this toothpaste hasn't made them feel sensitive or irritated them. The paste has a light, minty flavour which isn't too strong and my mouth always feel fresh after using this! I have used it in combination with a whitening mouthwash.
Ive tried quite a few teeth whitening products and none have worked. This is the first one where I've seen some improvement so I'd definitely buy it again! My teeth weren't as white as they would be by getting professional teeth whitening but for the price I paid I was more than happy with the results.
I was very keen to try this product to see if it works. The toothpaste was thick and taste was a bit strong but I was ok with it. Use it for a week but didn’t see any results. However, I continued to use and definitely see the difference after few weeks. I definitely prefer to use the colgate whitening toothpaste then visit my dental office once every few months.
Colgate and I just don't get along. Their regular toothpastes always result in me having a toothache a few days after using I start using it, which goes away as soon as I switch to a different toothpaste. This whitening has the same effect. As a toothpaste, it's just not great. As a whitening agent, I found no real results either. I will admit, I'm a massive tea-drinker, but that is exactly why I turn to whitening toothpastes. It tastes fine, fresh even, and not too chemically like many other teeth-whitening products. But it's not effective, and therefore, I will not repurchase.
I was given this product to try, and i really liked it. Not only did my teeth feel clean and fresh i noticed they were a bit whiter too not a huge difference in  colour but a little bit whiter. The toothpaste didn't make my teeth sensitive like some other whitening brands. Really affordable too,
I got great results from this toothpaste, although after using it for around 8 weeks now I have found my teeth have been quite sensitive to hot/cold. Definitely something I would use for a quick brighten up when needed, but not as an everyday toothpaste so to avoid the sensitivity issue.
I know...toothpaste isn't exactly a glam or exciting item to get into,after all,it's just toothpaste right ? Well yes,that's true,BUT not until you notice a smile that looks a little more "dentist avoiding coffee addict" than "Hollywood starlet" do you realise that "yep,teeth are an important part of your overall look". Colgate,a brand that has looked after many a generation of teeth..from bubs first tooth to little old ladies / men,has now given us the Optic White range to ensure that our teeth get a dentist style clean without the expense or downtime. The Optic White High Impact White toothpaste is totally fabulous at keeping your teething sparkling white...thanks to the addition of 2 per cent hydrogen peroxide (the one and the same ingredient that a dentist uses to give you blindingly white chompers,only in a much more reserved dose). I noticed a difference within only a few days of daily brushing (and after many weeks of use,yes,i have noticed that whiteness becoming more and more defined.Even my hubby,who couldn't care less about toothpaste,told me to get this all the time now,as even HE has seen his less than great teeth become something he is proud to smile widely with..a true testament to this product if ever there was one. Now,what about the taste of this...surely if it contains peroxide,it is going to be horrific yes ? NOOOO..The taste is great (a strong,yet not overpowering,fresh mint,that leaves your mouth feeling fresh,clean and ready your close up) which is a massive plus (be honest,if it didn't taste great,or worse,tasted like some of those Baking Soda varieties,who would use it ? ) and can we just say, the packaging is gorgeous (and i mean GORGEOUS.All pearly red with white lettering and a hit of blue for impact.I know it's trivial,but it does somehow make for a little bit more excitement when the packaging is visually appealing as well as the product working. Now for the good part...the price:at around $10 (hunt around,or get it on special) for 140gms,this is a beauty bargain.It will gently lift stains,clean your teeth / gums and mouth (and give you fresh,"get up close" breath),leaving you with a smile that you will be flaunting all over the place (and a smile truly is the most beautiful thing you can wear). TIP:This is not an overnight results do need to be a little patient.But,AM and PM use,for a couple of weeks,WILL give you a whiter,brighter smile that will have you applying that blue based red lippy and dazzling them (almost) out in space.
Let's just say Jennifer Hawkins smile can be convincing. I mean who doesn't love them some pearly whites? I just went to my nearest supermarket or you can go to a chemist (they are basically everywhere). Just use this as you brush your teeth like normal and even after the first few uses you can see a shiner and brighter result. It has a cooling taste and it's pretty much your average super whitening toothpaste. It's pretty simple but the results are worth every penny you pay.
I really like the colgate optic white range and love this high impact white toothpaste. it does visibly whiten teeth, however I wish it made teeth  a couple more shades whiter for a more noticeable impact. However its a great budget friendly way to get whiter teeth without the expense of professional whitening at the dentist. I can see my teeth brighter after using it and it has a pleasant taste, it foams really well and as you just brush as normal its easy to use. This toothpaste created no sensitivity which is a huge bonus as many whitening products cause irritation. This provides pretty good results and I would recommend it for a brighter smile
I've been purchasing the Colgate Optic White toothpaste for years now and it is one of the only products that have ever found a permanent place in my bathroom. I've always looked after my teeth well but due to natural aging and my love of a morning coffee, I found I was getting some mild discoloration to my usually pearly whites. Not something I wanted in my mid 20s! I purchased the Colgate Optic White toothpaste initially as I needed to fix this situation. I was already a fan of the Optic White whitening pen and figured I may as well add in the toothpaste for extra day to day maintenance in between the occasional whitening treatment. The Optic White toothpaste comes packaged in a red and white cardboard box with elegant silver accents. The toothpaste is dispensed from an easy to use squeeze tube with a handy flip top lid. The paste is white and a little runnier in texture than most toothpastes I've used. I found you only need a tiny pea sized amount of this toothpaste as it is quite strong and foams up exceptionally well.  It has a slightly gritty/abrasive texture while brushing which helps in the removal of light stains. After brushing, I found my teeth are left feeling cooled,refreshed and squeeky clean. I felt more confident after the first use! My teeth just looked brighter.   Although I doubt it will  dramatically whiten heavily discolored teeth, I find it works well to lighten 2 to 3 shades which was more than enough for me. With continued use, my teeth are kept bright and shiny whilst feeling thoroughly cleaned and refreshed I have sensitive teeth and have never had a problem with this toothpaste! I would recommend this to anyone wanting moderate whitening that isnt harsh at all. Safe for daily use.