COVERGIRL Bombshell Powder Brow Liner

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COVERGIRL Bombshell Powder Brow Liner is a brow and liner duo that can be used to fill in sparse areas of the eyebrow and create soft definition above and below the lower lash line.


COVERGIRL Bombshell Powder Brow Liner


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Messy application but good color.

Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of this brow liner. The only thing I loved about it was the colour since I have really light eyebrows and I need to paint them every day. Before opening the bottle, I had to shake it well and that is when the troubles started. I opened the bottle and the powder was covering not just the applicator but also my vanity and hands. The next day, I was wiser and opened the powder more carefully. I was actually able to apply it on my brows and then discovered that my cheeks and under eyelids were also covered with the powder. Over different days, I tried to apply it again but always failed and gave up. The colour on my brows was really good though and seemed to last so it was really unfortunate that the application was so horrendous.