COVERGIRL Lip Gloss Lipslicks Smoochies

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COVERGIRL Lip Gloss Lipslicks Smoochies is a moisturising lip balm that coats the lips with a sheer colour. The non-sticky formula features shea butter, cocoa, mango and aloe to hydrate the lips and leave them feeling smooth and nourished.

Available in three shades.


COVERGIRL Lip Gloss Lipslicks Smoochies


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Such a nice lip balm with a hint of colour! Pros: - moisturising - keeps lips hydrated and looking pretty - great for natural looking makeup - not sticky - nice shades Cons: - needs reapplying more often than some lipstick (which I don't mind as some long lasting lipsticks can be too drying) - maybe needs more shades (or my locals stores don't sell enough?) Great product and I'd be repurchasing this one!
I absolutely love love love love this lip balm! I suspect it may have been discontinued, as I can no longer find it at Priceline or anywhere else. I have bought the red shade multiple times, and I love to use it both as an everyday lip balm or as a top coat to refresh my red lipstick.
This is a delicious lip gloss and lipstick done right! I really like that it's not sticky and the feeling of applying it on my lips is luxurious.  The first thing I liked about the Covergirl lip gloss lipslick smoochies is the packaging. It comes in a twist up tube and easily glides on smooth while the colour quality is pigmented perfectly. It doesn't take more than a couple of swipes to achieve a soft glossy shine that's very attractive on the lips. They also feels extremely hydrating and when you put it on it actually stays on feeling comfortable on my lips. The Covergirl lip gloss lipslick smoochies offers a high moisturising formula and comes in three suitable shades for a huge variety of skin tones. So affordable, it fits into any handbag for an on the go touch up and hit of hydration for the lips. A great price for a quality lasting product. 
Smells yummy and perfect for a natural yet lovely pop of colour!  I've been using the shade "C U L8R", its such a sweet scented, girly lip gloss, its so diverse to use and literally goes with everything. It's like a pale bubble gum pink shade that smells as good as it looks. I love the intense and flirty shine that this lip gloss gives me, and it is super convenient to take around with me for regular touch ups. One of my favourite features of this product is that unlike other lipsticks and lip glosses, this does not dry out my lips in fact the stay plump and hydrated, never causing pesky white marks on my lips. They really help my pout look it's very best, so its a must have right before taking selfies! I recommend really using a generous amount on your lips (the more the merrier!), the lip gloss stays on quite well, but be warned after eating/drinking you will need to put on some more! For people will super cracked (or bleeding!) lips they might cause a bit of irritation and I recommend using some coconut oil or paw-paw ointment on your lips first to really protect and shield your lips, restoring them to health before trying this shiny delight. If your lips are just a little bit on the dry and parched side though, this lip gloss will really soothe them and make your lips super moisturised. My lips are usually on the dry side, but I feel so much better when I use this lip gloss, my lips feel softer than ever. For a lip gloss it's just such superb quality, there are tons of colours to choose from that suit many different skin tones and complexions, a great buy for literally everyone! At under $5 why not try them all, I'm so excited to try the others colours and I'm just as certain they'll be as lovely as the one I'm currently using. For a budget friendly, long lasting, super cuter lip gloss. these Covergirl Smoochies are heaven! They make your lips SMOOCHABLE!
I love it!! The colour is natural and beautiful, texture is great too and it  goes on smoothly and feels great!!.  I bought the colour, Luv U at my local Priceline store on sale....This has to one of my best buys. Its super moisturizing, kinda like a chap stick and lip gloss in one. I will definitely purchase it again.