COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

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COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is a hydrating, high-coverage foundation that gives the complexion a natural and dewy finish. The vitamin-infused formula works to conceal imperfections and nourish and moisturise the skin for up to 24 hours.


COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation


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From memory, this is the first Covergirl foundation I have ever tried, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I originally purchased this product because of the vitamin infusion and SPF. I consider it to be a dewy, medium coverage foundation. I think it provides quite a natural look, although having oily skin I did find that it oxidised a little and I did have to use powder over the top. Overall I think this is a good product for the price and will definitely consider repurchasing it. This foundation would be best suited to those with dry/combination skin. 
The packaging for the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir foundation is a lovely glass bottle, however I feel the high-end feel is ruined by the cheap clear plastic lid. The foundation itself is thick and creamy in consistency. It applied well and smoothed out quite nicely. My problem was the colour is wrong for me. I tried Ivory and the undertone was far to pinky orange for me - my skin is more yellow in undertone. The finish is very dewy which is quite nice, although it never felt like it fully dried down on my skin. This left it feeling slightly tacky while wearing. I would definitely powder over the top of this one. I would recommend for someone with dry skin and is looking for a dewy, full coverage foundation. Personally, I think there are better options for this style of foundation.
After reading all the hype on social media about this I was excited to buy and bought the lightest shade Ivory (blind buy online, no swatch possible) and wow, was I disappointed!  In what universe is this "Ivory"?.  It is a very dark pinky-orange foundation and I am struggling to make it work, even with shade adjusting drops.  The pros are most definitely the packaging, it looks lovely and has a pump and secure overcap so it's great for travel.  I'd rate the coverage to be an easy medium and I like the slightly dewy, satin finish.  It lasted for a decent amount of hours, with a little breaking up around my nose and mouth (normal skin) but not sure it would cope with oily skin.  The cons are the colour range and the fragrance, especially the colour range!
Skin type dry/fine lines. This has quickly become one of my everyday go to foundations, easy to blend with a brush or sponge, doesn’t settle into fine lines, would recommend for any age, great coverage, light weight on the skin, Hold up on the skin well all day.
First of all the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation packaging is gorgeous. It gives off a high end vibe. The pump was also really easy to use and it was easy to control the amount of product you needed so I found I didn't have any wastage. At first I thought the colour I had chosen may be a little too dark but the colour actually seemed to lighten up once applied to the skin and was the perfect match. The foundation blends really easily and is full coverage even with 2 small pumps. I also found the foundation is build-able for even more coverage if required. Once applied it felt lightweight which was great. I always set my foundation so once I set with setting powder the foundation lasted the full day.  All in all I really liked this product and it will be on my repurchase list.
I didn't expect too much of the product as it's not a brand that I would usually use - but i was pleasantly surprised! Nice and dewy it was easy to apply, and it was a medium type coverage. Unfortunately it isnt as smudge proof as its quite a wet foundation and needs some kind of setting powder to ensure longevity. Overall a nice, easy foundation to use as an everyday.
I really liked Covergirls Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation. Good value for money. Nice application, subtle frangrance. Doesn’t set straight away so you can build colour and spread evenly. Definitely wouldn’t last 24 hours even with a setting powder. But really lovely feel on the skin. A+ that it has a sun protection factor definitely a daytime foundation base. I would recommend but not to someone that has breakouts as it won’t be enough coverage.
The Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation was a nice foundation base. Love the spf factor. Easy application and is buildable to a more solid coverage. I found that I needed a powder to set or there wasn’t as much staying power as I prefer. Lightly frangranced. Would use again
Covergirl is not usually a brand I reach for when looking for a new foundation however I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is great and love a pump on foundations. There is a strong fragrance to this foundation which reminds me of the All Hours YSL Foundation. I'm not a fan of fragrances in foundation so knew that I was going to have to really love this to continue. Once I started applying my views quickly changed, it is extremely full coverage without being cakey and doesn't have too much of a Matte finish. If you like long wearing full coverage foundation, this is definitely for you! This lasts longer than my $60-$80 foundations and has become my go to.
I am loving the new Covergirl packaging. The pump of the foundation has a twist lock and always a win for me. The actual foundation has a slight floral scent but nothing unpleasant. It's lightweight on the skin but still buildable. I have fairly oily skin and I still needed to use a mattifying primer but this foundation allows me to achieve a glowy foundation without me ending up looking oily. While this isn't a foundation I'll wear on the daily in warmer weather it's one I'll be reaching for regularly in the winter.
The foundation has a subtle floral/fresh fragrance which I didn't mind. The liquid was very nice to apply to the skin. It seemed to glide on evenly and smoothly. After applying the foundation, it appeared to have a good medium coverage that looked natural. The foundation gives my skin a smooth, dewy glow, which is the style of foundation I tend to like. For a more matte look or buildable coverage, you could apply some powder to set. I chose to put a second layer over my more blemished areas and it covered reasonably well. By the end of the day, my skin still felt soft, moisturised and smooth, with only having worn away a little. I was happy to see my skin didn't appear oily.  One issue I found disappointing was that the "classic ivory" was not a typical ivory makeup colour. It appeared a shade darker, with a warmer tone, and just didn't quite match my skin tone.  Overall, I liked this foundation due to the texture and dewy look, but was disappointed in the shade of ivory. I'd recommend this for anyone who likes a light, dewy, natural foundation and who wants an easy makeup routine, with all their BB cream/elixir & SPF rolled into one!  My skin: Fair skin tone, freckles, blemishes, combination skin.
Covergirl is not a brand that I would usually pick up so I had no expectation the first time using this. To my surprise, this is actually a really nice foundation! Consistency, tick. SPF, tick. Light to medium coverage, tick. Lasting throughout the day, tick. Natural and healthy looking skin, tick! Overall a really good product and I would consider purchasing it again when run out. The only downside is the packaging feels a bit cheap and too plastic-like, for the price I would expect something a little nicer than this. Oh and did I mention that this foundation has a nice subtle scent which I do like!
The Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation has to be one of the most luxe looking drugstore foundations I have ever seen. The packaging is gorgeous and really functional with the twist lock pump. The product itself smells beautiful and is really easy to blend out. I love that the coverage was buildable and even when I had achieved full coverage it still felt really light and breathable. The product lasted well over the day and did not leave me oily or cause my skin to break out. The colour did oxidise on me however, and I think the shade range is a little limited. I did enjoy this foundation overall and I would repurchase.
I didn’t have any expectations for this foundation, as I didn’t know a lot about it. As it turned out, I really liked it! It provided a good amount of coverage without being too cakey and I found that it lasted a good amount of time and didn’t become oily. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good everyday foundation.
I wanted to love this, i really did, but... The coverage is lovely.  It gives a really nice, natural, dewy coverage, whilst still hiding all the things you want it to.  And a little goes a long way. And the packaging makes it seem like a reall high end product. But.... It is extremely highly perfumed.  And it's a perfume that doesn't wear off quickly. It dries really quickly, so can be hard to blend.   A damp sponge makes blending easier, but it isn't foolproof. And the final thing for me was an almost instantaneous mild allergic reaction. I think there are better products out there for your money
If you need a long wear foundation that doesn't rub off this is a good go-to.  I mainly use a tinted moisturiser for everyday foundation so I normally don't wear a lot of make up day to day.  However there are the times where you need a full coverage / something to last the whole day and night - this cover girl was perfect. I was able to even put all my usual products from my daily routine (serum, moisturizer and then suncream combo) under the Covergirl foundation and I didn't get oily or shiny (like I often do on my forehead).  I have had quite a few compliments on how nice my skin looked, without anyone saying that they noticed I was wearing different make up to usual. The scent of the foundation is also really fresh. Makes you instantly feel more dressed up. Will def be getting this again
Love this foundation. It went on like a dream and a little goes a long way. The coverage is great without feeling cakey or thick. It’s also very light and comfortable to wear and feels moisturising on the skin. Highly recommend and I will keep using for a long time.
I am really enjoying the new Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir foundation. It is easy to apply and blends out nicely with a brush or sponge. It left my skin looking smooth, hydrated and glowy while still having a good medium buildable coverage that covers redness. I personally have skin on the dry side and found it lasted quite well over the day. The colour match for me was good but unfortunately it did oxidise 1-2 shades darker, so something to keep in mind when choosing a shade.
I have quite mixed thoughts when it comes to this foundation. I think the packaging is nice for drugstore and convenient with a twist lock cap. The application on my dry skin was a breeze, and it gave me a nice dewy, good medium coverage. Honestly, it looks really nice on the skin if you can get a shade match. It definitely is fragranced, but I didn't mind it. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the shade range and "Ivory" is really quite dark and very pink. To make matters worse, it oxidised quite a bit. It also wasn't the most comfortable foundation. It felt heavy on my skin and I could definitely feel it when it was on. It also absolutely has to be set with powder because it is so tacky. I have dry skin, so if I have to powder a natural, dewy kind of foundation, I feel like it defeats the purpose. It isn't a terrible foundation, but I think you can definitely do much better. I will 100% reach for L'Oreal Pro Glow or Bourjois Healthy Mix over Healthy Elixir for a healthy, natural foundation. Plus, compared to those two it looks a lot more textured, like you are definitely wearing makeup, which doesn't really gel with the branding. The Bottom Line: the heavy, tacky feel and very dark/pink ivory shade means it is a no from me, but the application, coverage and finish are quite nice.
I love this foundation! Such a great alternative to the BB creams I was previously using. This product has great coverage and a smooth finish without being sticky. Smells lovely too. I love that it has vitamins and SPF ( I only wish it was SPF 50 instead of 20). It left my skin glowing and stayed on all through the day. A lot of other foundations tend to make my break out and this one hasn't at all so I am very happy! Highly recommend this to everyone.