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Crop Cosmetics Intense Moisturising Hand Cream

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Crop Cosmetics Intense Moisturising Hand Cream is a hand cream that is infused with avocado and essential oils to moisturise hands and cuticles. It contains no parabens, phthalates or sulphates and is derived from 95 per cent natural ingredients.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus Certified Organic, ethically sourced ingredients, sustainable practices, free from common synthetic irritants and cruelty free.


Crop Cosmetics Intense Moisturising Hand Cream


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I loved the super lightweight feel of this hand cream, its fine and silky, not rich and heavy so it sinks into hands really quickly and easily. its really moisturising and I like to reapply it several times a day. it comes at a great price so its super economical and the flip top tube is easy to use. it contains avocado and essential oils which are great for nourishing my nails and cuticles and I love that its all natural. it doesnt leave my hands feeling greasy and oily after use which I love and it has a really nice pleasant natural scent. I really loved this crop cosmetics hand cream, I will be buying it again and would recommend it.
The lotion smells really nice & is quite cheap for quite a large sized bottle which I was impressed with. I found that it is quite runny though and not as "creamy" as I would have liked. It still rubs in really well and leaves my hands feeling pretty soft. I quite like this product.
I love hand creams and use them every day and it’s something I have been doing for many years because my mum always said ‘your hands and neck will be the first things to give away your age’. And, of course, she was right, as mothers tend to be.    The Crop Cosmetics Intense Moisturising Hand Cream is quite thin in consistency.  I’m used to thick, rich hand creams so I have to remember to be careful when squeezing out this product.   When applied to my hands, the cream absorbs very quickly and almost immediately is dry to the touch.  There is no greasy or tacky feeling, so I can go about my business straight away without having to wait for the hand cream to dry.    WhenI apply hand cream I like to give my hands, cuticles and wrists a bit of a massage as well.  My hands then feel deeply nourished and hydrated, soft and supple. This hand cream is infused with avocado and essential oils to moisturize but what I particularly like is that the fragrances really come alive during my pampering session.  I love fragrances in skincare so the calming scents of lavender, cedarwood and citrus have me wanting more.    The Crop Cosmetics Intense Moisturising Hand Cream is packaged in a coffee coloured tube with a black flip-top lid, and holds 125ml of product.  This is a handy size for carrying in a handbag so the hand cream can be reapplied during the day.    My hands are in good condition from years of using hand creams so I can’t comment on whether this particular hand cream is nourishing enough for very dry hands but the only way to find out is to try it for yourself.  
The things I love about this product: The smell - for me the cedarwood, lavender and citrus smells really stand out How soft my hands instantly feel after I use it  Quick absorption - It feels very light weight on my hands and there is no oily residue so I can go straight back to typing  Pretty packaging - I love having it sit on my desk  No parabens, sulphates or phthalates - it has a lot of naturally derived ingredients Not tested on animals - this is something I always look for in a product  Affordable, really it's a great price for such a nice product  Other comments:  I find it quite runny so when I squeeze it out of the bottle I have to be careful that not too much runs out. 
I don't think this is an intensely moisturizing  product- it does hydrate short term and absorb very well, but it is quite thin so I didn't find the moisturising effect lasted more than a few hours. I do think this is good for day use or on the go, as it is easy to dispense, quick to rub into skin and doesn't leave the hands feeling heavy with product, greasy or oily.  I didn't see any real effect on my cuticles as it claims, I think a heavier, thicker moisturiser is better on cuticles.
I received this in a recent Health Parcel. I am not in the habit of using hand creams in general simply due to the ones I have tried taking a long time to absorb and usually leaving my hands feeling sticky or greasy so was hesitant to try initially as I expected similar results from this. My hands were quite dry at the time so it wasn't long before I was reaching for this tube. The Crop hand cream comes in a nice natural tan coloured flip top lid tube. The scent is quite pleasant-citrusy and earthy with a hint of lavender. The cream itself isn't as thick as most hand creams I've used-its more like a lotion consistency. It is easy to apply,you just need to be a little careful while dispensing as it is runnier than expected. I was surprised how quick it absorbed-my hands soaked it up pretty much instantly and were left feeling hydrated ,smooth and soft and best of all-no oily residue or stickiness! I'm usually quite underwhelmed with hand creams so don't bother to use them after a few initial tries .They generally just end up lost in my bedside table. The Crop hand Cream however has not been lost and forgotten.I take it everywhere in my bag and use it most days and while out and about. I love the scent,how fast it absorbs and the natural ingredients. Finally-a hand cream I actually enjoy using! Pros Super fast absorption No oily or sticky residue Hydrates and Nourishes Natural Ingredients and earthy scent Cons More a lotion than a cream so may not be moisturising enough for very dry hands I'd recommend this for anyone who wants an affordable, quick absorbing natural hand cream that hydrates and softens and is enjoyable to use .