Cutex Nail Polish Remover Moisture Guard

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Cutex Nail Polish Remover Moisture Guard is a nail polish remover for dry nails that helps seal in moisture and protect against nail breakage. Featuring new nail whitening technology, the formula also helps restore the colour of nails. Contains acetone.


Cutex Nail Polish Remover Moisture Guard


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As I use nail polish remover every week I was excited to try this one. I found that it removed the nail polish with ease and didn't leave my cuticles dry and flaky. . I have no issue with the acetone in it as without it, the polish does not get removed quick enough however with the extra ingredients this combats the dryness. I would definitely repurchase.
I have dry skin so many nail polish removers (especially with acetone) made the skin around my nails feel withered and dried the nails out. This definitely adds a bit of hydration at the same time as being very effective and quick at actually removing nail polish. Don't have to rub and rub, very easy application and comes straight off, and the smell isn't too bad.
As a Practice Manager in a Podiatry clinic nail polish remover is one of our most used products. We need our nail polish remover to work efficiently, gently and with little odour. The Cutex moisture guard nail polish remover fits the bill beautifully. We have tried out many different brands over the last few years and we keep going back to the Cutex range for its affordability, effectiveness and availability. I am regularly recommending it to our patients and believe I should be asking for a commission from Cutex as we have definitely boosted their sales!
For nail polish removers this ones pretty good. Really gentle on the nail and cuticles.  But what I like the best is that I normally get dry skin from holding the cotton ball, haven't had that issue with this product. For the cheaper price point it's one worthy of the bathroom drawer
I can't fault this nail polish remover, I love all Cutex removers as they have got a child resistant cap, and with a toddler in the house that is pretty convenient. It removes the polish quickly, painlessly, doesn't spread the polish all over the fingers ( how I hate it!). I don't mind the inclusion of acetone at all, it works faster thanks to that. The remover doesn't dry out my cuticles, always in my bathroom cabinet.