Cutex Nail Polish Remover Nourishing

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Cutex Nail Polish Remover Nourishing is a nail polish remover for dry nails. Enriched with vitamins, moisturisers and new nail whitening technology, the solution also nourishes and restores nails. Contains acetone.


Cutex Nail Polish Remover Nourishing


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I don’t wear a lot of nail polish but when I do I like to ensure that the polish wipes away cleanly when I want to remove it.  I seem to have used Cutex forever and I find the Cutex Nail Polish Remover Nourishing works well for me.    The scent of the nail polish remover doesn’t bother me but the child-proof cap is a bit annoying at times.  I don’t know why but I’ve always had trouble trying to open child-proof caps.    What I do like is that this product doesn’t dry out my nails and that my nails are left feeling nourished.  I have very white nails because I hardly ever wear nail polish so I love that the Cutex Nail Polish Remover Nourishing contains a whitening technology that leaves my nails looking just as white as they were before I applied the nail polish.    This is a very effective nail polish remover that is great value for money and one which I recommend.  
I just love Cutex polish removers they have been around forever they are kind to nails, easy to use and easy to buy even at the local supermarket at a great price. I do my nails at home, I love doing them and find it relaxing and enjoy choosing from all the fabulous polishes and colours available. I was very happy with how quickly this polish focused on whitening the nail as I do have a problem with yellowing of the nail bed, not attractive at all. Overall a really great result removing polish and maintaining the integrity of my nails.
Yes, Yes and Yes!  Yes to a nail polish remover that works amazingly! One cotton bud and a quick wipe, no staining of my nails either!  Yes to it being gentle and actually leaving my nails feeling good after removing polish, not dried out! This is thanks to the vitamins and moisturisers it has inside it which work!  Yes to it not stinking out my whole bathroom! The smell is a lot more pleasant that other removers I've used.  Highly recommend! 
Oh yes! Finally a nail polish remover that actually does it job. It was a bit drying on my nails and therefore I didn't notice the vitamins and moisturisers in it. I gave it 3 stars because there were two flaws: firstly,  the scent wasn't flattering and other people were able to notice the smell in the room even hours after I had used it; secondly, the cap - half of the time I was struggling with opening the bottle (note to self, do not buy anything with child lock when there are no kids in the household).
I find that this nail polish remover does a good job without stripping my nails. I find that I need to hold the soaked cotton ball on my nail for longer to make sure it has time to work, but I'd prefer that to having dry brittle nails for harsher products. Good value and would recommend.
Cutex nail polish remover is the only brand I trust to do it's job.   It is strong enough to remove varnish in one swoop but also gentle enough not to dry out skin or nails.  The scent of the remover is not too strong either so it is easy to use.
This is my favourite nail polish remover - it makes taking all nail polish (even red!) so easy and doesn't dry out my nails.
This is one of my favourite removers from the Cutex range. I have brittle nails that seem to peel and split, so I'm always on the lookout for a polish remover that is gentle on my nails, as well as nourishing, and I've found I get the best results from this.   Apart from removing my polish quickly and thoroughly, as you would expect it to do, even the harder to remove glitter polishes, the added bonus of the whitening formula is great, as I'm often guilty of not using a base coat, and find that before using the Nourishing remover, I was sometimes dealing with stained nails from the more pigmented and dark polishes. The stains are no longer a problem when using this remover.   Even though it contains acetone, I find that my nails still feel protected and don't seem to suffer due to the added moisturisers in this formula.  The child-proof bottle cap is essential to keep the little ones safe, but is easy to open following the directions on top. A great polish remover from a trusted brand, would recommend as value for money and effective, delivering what it states.  
This is my favourite nail polish remover. It removes polish efficiently and does not seem to dry out my nails as much. This one even manages to smell reasonably pleasant for a nail polish remover! When I try other brands I'm always disappointed and then I return to this little gem. I have recommended Cutex to my friends.
This product removes my nail polish quickly and effectively, and has a pleasant vanilla scent to it. It doesn't dry out your nails or cause them to be brittle and I like the fact that it's enriched with vitamins and moisturisers. With the whitening formula, it leaves your nails looking nice and white instead of yellow. Overall this is an excellent nail polish remover that isn't as harsh on your nails.
A product that I have always come back to because of its effectiveness, I find that it removes nail polish quickly and easily. Although it contains acetone I have found it to be gentle on my nails, and less harsh/drying than some of the other nail polish removers. A great value product that delivers!
This works great for removing nail polish and I never feel like it has damaged my nails!