Cutex Nail Polish Remover Strengthening

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Cutex Nail Polish Remover Strengthening is a nail polish remover for weak nails. Enriched with protein, vitamin B5 and new nail whitening technology, the solution also strengthens and restores nails. Contains acetone.


Cutex Nail Polish Remover Strengthening


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I tend to paint my own nails at home which means that I need a nail polish remover that will get everything off easily.  The Cutex nail polish remover works well, it helps to get everything off and it doesn't leave any colour behind.  I didnt notice any strengthening benefits from it but it gets the job done which is exactly what I need.
I love painted nails and hating removing it so I need something that works quickly and efficiently without drying my nails out. Cutex Nail Polish Remover Strengthening removes every last trace of polish and still leaves my nails in good condition. It is easy to use: tip on a cotton pad an off you go. Yes it stinks, lol.
This is a decent nail polish remover. It does what it's supposed to - remove nail polish. The 'strengthening' claim, however, is dubious at best. To be fair, nail polish remover only remains on your nails for a few seconds before it evaporates, so asking it to strengthen nails in that period is a tall order. When I'm not using my actual nail-strengthening base coat, I find my nails go back to their weak state, and this doesn't help. Back to its actual function of removing nail polish, this does a fine job. It's not the best I've used, but it does the job. It doesn't take too much solvent to remove regular polishes, but for darker colours and glittery polishes, I need to go over my nails twice to get the perfect clean. I'm not sure if it lives up to its whitening claims, because I still end up with a yellowish stain when I wear dark colours without a base, but maybe it is a tad better than usual. Just a tad, though. I don't like that it contains acetone. I'm also not a fan of the child-resistant twist cap, which might be the reason it evaporates more quickly than other brands, in spite of my twisting it securely.
This works great on regular nail polish, glitter polishes, and gel polishes. Its very gentle on nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. Even though it contains acetone the smell isn't overpowering. I cant however say it strengthened nails, it just doesn't cause any additional damage. I've been happy using it and as it a common brand its easy to find for purchase. I would happily recommend it.
i use this quite frequently,removes nail polish easily, doesn't have an overpowering smell ,i find it doesn't damage my skin making it dry a good product
Nail polish removers can be unpleasant to use and they often make your nails feel weaker than before you used it but this product is a great option. It easily strips away the nail polish from your nails and doesn't leave them feeling weak. The smell is not too overpowering but it still smells like nail polish remover so use it in a well ventilated area so you don't knock yourself out. I don't know if I believe the strengthening claims though. Overall a decent nail polish remover that will last you a while.
This is a staple in my bathroom. Excellent product and great price. It does the job quickly, efficiently and the its a trusted product thats been around forever :)
This is a great nail polish remover.  It's smell isn't overpowering, it works well to remove nail polish and the price is good.  I don't know that it does anything to actually strengthen nails, and I would go so far as to call it a gimmick.  But aside from that it is a good nail polish remover.
This is my one of my favourite nail polish removers because I can always depend on it to completely remove my nail polish without drying my nails. It is non-drying and doesn't make my nails feel rough or dehydrated. This remover is perfect for using on my fingers and my toes and all I do is dab some onto a cotton pad and then press onto my nails to remove the polish. I feel that by continually using this polish remover, my nails are in better condition and don't look and feel as dry as they normally do. Pros: -works well to remove the most stubborn polish Cons: -can smell like the typical nail polish remover, so don't inhale Tip: -to remove glitter or mutli coats of nail polish, take another cotton pad and saturate the pad with this remover and press down on nails, apply some cuticle cream or cuticle oil onto nails and cuticles after using to keep nails in top condition after using a nail polish remover Recommendation: -this is an easily affordable nail polish remover that can be used to remove all types of nail varnish.
This is a tried and true good Ol' basic nail polish remover. It does exactly that - removes nail polish. It's claim to 'strengthen' is probably pushing it too far, but if you want something that will effectively remove your polish, this stuff works.  It does however contain acetone, known to dry out nails and have a strong odour.  I've found the bottle to last a long time and repurchased many times. 
A trusted brand and a product that always does what it says it will. This is my go-to polish remover. It gets everything off and doesn't leave the house smelling like a nail salon!
I always rotate using this brand and the Sally Hansen's streghtening nail polish. They are both great and it helps my nails become stronger after nail polish after nail polish.
This is a great nail polish remover! It does the job of removing the nail polish without much effort. I would highly recommend this as it's effective and leaves your nails clean and nourished!
I use this all the time, best product there is as my nails are so soft. I think over time it has given my nails abit of strength!
This is the only remover I use. Doesn't leave my nails feeling dry and weak.
I have been using this product for a long time. It cleans very well, and has helped my nails become stronger. It does leave the nails a little dry, so I follow with some coconut oil. I would recommend this product for everyone who has brittle nails.