Davidoff Cool Water Woman EDT

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Davidoff Cool Water Woman EDT is a pure and sensual fragrance for women, inspired by the power of the ocean. It features top notes of watermelon and pineapple; heart notes of lily of the valley; and base notes of wood and blackberry.


Davidoff Cool Water Woman EDT


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My first go to perfume. Fantastic for day wear and reasonably long lasting, I wear it for those days I’m running errands or heading out for a hike. Cool water is a clean and crisp scent that’s slightly masculine. I prefer more sophisticated and floral perfumes these days but keep buying this because the price is so cheap!
Davidoff Cool Water was the first perfume I ever owned. I find it to be a a refreshing, somewhat masculine scent. As mentioned by others, it is cool and crisp and has a great price point. It is long lasting, but probably better for day rather than nighttime use. As I have aged I have found perfumes that I like a lot more, so for this reason I would not repurchase this product, but I do think it suits a younger audience. The bottle is lovely, so it would make a nice gift for a teenage girl. 
Davidoff Cool Water  has been around forever. it is a very fruity girly fragrance and can found everywhere which in my opinion takes away the specialness of the item. This can be picked up at a really cheap price and also in gift packs (Chemist Warehouse). i would more recommend for teenagers and early twenties that do not warrant an expensive perfume just yet but have out grown the cheap celebrity scents. This scent lasts quite well throughout the day especially in the Summer Months. For the price it is the perfect everyday perfume. Totally Recommend
I really love this clean beachy almost aftershave scent,  I would give it 5 stars if only it lasted longer,  unfortunately it disappears within a couple of hours.
Dqvidoff Cool Water is my favourite fragrance. Light scent yet long lasting. Perfect blend of fruity scents with woody notes. Love the beautiful blue bottle. Wonderful value for money for size of the bottle. Highly recommend.
I like this perfume because it is not over powering and smells really fresh...
Cool Water my signature scent! I've been using this perfume all throughout highschool after being drawn into its vibrant blue packaging (being as blue is my favourite colour), and have received countless compliments everytime I wear it. The longevity of this perfume is definitely long-lasting, and I would say that scent itself is very clean and has a somewhat masculine vibe to it, so if you are someone who prefers sweet, girly fragrance, this may not be the one for you. The scent of the perfume is definitely distinctive and it is one of those fragrances that remain timeless, and can be worn by all ages! Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing to either use it for themselves, or as a gift.
Lovely and timeless fragrance suitable for women of all ages.  Lasts all day and perfect for day wear.
I received a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water from my sister when I was still a teen. Whenever I wear this it makes me nostalgic for high school and my friends. The fragrance is fresh, cool, crisp and sporty. I wear a spritz of this on my wrist, and behind my ears and the fragrance lasts on me for several hours. I get compliments and enquiries regarding the fragrance I'm wearing from both men and women.  I wear the clean and refreshing fragrance during the warmer summer months and it is not at all overpowering. Sometimes I like to layer it under other fragrance to give the other fragrance a bit of a cooler texture. It goes well with other fragrance and I'm pleased with it.    I love the bright blue bottle it comes in. The pop of bright blue is definitely a mood booster and the bottle compliments the scent of the fragrance really well. The bottle reminds me of a giant rain drop carrying precious cool water. A bottle lasts me a couple of years so I think the price is great value for my money.  Pro  Cool, and refreshing scent  Fragrance is long lasting  Bottle of perfume compliments the fragrance inside  Great value for money 
This is a beautiful classic perfume for women for all ages! This is fresh and it's great for during the day or evening. It smells lovely on and definitely great as a signature scent!
This is my absolute favourite fragrance for summer! My sister was wearing one day and I loved so much I immediately went out and bought it. It is my go to scent for the hot summer days when I just feel like I need to feel fresh and light. It is mostly an aquatic scent but has notes of citrus and melon. Love it!!
Back in the day this was the fragrance you had to have! Twenty years later and I still keep coming back to it.  A refreshingly light and fresh fragrance that has become a classic.  It's like fresh clothes that have just come from the laundry that's how crisp and clean the scent is.  A perfect pairing for a hot, summer day, it cools the skin down (no pun intended).  It awakens your senses with its aquatic notes and makes you feel like you're at the beach.  Just relaxed and carefree for the everyday woman!
Cool Water is a classic perfume. The fragrance reminds of the beach. It is cool, fresh, clean and enlivens the soul. I love this fragrance. You know how a beautiful scent can take you back to remember a fond memory, that's how it is with Cool Water, it reminds me of summer, sand, seashells. It's a beautiful blue bottle reminding me of the ocean and clean crisp waves.  It's so fresh and inviting with a clean, zesty freshness of summer fruit.  I don't know, everytime I wear Cool Water, I want to walk along the beachside!  I recommend this perfume for a woman of any age who wants to distinguish herself as someone different and "cool". 
Davidoff cool water is one of the first perfumes I ever got when I was a teenager.  I loved the look of the bottle with the bright blue colour and simple packaging and the gorgeous fragrance to match.  The fragrance is fresh, clean and fruity.  It is one of those scents that I will always go back and never get sick of.  It has top notes of Melon and Pineapple which adds a bit of citrus to the scent as well as some floral notes of lotus and water lily.  The floral notes are very subtle as it is more of an aquatic scent.  It's uplifting and refreshing and perfect for any occasion.