Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream

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Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is a body moisturiser that helps restore and seal in moisture. Lactic acid and natural hydroxyl acid work to renew and smooth skin, while green tea extract and lavender, patchouli and orange essential oils  work to soothe and soften skin. Fragrance-free and colour-free.


Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream


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This body hydrating cream is so great- it has to be my favourite. It goes on so easily and so light, and it really absorbs into your skin. It doesnt leave a nasty residure and it doesnt make you sticky. It also leaves you feeling refreshed and light. It doesnt make you feel ichy or itchy. It smell really lovely too
I've tried the whole Dermalogica Body Therapy range and this and the body wash are the stand outs for me. Literally when I think of the scent of the hydrating body cream my head rolls back and I start to drool a little bit.. okay only slightly exaggerating. It smells so good, it's got notes of Lavender, Orange, Lemon extracts along with the herbal Clary Sage and Rosemary which just make me feel so relaxed and like I'm transported to a day spa. It's a nice lightweight body cream which is easily absorbed and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. Sometimes I find body lotions can sit on the skin and when you use them in the summer months they make you feel slippery and sweaty but this one rises above the rest and allows your skin to breathe. It's nice and nourishing and great to use to keep your skin in top condition, you can even use it as a hand cream as well. In winter my legs start to resemble a reptiles and this helps to combat that scaly and dry skin. It comes in a pump bottle which is very convenient and you can dispense the perfect amount. It is pricey, but if you're after a luxurious body cream this is the one!
Beauty for me, starts in my morning shower and continues on from there. The shower is where I lather up with beautifully scented body washes and scrubs, hair care products which ensure I get a great hair day every single day, and when I step out of the shower, before I dress, I nourish and pamper my damp skin with a body cream or lotion, so I have soft, silky and hydrated skin all over my body, not just my face. Mostly, I indulge myself with a gorgeous smelling body cream, but there are days when I don't want my moisturiser to compete with my perfume, which is when I reach for an unscented, but still luxurious, version such as this Dermalogica body hydrating cream. I have long been a fan of Dermalogica skin care products, they are  beautiful, affordable, and instantly effective products from an iconic Australian owned and made brand. This is the first body care product I've used from them, but I loved it straight from the first use. The size is hugely generous, the price is reasonable for how much product you get and how little you need to use each time, and it gives instant and long term results. After my morning shower, with still damp skin, I started massaging the cream into my body and in no time at all, I had covered my entire body. It absorbed straight away and I could feel just how rich and hydrating the product would be in the long term, and the scent wasn't over powering in the slightest, but still a lovely, fresh smell overall. My skin remains soft, smooth, hydrated and silky with each use of this cream, and I've barely used even half of it, as such a little amount goes a very long way, and I love the handy pump applicator. Dermalogica is guaranteed to have beautiful, effective, affordable products for your face and body, so start your beauty routine from your skin and feel the power, confidence and pure power it gives you.
I love this body cream! It has a beautiful fresh scent to it and absorbs like a dream. I particularly love it when my skin is feeling itchy and dry in winter, as it seems to really calm it down. In saying that, it also makes for a beautiful summer body cream that doesn't leave you feeling sticky.
I love Dermalogica product, body lotion is awesome. I love the feeling of having a really smooth skin. Absolutely love it, my skin feels so soft and glowing. To those who wants to achieve a smooth, glowing and health skin, try this product for you to find out. Its the best!
This is my favorite Dermalogica product and it's the best body lotion I've ever used. It absorbs beautifully and leaves no sticky residue, yet it replenishes your skin beautifully. An absolute winner!
Love this.  I will not use any other product.  It is honestly the most amazing body cream you will ever use.
In one word: Gorgeous. In two words: must-have. Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is a luxurious hydrating body cream which does exactly what is expected: it hydrates and softens skin. The formula contains AHA's to gently slough off the dead, dry skin cells sitting on the skin's surface such as on elbows, knees and hands. Over a six month period Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream has worked a treat for me and it smells great too. The lovely creamy formula absorbs very quickly into the skin without leaving a streaky effect and the rich formula leaves skin feeling hydrated for hours on end. A single pump goes a long way and a full bottle will take a great deal of time to use up. Try it, you will truly love it!