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Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 is an anti-ageing medium-weight moisturiser and sunscreen that helps protect skin against sun damage and premature ageing. Featuring oleosome technology to boost sunscreen performance to SPF50, the formula also contains polypeptide and white tea extracts to help stimulate collagen production, while hyaluronic acid and algae extracts help hydrate skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50


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Feels luxe and it works!

I am pretty fussy when it comes to wearing sunscreen on my face because I hate that sticky feeling. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 feels like a good quality moisturiser and goes on like a dream. It is light and a has a very faint smell but it is hardly noticeable. If I am going to wear sunscreen it's going to be SPF 50. I have been out it the sun and didn't get burnt so it's 5 stars from me.
This is hands down one of the best day creams/ anti aging creams/ spfs I have ever tried.I had a deluxe sample of this cream and used it in the summertime. I loved it. I usually dread at the mere thought of having to use an SPF, but I really appreciate this Dynamic Skin Recovery moisturiser. The texture of the cream is lightweight, it feels comfortable, I probably would never guess that it is an SPF 50 it feels so good. It works with my make up products, it doesn't make my skin shine too much ( just a little), it didn't clog my pores, which is very important for me, as my combination skin is prone to congestion.  When using this spf I never got even slightly sunburnt and here in Queensland we get plenty of sunshine. To me it is almost perfect, but for a price but I assume I can deal with it when I think it is not only an SPF but anti aging skincare.
Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 is one of the best sunscreens I have tried. I got this as a part of the Demalogica kit.  It is not as sticky and is light weight compared to others SPFs. It doesn't leave a white cast on my medium skin tone ( I am MAC NC 40). Spreads out perfectly and doesn't leave a patchy base for my makeup. I have oily skin, hence most of the sunscreen tend to look shiny on my skin. But at least I don't feel as congested using this one. So will definitely buy a full size for this one. 
The age smart dynamic skin recovery spf 50 by Dermalogica is just brilliant. I have been using this as  my day to day moisturiser and it is just brilliant.  This product is great- a sunscreen, a moisturiser and daily anti-ageing ingredients! The moisturiser comes in a pump bottle- and all I need for my face and neck is 3 pumps. The moisturizer is a white based creamy lotion that with a bit of patting with your hand absorbs instantly into the skin. It is lightly fragranced but nothing overpowering or offensive and it wears off in a few minutes. The moisturiser has a cocktail of ingredients for anti-ageing and just alone this moisturiser has the ability to stop and defy ageing in its track. It fights AGE's,activation of MMP's, free radicals and UV radiation with spf 50. All known to contribute to ageing! Then it goes on with polypeptide to stimulate collagen to firm skin and whitetea extracts to help stimulate collagen production, while hyaluronic acid and algae extracts help hydrate skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When it couldn't get any better it also has the brilliant evening primrose oil which reinforces barrier lipids to prevent dehydration. Using this moisturiser, my skin looks amazing. Straight after use my skin has a natural glow- a radiance- but not oily or greasy- a glow. Within a few minutes the moisturiser has absorbed into my skin, butit looks super hydrated. Although it has high spf 50, I haven't broken out with this product at all- and it seems to balance my areas- fine lines have disappeared with daily use of this product, my dry areas are hydrated and gone and my oily areas aren't any worse or oilier! The moisturise in this product is just light enough but still rich and creamy. This moisturiser is slightly on the expensive side but each time I buy this it lasts 6 months- and I think that is just brilliant- after 3 months of my new pack- I haven't even made a dent in the pump pack! I have been using this during summer as well and no problems with breakouts- yes you have a shine but its not oily or greasy! In winter it was a god send- it balanced all the dry areas out without making me look oilier or shinier. I can't wait to keep using this as my day moisturiser and am sure the long term results will be brilliant- with those entire ingredients one is sure to win the anti-ageing battle!
I had never tried any Dermalogica products before purchasing this moisturiser on a whim around six months ago, and to be honest it is one of the best impulse decisions I have ever made.   It is a medium-weight moisturiser designed to target both internal and external causes of premature skin ageing. It achieves this through several key ingredients, including: -       Arginine/Lysine Polypeptides -       Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 -       Glucosamine   These key ingredients prevent premature signs of ageing through: -       Binding sugars and preventing the production of advanced glycation end-products (AGE) that stiffen collagen -       Activating tissue grown factor (TGF) -       Stimulating the formation of hyaluronic acid and collagen -       Inhibiting melanin formation control -       Providing long-lasting hydration and reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier -       Providing critical protection from UV rays.   The moisturiser is super easy to use, you just apply a generous amount to your face and neck after cleansing and toning. Important to note is that you should always apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure, and be careful not to forget your ears!   The moisturiser is fragrance-free, and super hydrating compared to other SPF moisturisers I have tried previously. I have sensitive skin that often reacts to products containing SPF, however I have had no issues with this moisturiser using it daily over the past six months.   As the product claims, it is a medium-weight moisturiser,however it does not leave the skin feeling sticky or with that unflattering white/grey film. It soaks in quickly, and wears really well either by itself or under makeup. I apply two full pumps each morning and that easily covers my face and neck.   The moisturiser is a little pricey. It retails at around $99, but I picked it up online for around $85 if I remember correctly. I just finished my original bottle after six months of use, so although it is expensive it will last you a long time.   I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to incorporate more SPF into their daily routine. I do think it is suitable for sensitive skin as I haven’t reacted at all, but if you’re prone to irritation it’s probably best to patch test (go in store and ask to try the product rather than forking out the $99 and potentially not being able to use it). I will be repurchasing this moisturiser next pay check as I don't think I could live without it now.
I was given this product by my mum as her skin reacts to some SPF products, I try to always apply sunscreen but being an oily skin I have to touch up a little more than usual so I was hesitant trying Dynamic Skin Recovery though it turns out it works quite lovely on my skin, it's light and it does not have that thick greasy feel, it is quite hard to fine a high SPF with an enjoyable consistency, this is probably a product I will most likely come back to.
Sunscreen to me is like Brussels sprouts to kids - I hate it and fight hard against it, even though I know it's good for me.  But this product has brought me around.  My biggest gripe against sunscreen is that so often it feels so greasy that it's all I can think about all day long.  I hate feeling like my skin is trapped under a barrier of yucky sludge, and for me that's facial sunscreen.  But hey, I'm not getting any younger (although I wouldn't mind looking like I am), so sunscreen is something I need to make peace with.  This product is a real game changer for me in that at SPF 50, it's a much better level of coverage than the SPF 15 that's fairly standard in most other "skincare plus SPF" products so I'm getting the sun protection I should have, plus it's hydrating to my skin, and the biggest plus of all is that it's actually comfortable to wear.  Hallelujah!
I’m not sure why this moisturiser was never a favourite for me. I mean, it does the job of moisturising your skin and the SPF is great (though there is debate as to whether a separate sunscreen is a better option as moisturiser is applied too thinly). Sometimes it would slightly sting for a moment when I applied it, though that never resulted in redness or significant irritation. I also thought it wasn’t as moisturising as I needed it to befor me - it is a lighter lotion. It’s not a bad moisturiser but might suit someone with slightly oilier skin. The good thing about Dermalogica is that they do have trial packs and are pretty generous with samples, so you can easily try it before you commit to the full size product.
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Replying to Hanne S.From Dermalogica: Hi Hanne, thank you so much for your feedback. At Dermalogica we love to personalise our skin care solutions to meet not only your individual skin concerns and challenges, but also your product checklist when it comes to texture, consistency and additional skin benefits such as SPF. Based on what you shared, you might like to try our Intensive Moisture Balance and Solar Defense SPF50 combination. Please visit to discover more about our other moisturising options, or find a Dermalogica Expert nearest to you who can help you find your Dermalogica favourite moisturiser!
I'm a huge fan of high SPF moisturisers, and own and have used quite a few of them. This one is in my top 3. The moisturiser is a thin consistency in compared to others I have used. You don't need to use a lot of it in order to be able to make it spread and cover your whole face. It absorbs quickly, but can leave a bit of an oily sheen if you have oily to combination skin. However this does disappear after about 30-60 mins or so. I used it during a summer that I spent several hours each day under 40+ degree sun, and I never got sunburnt (you do have to reapply every 2-3 hours if you want to continue to reap the benefits of the high SPF). B+, would use again.