Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

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Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is an rich face cream for dry to very dry skin that contains vitamins C and E, and ginkgo biloba to help fight free radical damage that leads to skin ageing, while coneflower, hyrocotyl and botanical extracts help repair skin.

Size pictured is 100mL. Also available in 50mL for $67.50.


Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance


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my skin feels moisturized after using this product and there hasn't been too much of a reaction when I use it I seem to get a little redness on anything I use. It's easy to get out of the packaging and apply although it is quite expensive (I usually try and get it when it's on special) you don't have to use a lot I do have a bit of a sheen to my face when I use it, my skin can feel quite dry at times and others it feels oily. Probably better for people who are on the dryer side.
I love this moisturiser! As advertised, it is super hydrating and fantastic in the cooler months when dry and flaky skin is an issue. Unlike some other hydrating moisturisers, it isn’t super thick, so it still sits well under makeup and is rich enough for nighttime use. Even when my skin has been sensitised, this product doesn’t aggravate my condition and provides the soothing benefits and hydration my skin is desperate for.
The Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance cream is super rich cream and is expensive so I was keen to try and see the result. This cream is super super rich but does not feel greasy or oily on my face. I used it day and night during the winter months and it is so nourishing especially throughout the day with harsh wind. However, the cream is too rich for me during summer so I apply only at night. Overall, it is a very nice rich cream and worth a try.
I had only used a few dermalogica products and was really interested to try this moisturiser as I was searching for something really hydrating. This was a lovely face cream, quite luxe and silky, it glides on easily and sinks straight in. I used it morning and night and it really is deeply moisturising and nourishing without added oil, great for me as I have an oily tzone. It is expensive but I found a little goes a long way so in the end it’s quite good value for money. It’s nicely packaged with minimal scent. This is a great moisturiser for colder months and drying winds as it helps with a protective barrier, it’s great for anyone who wants a deeper hydration. Great for more mature skin. I also love that it contains vitamins and goodies to prevent ageing and fight free radicals. It gives my skin a smoothness and glow. It’s only drawback was the price but it does last well. I would recommend this product.
I was provided with a 7ml sample tube of this moisturiser after having the Dermalogica Biosurface peel. The therapist advised that this would keep my skin well nourished and hydrated, during the "peeling" phase of my skin treatment. I applied the moisturiser twice a daily and also when my skin felt tight after having the peel.  I was advised to continue using this cream  for a minimum of three days and then I could return to my usual skin care routine.  Even though the tube was quite tiny, the sample lasted me about a week and some days I was applying it about four times to keep that tight feeling at bay. So although it's not the cheapest of moisturisers around, a little goes a long way and  it's quite economical. The cream was very hydrating but felt light weight on my skin, I liked how well it soothed my skin and kept it feeling supple without any greasy of oily residue. Three days post treatment I found that by using the cream twice a daily was sufficient to keep it looking good and hydrated. I would highly recommend this cream if you suffer from dry sensitive skin and require long lasting hydrating. This would be suitable as both a day or a night cream, but you will need to apply a separate sunscreen for day time use. Overall, I think this is a great product and it really helped my skin recover from my peel. It helped soothe and hydrate my skin, reducing the time of recovery quite significantly because the peeling I experienced was very minimal. The combination of skin nurturing ingredients including Vitamin C and E, ginkgo  biloba and plant botanicals really helped to heal and repair my skin so I had miminal down time and that makes it a winner in my eyes!
I have more mature, dry or dehydrated skin, but no major skin concerns. This moisturiser works really well for me in summer. In winter, I find the Super Rich Repair works better at keeping moisture in, but in summer this gives the right amount of moisture and pep without weighing my skin down. It is unscentedand has never caused me to have any reaction.
After having used a few Dermalogica products,i tried this after having done a few weeks on Retin A (works great,but leaves skin somewhat dry and flakey). I felt i needed some really serious moisturising,so this was a go to for me...and i loved it.This is SERIOUS nourishment,so if you aren't a more mature skinned girl,really dry OR suffering from winter dryout,this may not be for you...but if any or all of that applies,you will thank me for telling you about this.It feels silky and rich....not oily or pore clogging,but nourishing.I applied it day and night,and within two weeks,my skin lost that peeling look,sore feel and redness.My makeup went on much better (hey,anything was better than the peeling soreness i was applying it to) and i am now able to think about doing alternate days with the retinol and this.TIP: Try adding your favourite foundation to it during the day for a lush tinted moisturiser effect.Also,get the man in your life to use this post shave...his skin will thank you.