Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment

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Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is an anti-ageing hand cream featuring licorice extract and vitamin C to help reduce pigmentation; pro-vitamin B6, algae and grapefruit extracts, and pure sweet almond oil to help repair dry, rough hands and brittle nails. The aluminium tube is a compact travel size.


Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment


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as a nuse my hands are constantly exposed to many elements; hot, cold, wet, dry, alcohol rub, wee and poo all make the list daily.  this moisturisor restores all the damage done throughout the day without having an overpoweing smell.  worth the $$
I always keep lotion all over my house and my handbag because I don't like the feeling of my hands without any lotion on. The Dermalogica multivitamin hand and nail treatment product comes in a shiny silver tube with lid. It's on the smaller side so it's great for popping into my handbag to take with me where ever I go. The lotion is white and runny. It has a faint lavender or something similar scent. I really like the smell of this lotion it's subtle and not at all overpowering. I always apply this lotio. Whenever  I wash my handout feel that I need extra moisture. It's a breeze to apply as it's runny consistency spreads and sinks in quickly.  There is no greasy residue and my hand feels hydrated for hours. I love the hydrating and anti aging ingredients in this hand lotion. I mean my skin isn't wrinkly but I still want to take care of it well so I can keep the aging signs at bay.  This tube of lotion lasts a while and I think it's good value for money if you're looking for good ingredients. I will repurchase and happily recommend this to others.  Pros Hydrating for hours No greasy residue  Subtle pleasant scent Cute packaging  Con Non =)
As a mildly germophobic person, I wash my hands several times throughout the day which can be drying on my hands. Which is why I keep Dermalogica's Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment lotion nearby to rehydrate and replenish my hands. The lotion comes in a squeeze tube with a flip tab lid.  The lotion is opaque white and creamy with a hint of a herbal scent. I try to apply this lotion while my hand is still damp to seal in the moisture. It goes on and sinks in right away without leaving a greasy feeling. The lotion softens and smooths my hands and keeps it hydrated for hours. The lotion also contains a potent mix of vitamins and other anti aging ingredient which help to keep my hands from showing early signs of aging.  The tube is slim and small enough to slip into my handbag for when I'm out and about. A tube of lotion lasts me several months so I feel it is totally worth the splurge. This is a lovely hydrating and anti aging lotion that is a must have product for me.  Pro  Hydrates  Anti aging multivitamins  No greasy residue Light pleasant scent  Slim tube easy for travel Con  Non 
Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is the PERFECT hand cream because it not only hydrates but also softens, firms and reduces the appearance of age spots on the hands. Plus, if you have sensitive hands, Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment will sooth and protect your skin from environmental affects - I have very sensitive hands and this has made a huge difference to the condition of te skin on my hands. I love the feel of it as it does not feel greasy or leave residue when I touch things. The price is a little exxy but I really do love it and if you can afford this luxury hand cream, your hands will truly thank you for it.