Dermalogica Normal/Oily Skin Kit

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Dermalogica Normal/Oily Skin Kit is a travel-sized starter pack that contains a full skincare regimen to help treat the needs of normal/oily skin types. It includes: Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, Active Moist moisturiser, Skin Prep Scrub, Total Eye Care, Skin Refining Masque, PreCleanse.


Dermalogica Normal/Oily Skin Kit


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This is such a brilliant idea! Not only for travelling but also to try out the products in the regimen without having to buy the full size items. I am a big fan of sets and mini products/ deluxe samples. There is nothing worse than buying a full size product that is pricey just to find out it does not work well for and with our skin. I have used a few of Dermalogica products but never really followed their regimen and I decided to give it a go. The products have got a decent size for a mini and are enough for at least 2 months which in my opinion is enough time to see whether we like the skincare product or not. We get all we need to perform a beauty regimen, that is there is a cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser plus we also get a scrub and an eye cream. There are also two tiny samples of a famous pre-cleanse and  a really good charcoal rescue mask. What a great way to introduce your products! You can't go wrong with it. Also, it makes a great present.
My first encounter with Dermalogica was with one of these kits. I had been struggling with congestion and dullness, and because my skin is ultra sensitive, it is really difficult to find products that are effective and don't make my skin react. This was a cost-effective way to try Dermalogica, and I selected the Normal/oily kit because of my combination skin. I am delighted with each and every product! The Precleanse is amazing - my skin has never felt so smooth, and the Special Cleansing Gel cleanses gently, without making my skin feel tight. I really like the way the Active Moist is light in texture, but still hydrates beautifully, and the Multi-Active Toner is cooling and has a pleasant herbal fragrance. I have noticed that the congested pores in my T-zone have lessened, especially after using the Skin Prep Scrub, and I have also seen a reduction in the appearance of lines around my eyes since using the Total Eye Care. I couldn't be happier, and highly recommend trying the appropriate Dermalogica kit as an inexpensive way to experience their fantastic products.
This is a fantastic introduction to Dermalogica and some of their top-selling products. The cleanser is fantastic, it really gets the job done and removes all traces of makeup. Used with the Pre Cleanse it make a noticeable difference to my skin. The moisturiser is so well suited for Normal / Oily skin. Skin feels well hydrated all day long. Great value pack as well which should last approximately 3-4 weeks.
The Dermalogica skin kit is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to some of the company's stand out products. It can also make a nice present for someone or convenient for you when travelling. I personally bought this for myself when I was travelling overseas. I needed travel friendly sized products and this kit seems to have everything I needed to keep my skin under control.  My skin is normal to oily and this kit contains products formulated for my skin type. The kit comes with a makeup removing oil cleanser, a foamy cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser, a physical scrub and a face masque. There was no leakage from the products in my luggage bag while travelling so you can be assured that the product packaging is sturdy. Going through airport security was a breeze because these products are small trial sized products that is airport security check safe. For anyone curious about the brand, I think trialing this kit first will give you a good idea of what the Dermalogica brand has to offer. It can also be purchased for anyone travelling as the products are travel friendly sized. Lastly this could make a nice present for a special someone in your life. 
I would highly recommend this kit. It is a really good way to find out if Dermalogica is your thing without the expense of full size products. Dermalogica is by no means :"cheap and cheerful" so this is a great investment. Most of the products I did end up using and buying full size.. so these became handy for travelling..
I was first introduced to Dermalogica while studying my Diploma of Beauty, and I instantly fell in love with it. I have always had issues with my skin over the years and have never come across any products that really made a difference...until now. Dermalogica made my skin feel so much better and really helped control my issue of having oily skin. plus I love the smell of all the products they smell so nice, The Pre Cleanse would be my favourite, smells great and removed all my make up from face so easily. I defiantly give Dermalogica 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone wanting a great skin care range.