Dermalogica PowerBright TRX™ Kit

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Dermalogica PowerBright TRX™ Kit is a travel-sized pack that contains all three PowerBright TRXTM treatments to help even skin tone and reduce pigmentation. It includes C-12 Pure Bright Serum, Pure Light SPF50 and Pure Night.


Dermalogica PowerBright TRX™ Kit


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Have been using daily for 8 week's. I took a before picture, had a look tonight and there are actually changes I can easily see. My pigmentation is 40% less noticeable. Worth every cent.
I bought this little pack to take away on an island holiday with me.  It's light enough and safe to take on planes.  I had been using this range at home but really wanted to be able to continue using the products on my holiday - especially because of the high SPF50 in the Pure Light, the gorgeous day-time moisturiser,   It  fully prevented any sunburn while on the island.   With regular use I love the way it lightens any sunspots, fading them out and because of this feature, it makes my skin have a younger appearance.  It has a delightful botanical scent which is barely-there so it's very subtle.  This little trial size easily outlasted the week's holiday and so there was plenty of this product in this little trial kit.   This particular trial kit has very high quality products in it that I love and have repeatedly bought.  They all work wonders on my skin type - ageing skin - but I also have pimple prone skin with an oily T Zone and these products are great for that.  The products are non-comedogenic and they feel light to wear.  They kept the pigmentation at bay with the high SPF but also helped to fade out any existing pigmentation too, making my skin look much more even-toned and clear.   I love using the serum on a cleansed face both morning and night and then spritzing over the top with a mist toner.  The serum has probably the least scent of all three products - but they are all very light and delicate scents and to me they seem 'just right'.  At night I use the Pure Night which is a gorgeous night cream which isn't too heavy, oily or too rich but it provides excellent hydration.  The Pure Night has virtually no scent, it's even less noticeable than it's matching day cream.  I can only detect the faintest hint of a light botanical spice scent but I have to really put my nose to it to notice it.   I can highly recommend trying this effective and hard-working product range with this handy trial kit.  Just watch out because you'll probably then want the full size products because this range works beautifully on skin!   The three products used together have amazing and excellent effects on my skin, making it appear younger, fresher in appearance, hydrated and balanced.