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Dermalogica PreCleanse is a lightweight cleansing oil enriched with olive and apricot kernel oils to help capture, dissolve and remove sebum and other oil-based debris without leaving a greasy residue. The pre-cleanse works as step one in a two-step deep cleanse.

Size pictured is 150mL. Also available in 30mL for $15.


Dermalogica PreCleanse


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This would have to be my absolute favourite skincare product. Cleansing is my fav step in my skincare routine as it not only feels so nice and relaxing but also great to have a fresh face. This product is amazing. It has a lovely light scent and you only need a small amount to remove make-up etc from the day. As you would tell from the name of the product it is used as the first cleanse. It is so effective at removing makeup and leaving my skin fresh and ready for a second cleanse. Definitely a product I rave about and will continue to purchase.
Wish this product came in bulk!!! I love it. Works wonders with even the most stubborn makeup.  The oil attracts to the makeup and other oils on your skin as you apply over your skin. You dont pre-wipe any makeup off your face, this goes straight over the top. Once applied, you wet your fingers  and apply to face and the oil changes to more of a milk substance.  The only thing to becareful of is the eye area. It is safe to use over the eyes of course but mild tingling can occur if the oil gets in the eye. I'm used to it now. 
Hi everyone. I’ve used Precleanse for many years and it’s the only product I trust to get all the makeup (including waterproof) off my face. Nothing compares!! I have oily skin so don’t be scared that it’s oil based. Even when you don’t wear makeup it’s great to just remove the daily grime and pollution off your face and neck. Just a pump is enough and gently massage over your dry face. Then, I just wet my hands and massage my face gently, and you will find it becomes like a milky product. Then I go ahead and wet the whole face until water runs clear. Then go in with a cleanser right after to really clean and take off any residue that’s left, then tone and moisturise.  Domestic make the skin tight like other products. And it’s a pump so it’s so much more easier and more convenient! 
This cleansing oil is an amazing product! I’ve used this oil for many years to remove my makeup prior to cleansing. It has a beautiful, aromatherapy-like scent. A little bit goes a long way too and I find that a bottle lasts me a few months. My skin always feels refreshed and super clean after using this product, along with a cleanser. Highly recommend!
This is a fabulous cleansing oil and definitely my all-time favourite makeup remover. I have used PreCleanse for years and recently tried the balm version, but this original one is still my favourite. The cleanser comes in a small-ish pump bottle and yes it is a bit pricey for 150ml, but it's concentrated and I only need one good pump to cleanse my entire face. I therefore apply a pump of this cleansing oil to my dry, clean hands and gently massage this across my (dry) face, concentrating on the areas where I wear heavier makeup, i.e. eyes, eyebrows and lips. It instantly starts to break down and dislodge the heaviest, most stubborn makeup in just a few seconds. I then just need to add a splash of warm water to turn the oil into a milky emulsion, which rinses away easily with no oily residue. This cleansing oil does a great job removing all my makeup and doesn't leave an oily film on my face like some other cleansing oils I've tried; this one is super lightweight.  PreCleanse leaves my sensitive, combination skin feeling soft and clean, I sometimes don't need to use an additional cleanser after using this. My favourite thing about this cleansing oil is that it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes or skin and this makes it easy to use one product to remove all my makeup quickly and efficiently. I also like the fact that it comes in a pump bottle as the formula is a bit runny, so it's easier to dispense a small amount with a pump. What I love most though is the beautiful aromatic, herbal scent, which is relaxing and calming at the end of the day.  I will continue to repurchase PreCleanse, as it really seems to suit my skin and does a great job removing all my makeup at the end of the day. I find a little goes a long way, so I find one bottle lasts me over 3 months. I would recommend this cleansing oil for all skin types, especially combination to dry skin. 
I am normally a foaming cleanser type of girl.  I like the consistency, the light texture, the foaming and the super clean feeling I get from it after I use it.  It has been my go to since forever! My skin has been on the oily side so I was taught that foaming cleansers were the best solution for this.  I did suffer from acne now and then but it shifted gears and went full speed when I became an adult.  I have used all types of foaming cleansers and while I still use them I found that some were just too harsh and were making my skin feeling tight and dry.  That would only make my skin feel even worse and it would throw everything off balance.  My skin would end up producing even more oil and I had to constantly wash my face even more and I ended up in a perpetual state of oiliness and washing. I needed to find a cleanser that was gentle for my skin and would properly clean it: makeup, grime, sweat and all.  My friend had recommended this particular product for me not only for it's amazing makeup removing abilities but because it managed to keep her skin looking amazing.  I believed what she was saying but I had such a hard time believing that it would work for me.  I mean, with my oily and acne prone skin the last thing I thought about doing was putting more oil on my face.  It seemed counterintuitive and I felt like I was going to make my skin even worse.  At that point I felt like I had exhausted all my options and my skin already looked horrible so what was the harm in trying this out?  If it didn't help it's not like my skin could look any worse than it already was.  I had so much redness and painful bumps on my face that I was so insecure to even leave the house without makeup.  I finally took the plunge and got myself a bottle of the dermalogica precleanse.  The pump format made it easy to use and dispense.  The oil itself was really light, I was expecting it to feel quite heavy and greasy but I was surprised. The precleanse was exactly that, a cleanser before using your other cleanser.  I used it as part of my double cleansing routine and it honestly changed my whole perspective on cleansing oils. It contains apricot oil, sunflower oil, orange oil, vitamin E oil and rice bran to hydrate and nourish the skin.  The best part of the precleanse was that when I mixed a little bit with water it emulsified and turned into a milky substance which not only helped with taking everything off but it made it so much easier to use.  I didn't have to use a wash cloth to physically remove the oil that was on my face.  It literally melted any makeup, sunscreen, sweat and grime I had on my face and left no residue behind.  My skin felt so moisturised and smooth, I felt like it was exactly what my skin had needed.  It was calming for my skin and it helped tone down the redness.  It was even safe enough to use on my eyes and my waterproof mascara came off with no problems. I would follow it up with another cleanser as part of the double step and although it did wash away that protective layer that it provided my skin I still felt like my skin looked and felt much better.  The precleanse really balanced out my skin and although it's not a cleansing oil specifically for oily or acne prone skin I could see that it made a difference.  I'm not talking miracles but I could see an improvement.  My skin wasn't getting as oily as quickly as before and I wouldn't have such horrible redness around my cheeks and chin.  My issues are more skin deep but having this cleanser made my skin look a lot better and didn't have the harshness that comes with foaming cleansers. For a skincare product it is quite a splurge so I use it on the days when I'm wearing makeup which is at least several times I week and even then it has lasted me awhile.   For: All skin types, even those with oily skin.
A beauty therapist told me about precleanse and I don't know how I survived without it! It is the ultimate make up removing product. It's an oil that you firstly put on your face without water, rub it around gently, then rinse with water. You cleanse as normal after that. I wear a lot of heavy make up for my job and this is the only way I can guarantee my skin is clean. Great to get rid of thick zinc after a day at the beach, or to remove fake eyelash glue as well. But if you only wear very light make up, this may not be necessary for you. One to two pumps is all you need so the bottle lasts a surprisingly long time, so it is worth the investment. I tell all my girlfriends about this product!
This is my ultimate first cleanse! I've been using this for years and will continue to do so. I've tried a number of other oil cleansers and none come close to the efficacy of the Precleanse Oil. It effortlessly slays a full face of makeup, easily rinses clean and leaves my skin so soft and nourished. I'm addicted to the scent too!!
This is a staple in my bathroom. As I wear makeup everyday , this is an essential product for me.  The reason I chose this over a multitude of oil cleansers is simply because it works brilliantly with my acne prone skin. It does not clog my pores and does not cause me breakouts as with other oil cleansers , I find they clog my pores. Another big plus is this cleanser emulsifies into a milky texture when mixed with water. It also rinses away when splashed with water therefore you don't need a cloth to remove it.  As a busy mum and working full time I have not time to wash face cloths at night, I like the easy option and this oil cleanser from dermalogica is my easy option. The bottle has a pump so a Godsend for dispensing the product easily without spills. The packaging is sleek and looks minimalist in my bathroom which satisfies my husbands OCD hehe. Anything too bright he reckons looks like clutter, this beauty can sit on top of my wash basin no problem. This has a lovely herbal aroma , which relaxes me at the end of the day. I just feel bliss , my makeup melting away together with my stress from the day. Will continue to repurchase.
This is my favourite part of my skincare routine, this is probably the one product I use in my routine that I will keep using FOREVER. I use it as my first cleanse, pump it out onto my hand and massage it into my face, where it literally melts all my makeup products off, including all eye makeup. I don’t think there is a waterproof mascara that precleanse couldn’t remove- it’s that good! After I smooth it over my face, I get a little bit of water and it turns milky in colour and transforms from an oil to a more watery liquid. I don’t know how it works but it’s like magic. I then rinse my face thoroughly and then move onto my normal cleanser.  It smells soooo beautiful, lavender and a little bit of lemon oil really is such a relaxing scent and makes the mundane task of washing my face feel so much more luxurious.  My skin has changed a lot over the years and precleanse oil has always been a staple, I would recommend it for all skin types as the oil to milk formula doesn’t leave traces of oil behind after you wash it off. 
Dermalogica PreCleanse was one of the first cleansing oils that I have used when I first started my double-cleanse routine.  Nowadays the market is flooded with different cleansing oils, cleansing balms and cleansing sticks (what's next?) and, having tried many different ones, PreCleanse is still my first choice. Dermalogica's PreCleanse is packaged in a convenient and neat pump bottle. I use one pump if I have applied makeup on that day, and half a pump if I only have sunscreen on. It has a pleasant botanical smell, a lovely thin consistency, and most importantly, it is extremely effective.  I massage the oil onto dry skin, and every trace of makeup is instantly dissolved.  I must admit that I am a bit naughty and I use the cleansing oil to remove eye makeup as well (as far as I am aware we are meant to use a separate eye makeup remover for eye makeup).  The good news for me is that the oil does not cause any sensitivity around my eyes and it melts away all my water-proof and smudge-proof mascara. PreCleanse stands out from the crowd of cleansing oils/balms/sticks because it rinses off completely clean.  I found that many other products leave an oily residue on the skin, and because of this I need to go through the trouble of using a cloth to scrub the residue off.  I do not have to do this extra step with PreCleanse.  That said, I still like to follow up with a gentle foaming or cream cleanser as part of my double cleansing routine.  I also found that, upon longer term use of this product, my skin is a lot more balanced - it feels more hydrated and less oily.  This cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types including oily skin and sensitive skin.  I would absolutely recommend PreCleanse to everyone without hesitation.
Amazing!! If you are looking for a good first step to cleanse, or even just a really good hydrating cleanse, then honey you need this! I am someone who loves to double cleanse. I just like to know that I have removed every inch of make up possible from my face before bed. So I like to go for a lightweight, usually oil based cleanser to start off. The Dermalogica Precleanse has been an amazing way to do my first cleanse. It's a really lightweight, oil cleanser that you can apply to dry skin. Massage a small amount into dry skin and make up literally just melts away, it's amazing. It even works on stubborn eye make up as well. I often follow with a slightly thicker, creamy cleasner, but if I am feeling particularly lazy I may just use this on its own. I simply wash away with a wet cloth and my skin feels squeaky clean and refreshed, and best of all - hydrated!! Would 110% recommend to anyone and everyone!
Why Dermalogica, we do meet again. Once more, you have come out with a product that makes it very clear why beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike, love your products and rave reviews are made about you almost every day. You have a range of products that work, that are affordable even for non professionals, and you have won my beauty loving heart well and truly. This pre cleanse oil of yours, is I think, one of the first of it's kind, that started a trend for other cleansing oils to follow after you. The idea of a cleansing oil that removes most dirt, oil and makeup before your regular cleanser is genius, meaning your skin gets the deepest, most thorough cleanse possible, leaving your skin smooth, clean, hydrated and glowing. I use this twice a day, every day, along with either my Garnier micellar water or modelco gentle cream cleanser, and an exfoliation once or twice a week, and my skin has never looked or felt better. To use, I pump out a small amount and warm it in my palms, before massaging over dry skin, it can even go right over your eyes and mouth with no irritation, and if I'm wearing makeup that day, it removes every single bit of it effortlessly, even if I'm not wearing makeup, my skin still gets the most thorough cleanse possible. Giving myself a massage with this oil twice a day feels so fantastic and soothing, a little pampering treat for myself, nothing wrong with that. After finishing my very thorough skin care routine, my skin looks and feels soft, smooth, hydrated and radiant. I'm not getting as many breakouts, and the ones I have are clearing up bit by bit. It's the best start to my day, and the very best way to get me so ready to almost float off to bed. The size of the bottle is very generous, as you only use a tiny bit so it will last a long time, the pump applicator is my favourite type, as it's hygienic and mess free, and the results speak for themselves, from the very first use to now, 8 weeks later. Dermalogica, although you've only been in my skin care routine and life for a short time, you will stay with me for life. You have changed not only the way my skin looks and feels, but how I feel about myself, which is confident, beautiful and powerful, as you are the kind of brand that makes any one of us beauty loving girls feel so beautiful, powerful and confident, and proud to be a beauty loving female in this world today.
Double cleansing has become a huge part of my routine.  I wear sunscreen and makeup almost everyday so I need a cleanser that can cut through all of that plus the dirt, oil and grime that accumulates on my face throughout the day.  Cleansing oils have become very popular in the beauty and skincare world and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.  My skin tends to be normal but can be on the dry side so a cleansing oil would suit me perfectly.  My initial worry was that it would be a bit greasy or leave residue behind on my face but it was anything but! The Dermalogica precleanse is a lightweight yet hard working cleansing oil made up of olive and apricot kernel oils that help dissolve and literally melt away your makeup while nourishing your skin at the same time.  I wear SPF under my makeup and that can always be hard to get rid of but with the pre cleanse it all came off in a breeze.  It has a citrusy scent and you only need a small amount of the oil, which is very economical.  At first when you pump it out it's a straight oil, but when you add a bit of water and mix it together, the oil starts to emulsify to a milky liquid.  I then apply the oil to my face and gently rub it all over in circular motions, including my eyes.  My foundation just slides right off as does my waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  The oil gently dissolves all of the makeup, dirt and oil on my face without causing any irritation or sensitivities.  Never have I seen a product take off my eye makeup so easily, and waterproof at that! Once I rinsed my face with water my face was as clean as a whistle.  No remnants of makeup left behind and yet my skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated, like a cleanser and moisturiser in one.   I touched my face and didn't feel any residue or oily film.  As part of my double cleansing I would finish off with a toner but I almost felt like I didn't need to as the pre cleanse did the job for me.  Overall, this product is my holy grail makeup remover! I have been using this for over three months now and still have a third left. I cannot recommend it enough!   Tip: This is great for every skin type, including those with oily and combination skin.  I recommended this to my friend who has oily skin, even though she was worried the pre cleanse would make her skin even more oily and problematic.  After using the pre cleanse she noticed a huge difference in her skin.  As oil dissolves other oils, her skin was left feeling clean without stripping her face of vital oils and moisture.  Her previous products were drying out her skin, exacerbating the problem which created a vicious cycle of producing more sebum and breakouts.   Pros: -Lightweight cleansing oil -Removes makeup, including SPF, waterproof mascara, full coverage foundation and lipstick -Doesn't clog pores -Gentle on the skin and doesn't cause irritation  -Great for all skin types -Leaves skin hydrated and clean -Economical as only a small amount is needed -Comes in pump form which is easy to use -No residue left behind
This was the first cleansing oil I had every used, and remains the best (years later!). It has a beautiful smell and removes makeup and other grime with so much ease. It is also wonderful for giving yourself a quick facial massage before going in with a cleanser. You barely need any, so it lasts for ages!
I am a huge fan of the Dermalogica Precleanse. I've been using it for years now and it is the best cleansing oil that one tried. Precleanse incorporates a variety of natural ingredients and is very gentle on the skin. This product simply melts away makeup, even waterproof mascara.  My face always feels smooth and thoroughly clean after use. A bottle of Precleanse lasts a few months as you only require a small amount of product for each use. I would highly recommend this product, it is worth it!
A few years ago I went on a big Dermalogica buying binge and this was one of the products that I tried without really knowing what it would do. At the time I wasn’t wearing a lot of eye makeup and it took a long time for me to see the point of this oil cleanser. However, I’ve since started being more serious about my daily makeup and have used up this and tried other, mostly Korean, oil cleansers. This was my first but is also my favourite. It works spectacularly well. Atypically for Dermalogica products, it has a simply delicious scent (sort of citrus) and is a joy to apply to dry skin. You don’t need a ton and it mixes better with all the makeup than any other oils I’ve tried. It is also the oil that emulsifies the best for me. It doesn’t leave any oily residue behind and doesn’t dry my skin. I always follow with another cleanser, but this does such a good job that I don’t have a lot to remove. Not cheap but incredibly worth it.  This is holy grail oil cleansing for me.  
I love the entire concept of applying an oil based cleanser on my face and then cleaning away all the day's impurities and dirt. This is a fantastic easy to use cleansing oil. Just pour some out, apply by massaging onto face, neck and décolletage and then rise off. I apply this before I step into the shower. In the shower, I massage my face further by gently applying a little pressure with my fingers in circular motion. The oil suddenly turns into a slight creamy consistency after water is applied and it cleans off any dirt and grime off my face. My skin is left feeling soft, supple and healthy! There is absolutely no oily residue.  Repurchase? Yes, many times. The cleaner lasts a long time, making it affordable and a very good skincare investment.
-  Dermalogica Pre-cleanse oil was the first cleansing oil I ever used. It started with a small sample in a sachet and I liked it so much I bought the regular size. I must admit that this cleansing oils has changed my whole skincare routine forever as now I can’t imagine myself cleaning the face with an oil.  A lovely citrusy- herbal scent and an amazing texture – and I was sold. Cleansing my skin became a pleasant and relaxing ritual. The lovely formula melts all the traces of makeup ( first I was using it to remove all the makeup, including eye makeup as well, now I am using it as a second step in my routine).  It’s not heavy, even for oily complexion.  Pre-cleanse doesn’t irritate the skin, quite the opposite, I have an impression that it soothes it, hydrates, leaving my face soft and supple. My face doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable. Just a few drops are enough to remove makeup from the whole face. This cleansing oil is great for massaging the face. I use a hot cloth to remove it, I just tend to leave it on my face for the moment to make all that citrusy – herbal scent more potent and relaxing. The packaging has finally changed and in the latest version the pump has made an appearance –and that is great news! I believe all skin types should appreciate Dermalogica Pre- Cleanse.
When my friends ask me how I can afford expensive products, I teach them about 'cost per use'. When you only need to use a few drops of a product, it may only cost you a few cents per day and I find Dermalogica PreCleanse is my favourite example of spending a little more for excellent 'quality over quantity'!