Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50

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Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50 is a brightening face moisturiser and sunscreen that helps shield the skin from sun damage, pigmentation and dark spots. Featuring oleosome technology to help boost sun protection to SPF 50, the medium-weight cream also contains red algae and botanical extracts to even skin tone, while hyaluronic acid works to restore moisture and reduce wrinkles and dehydration lines.


Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50


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This moisturiser comes with SPF 50 which is what I need during summer. In the past I apply moisturiser as a base then apply sunscreen follow by foundation which can get too much for my skin during the hot days. And now I only need to apply this moisturiser before foundation and the moisturiser is lightweight on skin and doesn't feel sticky or tacky which is a perfect base for applying foundation. However, it is quite expensive.
My absolute favourite skincare product! The factor is amazing and extremely long lasting. I've had countless instances where I've used this on my face and another sun cream on my body and have gotten burnt on my body but my face was absolutely fine. It also feels really light on your skin and has a lovely fresh and tingly scent. Couldn't recommend it more!
This is my favourite moisturiser with an SPF. This is my second bottle and I love its light weight texture, the lovely smell and how easily it absorbs into your skin. Your makeup goes on beautifully too and there's no oiliness as there sometimes is with other moisturisers with SPF. This product would be best for someone who works indoors and who is out and about for some of the day. If you are outdoors all day then a sunscreen  would be more useful. Highly recommended!
Such a light-weight easy to wear sunscreen. I get not only full sun protection, but it doesn't leave the oily greasy feeling some sunscreens leave. And I love how it looks on my pale skin- makes my skin appear fresh and bright.
Dermalogica's Pure Light SPF50 is a light-weight moisturiser and sunscreen - a great find for anyone used to heavy sunscreens that leave a film on the skin. The product's thin texture means it is easy to apply, quickly absorbed, and ideal to wear under make up. I loved the scent, which combines lavender and other fragrant oils, but some might find it a bit overpowering and possibly irritating to their skin. When used with the Pure Bright serum and Pure Night cream, my skin looked brighter and the texture more consistent. The main negative of this product is the price (RRP: $97), which is high when compared to similar products - so be sure to keep an eye out for when Dermalogica is on special.