Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20

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Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20 is a tinted face moisturiser that offers sheer coverage and sun protection with iron oxides that reflect UV rays and light to help create radiant-looking skin. Hyaluronic acid and walnut seed extract helps improve skin texture by pluming up skin with moisture. Fragrance-free. Available in three shades: light, medium and dark.

Available in three shades.


Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20


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I have dry skin so tinted moisturiser is my best friend and it comes with SPF which is a plus. This tinted moisturiser is very hydrating with a sheer coverage enough to cover my fine lines and blemishes but still looking very natural and gives me the "my skin but better" effect. However, the shade range is lacking.
I love a tinted moisturiser and love the dermalogica brand, this was a winner for me. I love the addition of an spf for sun protection so it’s great for out and about during the day. I often wear a tinted moisturiser or B.B. cream in place of foundation during the day for a lighter more natural look and this one gives sheer coverage with a nice healthy colour. I used medium and it was enough to disguise fine lines and make my face look fresh and Dewey. I just brush a little bronzer on cheekbones and this gives a great result. I love the addition of hyaluronic acid, great hydration and it gives my skin a lovely softness. It feels nice and light to wear as opposed to the heaviness or calmness you sometimes get from foundation and it doesn’t clog pores. The walnut seed extract plumps and hydrated and because it’s fragrance free is ideal for those with sensitive skin like me. It’s only downfall is that at $70.00 it’s a little pricey and I have used cheaper tinted moisturisers. However a little goes a long way so it’s not too bad. This is a great product I would recommend.
I found this product made my skin look dirty.  I looked like I'd been in a mud bath.  I love this brand and use multiple products.  This one was a no for me though
Long before the BB cream revoloution came around to us,this was around to do multitasking skincare. Dermalogica is a fave brand of mine,due to it being great quality and truly results driven skincare....and this product is no exception.A rich (but not too much so) moisturiser with the added benefits of a light coverage tint and a high SPF for skin protection,this is one you will reach for when you want that "no makeup " look.The addition of Hyaluronic acid (a skin must have.It holds something like 6 times it's weight in water and keeps it there) is fantastic,as you know that the softness you start the day with is the one you will end with.Yes,it is a little exxy for 40ml...but you need only a small amount,so it will last.TIP:If you want a little extra cover,mix some of your regular foundation to this to get a level you are happy with (and to maybe fine tune the shade )