Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

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Dermalogica Smoothing Cream is a hydrating moisturiser for the face. Formulated with Dermalogica’s Active HydraMesh™ technology, it reduces trans-epidermal water loss and locks moisture into the skin for 48 hours. It contains hyaluronic acid, mallow, cucumber and arnica to intensely hydrate, and grape seed extract, vitamin C and vitamin E to fight free radicals and smooth and protect the skin.

Size pictured is 100mL. Also available in 50mL for $65.


Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream


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Love this moisturiser. I use this one for my night time rountine as its great on its own or used to layer. Sometimes I use oils or serums prior to moisturising.  The cream is medium weight and i dont think it really has a smell, spreads easily and will last a decent time. I like the packaging, makes it easy to get all the cream out of the bottle when you are close to finishing. 
I love this moisturiser. The scent, the texture and the smooth glowing skin it gives me. I have dry skin and my skin just loves this moisturiser. I use this morning and night and my skin has never been better. The results speak for themselves. I love it so much.
I have oily/combo skin and I find this moisturiser to work so well for my skin. It hydrates me well and isnt greasy at all very smooth and easy to apply. Highly recommend this moisturiser if starting off with a new  dermalogica regime. I also noticed that it doesn’t feel heavy and other products later on top with no problems.
I love dermalogica products, always high quality and this face cream didn’t disappoint. This is an intensely moisturising face cream which is great for those with dry skin, fir cold drying weather and for wrinkles and lines. The cream is quite luxe, it spreads easily and sinks straight in. I find it’s non greasy and leaves my skin really soft and smooth and it feels well moisturised. This cream helps with fine lines and the appearance of pores. The addition of vitamins E and C help fight free radicals which is great for anti ageing, cucumber and mallow are soothing on my skin. It is a bit expensive but I never need to use a lot as it’s quite rich. I love this skin smoothing cream, it delivers great results and I highly recommend it.
This was a fairly nice cream, though I found it to be too heavy for me. While it claims to be for normal to dry skin, I would say that it is exclusively for drier or mature skin. It left my skin feeling quite greasy, and I believe it was partially responsible for my skin breaking out. I was also not a fan of the smell. Usually Dermalogica products are beautifully scented, but this one had a strange, almost bitter smell to it. As it is quite pricey, I ended up using it in Winter on my dry legs, and it was great for that!
This moisturiser is really nice, I use it in conjunction with the cleansing gel which is to die for.  This moisturisers my skin and has really stopped the dryness I have been getting around my cheeks.  I love that a little goes along way, so the price point isn't to bad considering it will last months.  It leaves my skin soft and gives my makeup a nice soft canvas  The only reason it got a 3 star is the smell which disappears as soon as it's applied.  But putting it on it has the most weirdest scent .  But get past that and it's a great moisturiser that is not to greasy, and quickly absorbs into your skin  It really is becoming a favourite of mine, 5 stars if they change the scent.