Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth

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Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth is an exfoliating body cloth that helps buff and polish skin. The gentle exfoliating cloth can be used alone or with a body wash in the shower, and rinses easily and dries quickly to maintain hygiene. 


Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth


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Beauty for me begins when I step into the shower each morning. It is there in the shower that I pamper my body with a shower gel, scrub,plus good hair care treatments,  then a moisturiser or body oil when I turn the shower off, and my routine goes on from there, with my skin and makeup regime. Just like you need to exfoliate the skin on your face to smooth away dead skin cells, dirt and oil, and to ensure that products sink in and work more effectively, the same goes for the skin on your body. Some days, I don't want to deal with messy body scrub products, which is what this Dermalogica the ultimate buffing cloth is so perfect for. I've used and loved Dermalogica products before, so when I saw this nifty body buffing cloth at my local beauty salon, I didn't hesitate to snap it up. The next morning in the shower, after washing with a scented body gel, I began to buff the skin on my body in small, gentle circular movements, starting at my feet and ankles and working my way up the rest of my body. It was simple and effective to use, and seemed to be a lot quicker than the usual body scrubs I've used before, and a lot more mess free too. After stepping out of the shower, and moisturising my still damp skin, I notice my skin already felt a lot softer and smoother than before, and with the addition of moisturiser, had a healthy, radiant glow to it also. It is a permanent fixture in my shower and body routine now, and the condition of my skin from continual use of this cloth, seems to have improved dramatically. It is softer, smoother, more even, and with a permanent natural looking glow to it. Add to that it's affordable, effective, easy to use, and gives instant and long lasting results, and this product is another winner from the great Australian owned and made brand, Dermalogica. Beauty begins in the shower, it is totally skin deep, and by using brilliant products from great brands every day, you will be on your way to feeling powerful, confident, happy, which only true beauty can give you.
This is an effective exfoliating cloth but i do find it quite abrasive on the skin so if your not into an abrasive exfoliation i would not recommend this for you. But for removing tanning before reapplying great!